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[SUBS] Watch The Matrix Resurrections in 4K Dolby Vision/Atmos @ HBO Max (VPN Required)


Hits Australian Cinemas on Christmas Day but has just been released a few minutes ago on HBO MAX. I personally find the movie very confusing but there are good action sequences which will look/sound even better in Dolby Vision/Atmos.
Warner Bros 2022 releases will not simultaneously premiere on HBO Max so make the most of this last one.
HBO MAX IS NOT AVAILABLE IN AUS therefore you’ll need a vpn to signup and access it. Enjoy!!

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    • I am downloading the dv 4K version now, for education purpose. Will know in 30 mins

      • -3

        Just stream it.

        • +1

          It is ok just half hour

        • +6

          I will.

          From my NAS.

        • No Dolby Vision & Atmos on the streaming sites and majority of them don't offer 4K or if they do it's compressed so much it's like a 1GB file and full of artifacts making it worse than what your PC would do just upscaling the 1080p video.

    • It's already everywhere

  • Stremio is useful

  • much easier to wait 4 days. That's if things dont go pear shape and we're back into lockdown.

    • +5

      Much easier to pirate it

    • It will go pear shape, and no it won't be locked down. Economy above all else.

      Literally 1 google search from hitting the high seas lol

  • +1

    I don't know why they don't just simultaneously release to both the cinema and streaming platforms… yes you can argue it makes it easier for people to illegally download the movie… but there is also a large portion of society who'd happily pay to stream the movie, especially with COVID restrictions now.

    • +7

      Studios want to maximise each step of the way. First everyone watch in cinemas. Then buy/rent movie. Then stream movie.

  • +2

    already on usenet

    • Can you PM me a link, I've got a usenet service.

      • +1

        You will want an nzb indexer website and nzb downloading software to make the most out of that usenet service. For website I recommend https://nzb.su/login. For software the easy answer is something like https://nzbget.net/. But if you've got spare time then you'll want to automate it all with Sabnzbd, Radarr and Sonarr.

      • look at places like abhdtv etc if you have usenet.

  • +1

    I doubt there’s a vpn that could get you a good enough connection speed to even watch 4K

    • Connected to a random server (Bend) in the US on Surfshark and got 200mbps first speed test

      • That’s really good. What’s your normal speed mate

        • 1000 down, but very rarely get near that. Currently on 2 bars of WiFi on my iPhone. Surfshark is REALLY good though, I pretty much have it turned on 24/7 to an Aus server for privacy reasons, and it never seems to slow down the network much at all

  • +19

    Everyone who is talking about piracy, I am going to report all of you to mods after I finish watching my torrent.

    • -10

      Your parents must have made you watch that "you wouldn't steal a handbag" advert.

      If not then OK boomer.

      • +2

        Hear that whooshing sound

        No, you're not watching Top Gun

  • +1

    Wowzers, wasn't expecting this to hit streaming services so fast.

    • +2

      Because the trailers and plot writeup already indicate it is mediocre at best. The new Morpheus and blue hair gal shouldn't have been casted, they're weak AF. And they named her character "Bugs" rofl. Likewise with the rest of the cast, it all hinges on Keanu and Carrie AM to lift this movie.

      • you lost me at Morpheus and blue hair…

        • +1

          you lost me at Morpheus and hair…

          • @MrPants: I just lost all my hair. Does that make me Morpheus?

    • Wowzers, wasn't expecting this to hit streaming services so fast.

      All WB movies have premiered on streaming for over a year. 🤦

  • Almost done rewatching all 3… Number 2 is very good… Can't believe 4 is already "available' to watch.

    • +2

      Would love to hear your thoughts.

      Everyone says 1 is the best, and then rags on 2 and 3. I liked the trilogy! And I'm pretty darn excited for this 4th one. Can we call it a quadrilogy yet?

      • Because 2 and 3 relied on CGI more than marvel movies did whereas 1 had the most practical effects and therefore aged the best.

      • I'm currently halfway through the 4th, and decided to hit up OzBargain. Watched all 3 again including Animatrix few nights ago for a recap.

        Think there will be a few who might be a little disappointed with the 4th. It isn't bad though.

      • You actually understood what the Architect was on about?…bigger brain than me..

        • +3

          He just wanted to help Justin and Sean get back to the award show.

          Can you believe they wanted to call frogger "highway crossing frog?"

        • Architect just rambled about creating a matrix where people would mostly be content. The same plot is repeated in 4. If you consider it as a metaphor for government, it's more interesting. What do people really want?

          • @belongsinforums: I just remember sitting in a cinema and a close to perfect chorus of everyone saying what the f… Is he talking about…. Also thought the same again when I watched it on DVD ..lol haven't watched it since 🤷🏻… I guess I like my movies somewhat simples hehehe

            • +1

              @scud70: He talks about how the "one's" are anomalies in the code and that there have been many one's before Neo. As part of the cycle they have the one be killed and re-assembled back into the Matrix until their next iteration and in return a few survivors from Xion are allowed to rebuild it thus starting the cycle again until a new one appears. Neo breaks this cycle because he is in love and no one has been in love previously before. He chooses to save Trinity believing he can beat the Architect and break the cycle.

              Visa Vie, Concordantly, Ergo. Irrevocably


          • @belongsinforums: Men want sex. Women want credit cards.

      • Yes 1 is amazing, the 2nd one explains a lot, the 3rd one is a bit hard to swallow, unless it's a matrix within the matrix and we haven't actually seen physical world

        Can't believe I haven't seen animatrix.

        • +1

          In the third one, he must be a cyborg. Remember that he is a programmer. Imagine that he's 'hacking' the sentinels as they fly around. Its sci fi so anything goes i guess

  • +2

    Me remembering it's day and date on HBO, shit, I might not bother to go to the movies on the 25th.

    Me remembering it will be fun and I don't care for xmas, shit, I might bother to go to the movies on the 25th.

    • Your options are relevant to my interests.

    • I watched it. I'm glad I didn't pay to see it.

  • -1

    Hey all anyone know how to do this with a VPN app on a Google Chrome TV?

    • What exactly are you stuck on?

  • awesome its out via the usual methods as well.. yo ho ho Merry Christmas

  • Can you use an aussie credit card ?

    • Not directly but you can via Google Play store Billing I think

  • Anyone had any luck with PIA?

  • +2

    4K torrents are out, that was quick.

    • 19.32Gb apparently

  • -3

    Bought tickets already. But I also started downloading a torrent. Maybe I will stay at home, instead of spreading covid in a cinema.

  • Ah the good old days of accessing HBO easily, just a VPN and a virtual credit card

    How do you pay for it now? It's been years since I bothered checking

  • +1


    Aaliyah filmed some parts of her role as Zee to be in the 2nd and 3rd film, but her role had to be sadly recast due to her death in a plane crash before completing her scenes.

    The Oracle also had to be recast for the 3rd film due to the original actor from the 1st and 2nd movie dying.

    Also, stay until the end of the credits of the 4th for a post credit scene

    • +1

      why did they recast Morpheus? Is Lawrence Fishburne dead?

      • +1

        They can't min max profits if they get the whole original cast

      • He decided to sign on for an incredibly important and noble production called MacGruber.

      • No, he's resurrections

  • Hbo max was an absolute PITA to get working and that was with multiple APKs VPNs and other work arounds

    Good luck

  • +1

    This is OzB, ain't paying for HBO MAX via VPN

  • +1

    why did they recast Morpheus? Fishburne wanted to do it but they never even contacted him.

  • +1

    Its already available on my fav streaming website in HD

    • +1

      Your fav streaming site needs an upgrade. UHD rips have been out for 4 hours

      • 1080p is fine since ive still got my sony FHD TV

  • Brave new world

  • +1

    Prior to watching, I honestly thought 'it can't be worse than matrix 3'….

    I was wrong.

    • 2 and 3 had real plots and added to the main story. This felt like a reluctant reboot. If you didn't enjoy 2and3, there's a good fan website that offers good explanations for those plots

      • +2

        It's the force awakens but meta this time but because they're aware it's shit, it means it's not shit right?… RIGHT?!

        • +1

          The bit where a character goes - The Matrix is about Trans rights (or something I'm paraphrasing) I rolled my eyes so hard….

          WE GET IT LANA.

  • Time to download it

  • +4

    Luckily I watched Spiderman already. Might give this one a miss due to rise in COVID. Might even be 5,000 a day by end of year.

    • +1

      Have a +… Not sure why u got negged, somewhat reasonable thinking… 🙂

    • +1

      It is close to 6,000 already 🤣

  • +3

    Last third of the movie felt like it was written by a high schooler who ran out of time so scribbled a quick ending to her story

  • No spoilers plz…

    • Don't come to these threads then lol

      • trying to find out ways to watch it?

        • hbo max

        • Don't need to go this deep in the comments, instructions are on the post lol

  • Is it true that rhe CGI parts were done using rhe Unreal engine? Unreal if it's real.

    • -2

      yes, if you load up unreal while watching and hold down U-N-R-E-A-L you will hear a voice command saying 'Matrix Unlocked' in Neo's voice.

    • The special effects look very computery if that makes sense

  • Is John Wick in the movie too? Looking at the stills and watching trailers, I'm sure that was him doing his usual thingie, kicking ass that is.

    • same actor, different character

  • streaming will be the final nail in cinema's coffin

  • We really need AU HBO - not just for this one but all the others such as Friends Reunion.

    • I wholeheartedly agree, but not because of Friends Reunion. Ewww.

  • -3

    Could you just post the deal without your dumb review?

    • why u mad bro

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