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SOGA Korean Charcoal BBQ Kit $65.49 Delivered @ Anytime Simple


Looking to experiment with BBQ? We have Korean Charcoal BBQ by SOGA (perfect for alfresco, camping and especially great in this summer season). Manufacturer - SOGA

Offering for $65.49 comes
RRP: $125, prices do vary in the online stores (typically $75+)
Stock is in Australia Free Delivery in Australia
Valid until 31/12 or as long as the stocks last

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  • Is this ok for indoor use?

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      You might need some sort of bbq ventilation to avoid too much smoke indoor.

    • Thank you for your question, yes this item can be used indoors.

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      Is this ok for indoor use?

      Yes, if you are wearing a mask.

    • +4

      Might want to invest in a carbon monoxide detector.

  • +6

    Normally I would've skipped this deal but I had to make sure the thumbnail wasn't a steak on top of a speaker so had to look…

    • +2

      if u vibrate it enough… it will prob cook the meat

      • it does look like doof doof speaker. if cook dog it may go woof woof.
        me think going shot for this joke

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      Thank you for sharing the link. While visually there are a few distinctive similarities our product had EAN code of 9357641001226. The eBay one does not appear to have one, which would suggest it is a different product.

      The other crucial difference is in terms of postage and delivery options - we deliver across Australia while the eBay product does have restrictions across multiple areas (particularly regional ones). Also we send all of our products via a tracked courier for the peace of mind the eBay product uses AU Post Standard Parcel (so both the speed and it may or may not have tracking when going out).

      • -1

        Okay so eBay listing has no barcode, don't think I've ever seen a barcode on an eBay listing. Given your logic, everything on eBay must be a fake.

        If I was in the market I'd chance it with Auspost for a 30% saving…

  • Does it say "SOOOO-GA" everytime it boots up?

    • It says BAZINGA

  • Been looking to get into this as a way to grill some pork belly and make wraps.
    Do you really need a portable one? Is this essentially just a griddle pan/grill with fat drainer?
    One would think with a gas cooktop at home similar results can be obtained

    • +1

      Thank you and really great questions. So there is a few differences between gas cooking and using Korean Style BBQ. Cooking over charcoals can provide that distinct smoky taste (though in all honesty the exact impact will depend on how sensitive one's taste buds are).

      The other difference is it would be difficult to see how a few people trying to cook together would be able to do so comfortably where as with this product you can turn this into a more involved interactive event (a couple of people bring ingredients and cook simultaneously).

      In terms of being portable it is really to give you the flexibility of being able to use it at home, in a garden or out camping without being restricted to a specific location.

    • +1

      Agreed. I think an electric griddle would do the same job. If the grill plate had holes on the middle instead of the outside then you'd get nice charcoal smells on to the food. But it doesn't so you're just cooking food with charcoal but with no charcoal smell?

  • Is this a bargain?

  • Soga deez

    • Nuts included?

  • -1

    No bargain, op trying to make lousy exuses as to why the eBay on is cheaper.

  • https://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-01-30/total-fire-bans-expla...

    FYI: Coal, wood, charcooal BBQs are not permitted on total fire ban days.

    • Thank you for highlighting this, indeed the issue with total fire ban days is if you have a fire-pit or a BBQ that can only be used outside you can not use it if the relevant district has declared the fire-ban day.

      The good part is is that you can use this particular product inside.

  • What is a good charcoal for this grill?

  • charcoal flavour comes from the fat vaporising on the charcoal and the fumes rise and . stick to the meat …..this thing a frypan with drain holes so the juices run off and your meat doesn’t stew ……maybe buy a cheap induction hot plate and grill plate if you don’t mind the extension lead ……
    do some googling and research if you are after charcoal flavour ….

    pressume the cooking top is metal with a sprayed on coating ?

  • Smokeless but the images all clearly show smoke coming from grilling food… hmmmm.

    • steam or photoshop ?

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