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Niles 5" Outdoor Speakers White $299 Delivered (Was $449) @ CHT Solutions


We're starting one of our Boxing Day Deals early.

The Niles OS5.3W Outdoor Speakers in white.
Original RRP: $629
Last Sold: $449
Special Price $299 delivered.

Special while stock lasts.

Impedance: 8ohms
Recommended amplifier power: 5W to 100W
Frequency response: 75Hz – 20kHz
Sensitivity: 90dB

This speakers do require a seperate amplifier or you can power them of the Zone 2 output on most AV Receivers.

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2021

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  • Its "recommended" to run these on as little as 5W? Really?

    Have any details on the crossover points please? Or at least if it has features like a db switch on the tweeter? Or am I going to be soldering to tune my response curve as usual?

    I'm trying to avoid another set of peaky outdoor speakers.

  • Realistically you're going to need more than 5W to power them at any reasonable listening level, They are quite an efficient speaker though with 90dB sensitivity.

    Outdoor speakers rarely have a db switch on the tweeter, including models in the $1000 plus range. These are usually included with in-ceiling speakers.

    Niles doesn't provide details on the crossover points but Outdoor speaker rarely do, any adjustment to the frequency response would need to be done at the source.

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    These, or Frasier speakers?

    • I've never heard of Frasier speakers, so couldn't comment on those.
      Whereas Niles is a very popular brand that has been around for a long time.

    • Honestly, while I haven't tried this brand, After going through BOSE and StudioAcoustics, I realised the best bet is by far 'Marine Speakers' from the big boys like Pioneer or Clarion.
      If I need 8Ohm, I'll just run 2 pair in series.

      Of course, sound is personal, so ymmv.

    • +2

      Niles never wins! Niles always loses! That's why Niles lives at the Shangri-La and drives a hatchback!

  • What outdoor amp would you recommend pairing with this? Or would you recommend an indoor amp inside a weatherproof housing.

  • Anything with a bigger woofer going on sale?

    • Not that's planned to go on sale but reach out to us on live chat on the website and we'll see what deal we can work you out for some other models.

      • Thanks! How does the sound compare to the Yamaha 592?

        • Overall the Niles are better sounding but the Yamaha 592's have a little more bass.

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