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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE 128GB Wi-Fi + Bonus 32GB Samsung EVO MicroSD Card $599 Shipped @ digiDirect Amazon AU


Was browsing this deal here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/673281 and clicked the link which went to Samsung Tab S7 FE 128gb for $609

Will go well with the free $30 from Tiktok

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2021

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  • I impulse buy and forgot to add in the free 32gb card. Anyone know how to add it in?

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      try sending a support ticket or cancel and reorder

      • I also forgot shopback aswell……

  • 750g chipset,
    hopefully upcoming tablets will be a bit more powerful for the price

    • What does that mean?

    • Wifi model is 778G

      • Gsmarena says that but every sales site says 750

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          That's because Samsung didn't officially published the CPU models to hide the fact that the more expensive 5g model has a worst cpu.

          Compare benchmarks on the two

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    • that is pink and 64gb

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    back up to $845

    64gb still $599

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      I snagged the last 128GB one I think, sold out immediate right after I made the purchase.


      • Do you think it might be a price error?

        • I'm 99% sure they'll honor it.

          • @scrimshaw: You got yours for $10 cheaper, how hahah?

  • Price seems to be only for 64gb even though product title says 128gb

    • It was 128gb for sure, but looks like stock went out?


      Or it might be a price error for 128gb? I hope mine gets honored

  • The listing is wrong. Instead of posting just a generic S7 Fe title, they've listed it as S7 FE 128gb (color). You can still add the S7 Fe 128gb but the description shows the correct model ie. 64gb

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    Everyone who got one sure it is the 128gb model? The tittle of the product states 128gb regardless of the size you choose.

    • And the fact that the 128gb comes in different colors when we only get black in Aus. Tempted to buy one, worst case I send it back to my chemist for a refund

      • Why your chemist?? Do they manage your online orders for you?

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          It's an Amazon collection point

  • You can still order the 128gb for $599, I managed to add the 128gb and checked out and it seems it went through. Had to cancel it because of the missus objection.

  • Someone let me know if they manage to spot a cheap portable bluetooth keyboard for the tablet

  • Placed an order just to see if they honor it. Title says 128gb but description is 64gb, I'll ask for a refund if they send me 64gb

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    Spoke to Amazon about this, it's definitely the 64GB version, don't waste your time guys, cancel your order if you still can.

  • Is it a good price for the 64gb version?

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      I've checked the Samsung Enhanced Partner Portal a week ago and it was selling there for $639.20

      That's assuming one can access the EPP — most people can't. So Amazon is $40 cheaper than what Samsung themselves are selling — it's a reasonable deal.

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    My tablet arrived, sticker on the side of the box indicates it's a Mystic Black 64 GB model. In My Order's section of Amazon, it still says I purchased the 128GB model.

    I'm guessing the deal was not obtainable.

    Anyone else have their tablets delivered yet?

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      They mistitled the ad. All variants had 128gb in the name.

      Welp I guess I'll be returning mine when it arrives.

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      ohhh that sucks!

      the 128gb also has 6gb ram I believe compared to 4gb ram in 64gb version

      • Correct. Keep in mind it's running on android for 4GB is okay. 4GB is NOT okay for Samsung DeX, with my 8gb S20FE 5G not being fast in DeX (I believe it's 8GB).

    • Are you keeping it or returning it?

    • did yours say 128gb on size name?


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      Got 64gb version. It's going back

      • did yours say 128gb on size name?


        • Nope

          • @krisspy: Ahh ok, mine did. I paid $609 for mine so thats why mine is the 128gb version. I think u guys forgot to change the size configuration

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              @Homr: 128gb was sold out/different price from a different seller when I checked. Spoke to Amazon said he'd send a replacement but they're all out of 128gb.

              • @krisspy: oh cool, so you will still get the 128gb when it comes back in stock?

                • @Homr: Thats what the guy on chat said. My return window ends on 31st Jan, I'll have to keep an eye when it restocks and I'll put a request through.

                • @Homr: Just an update, tried to request a replacement and since the listing was wrong the system sends me 64gb version when they put it through, this can't be manually changed. Just sent the tab back for a refund but they gave me $200 credit towards the 128gb version sold by Amazon as goodwill.

                  Credit seems to work on any Samsung tablet. Not sure if I should just get the S7 for $599. I would've preferred the bigger screen

                  • @krisspy: Nice. I rang them at 6pm. They are reshipping the 128GB, with a promise the dispatcher will check before shipment (I spoke to someone on the phone). My plan is if they screw me with the replacement, I'm going to say I have purchased a keyboard case and cannot get my cashback and hopefully will get $200 credit (cover keyboard costs) and get to keep tablet. I got $800 credit on a $1000 flex because I stated I have purchased that amount in unreturnable accessories. The screen also didn't work with touch (just a driver issue), so got my flex for $200.

                    Also, if they gave you $200 towards a 128GB, maybe hold off if you can. The new S8 FE is around the corner and I believe the prices will drop very soon**

                    • @Froot Loops: Yeah I'm just gonna hold off for further sales, this was really just an impulse buy. Would love the 14" S8 but would probably cost close to 2k, wouldn't be the best investment for just watching videos. Good to know they will comp you for accessories you bought for the defective product, will have to try that next time.

                      I've already spent the $200 on nappies and baby formula lol

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      Lucky you!

    • Congrats. You got lucky bro. How do you find the screen (TFT @ 60fps is prob the biggest letdown on the device). You can clearly see the downside in comparison reviews (against S7+ AMOLED), but you score better battery life and honestly still looks good. Please let us know how you go and give your impression. I got mine today with 64GB on the box (even after Amazon state it was def 128GB). Anyways they offered a return / replacement and the service agent in the call added a note to make sure the product is 128GB before shipment.

      FYI, the Tab S7+ 12.4" case fits this tab if your keen to go down that path. Should be on clearance soon.

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    Just for people that got screwed, I'm in the same boat and therefore am going to share and update what happens.

    Prior to purchase: I ordered the confusing 128GB title, but 64GB in the options area. I rang amazon and the operator stated 100% in was 128gb
    Items arrives: I was shipped a 64GB, contact amazon customer care on the phone (I advised is recorded) and express I wasn't happy. Women spoke to manage who did a replacement reorder and noted to the dispatcher to make sure the replacement is 128GB.

    If I end up with 128GB All is well, and I will be happy @599 - 2% from Giftcards and whatever else shopback gives
    If I get 64GB again After watching reviews I think I can live with it (I only want to take notes and use Calander & outlooks), I will state I have already purchased a case from Europe (which I really did) and would be out of pocket $200AUD due to their mistake. I will offer them to accept the 64GB version for a $200 credit. This should work (has before with $1000 flex 5, where the screen was touch faulty and they gave me $800 credit and 3 months on it was a driver error). I stated then I had brought alot of accessories that were not returnable. I don't feel bad doing this as I've spent $3.5k in December on Amazon alone.

    I will come back and update this when I get the replacement. Currently there is no due date (arrival date) listed on the replacement and I have been told it will show the die date in 3 days time.

    Last Note: For future community members that may look back at these deals' months down the road (possible during model runout) GSMarena has a really helpful and honest review.

    Important Note 128gb vs 64gb
    64GB has 4GB
    128GB has 6GB

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      Yeah important to make sure it's 128gb they're sending. When I was going through the replacement on chat the guy said he's put a replacement order and 128gb will be shipped, later on our conversation I asked him to confirm again and he said it was showing 64gb on their system. He said he can't change it. I asked for a manager but no one was around, I said contact me by email. 2 days later I get an email with $200 credit towards the 128gb, but the code is generic and works on anything sold by Amazon.

  • Did people get the 128gb delivered and if not how did you go with amazon chat?

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