expired FREE TXT My Sydney Buses Pro App for iPhone, Usually $0.99 for 24 Hours Only for Easter

FREE TXT My Sydney Buses Pro App for iPhone, Usually $0.99 for 24 Hours Only for EasterAffiliate

Hi fellow Ozbargainers,
I just made an iPhone app for fellow bus commuters that uses NSW Transit SMS Bus service. TxTMyBus is an iPhone app that provides real-time arrival and departure times for Sydney Buses for all stops on the network. It utilises the “TXTBUS” service from NSW Transport by sending your bus stop number, via SMS, to get real-time arrivals.

It's free for Easter Sunday only. Grab it quick.

Happy Easter everyone.


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    The service has always been free?…. Just look at the bus sign and text the bus stop number to the number on the sign and it costs a standard SMS fee?
    I don't get how this is different.

    Okay, figured out what your app does, seems quite handy that you can look up the different bus stop numbers. Just make it clear that it still uses the txt services (which IIRC costs you a standard text, correct me if I'm wrong but haven't been in Sydney for 3 months and can't remember exactly)

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      Yes.. the TXTBUS service itself is free to use courtesy of NSW Transport. You still have to pay for the standard SMS to the TXTBUS service though. But phone plans these days include lots of SMSes as part of the plans. More info on the TXTBUS service can be seen here: http://www.131500.com.au/plan-your-trip/Info-on-the-go/sms-t...

      That's correct. The problem with this service is that you have to look at the bus sign to know the bus stop number. This is pretty much useless if you still at home or at work. This app provides the bus stop number without you need to be at the bus stop. And since the TXTBUS service is pretty much real-time using GPS tracking on the Sydney Buses so you can plan ahead without actually at the bus stop.
      I'm a bus commuter myself and I'm using TXTBUS everyday and it's pretty much spot on with the returned SMS.


    Damn, need an android version :(


    good app. but i don't have any free sms on my prepaid, i still need to pay for the txt


    ok.. installed now .. looks easy to use and detected my closest bus stop. It does cost you the SMS fee but with my $49 cap, I hardly use SMS nowadays anyway.


    any more advantages over Sydney Buses Stops Free app besides the bookmark?

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      • better designed UI
      • search by street name, landmark or place name such as hospital name.
      • button to jump to current location
      • drag map to reveal bus stops
      • recent stops list
      • share to Facebook
      • mark as favorite stops
      • socialize with other users of the app on each bus stop by leaving comments and chats
        Plus there are few more features currently in the works and will be released when the User Experience is ready.

      Of course suggestions are more than welcome.
      Thanks for supporting guys.


        downloaded it thanks!!!

        it will be great if u allow us to add description to the bookmarked bus stop. i.e "Grandma Place bus stop"

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          Noted. Thanks for your suggestion.

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          Any chance you can change the logo? As in remove the Pro banner from the pro one and put a free banner on the free one instead… don't know about others but that pro thing in the corner is a bit of an eyesore, makes it look kind of messy.


    Wife have that loaded on her phone. Do not need to remember those stop number.
    Handy when you need to know to rush or to take it easy when walking to the bus stop.

    Now I hope Android version is coming soon!

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    I always use the txt to bus thing, and had the bus stop numbers saved in notes on my phone. This will probably be easier. So thanks for the free download.


    Will you release android version and when please and thanks :-)

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    They should just make an app with live GPS tracking so you can see where the buses are on the map. Great idea in the interim though, except I am on Android.


      Agree. The problem is these data are not available to the public like in other countries. If we can lobby the govt to make these data auch as the raw bus gps data available to the public so they can become a benefit back to the community.


    What is the profile/eye icon functionality in the bottom left while you have a bus stop selected?


      That is simply showing how popular is the selected bus stop among TxT My Bus users. The whole bar at the bottom is the socialize feature of the app. You can interact with other users by leaving comments on that bus stop for others to read.

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    Used the app a little today, very usefull and accurate, thanks will come in handy.

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