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Garment Steamer $79.49 Including Tracked Delivery @ Anytime Simple


Looking to have great looking clothes all the time? You can use our professional steamer to have you clothes or lines look and smell great! Manufacturer - SOGA

Offering for $79.49
RRP: $148, prices do vary in the online stores (typically $94+)
Stock is in Australia Free Tracked Delivery in Australia
Valid until 31/12 or as long as the stocks last

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  • $84.90 at amazon right now
    SOGA Portable Garment Steamer Hanging for Ironing Clothes 125 https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07B61WFHF/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_g...

    No reviews….

    • Thank you for your comment the Amazon store has no association with us. There are other stores that do sell this product that like us have the reviews. SKU code for this product is GarmentSteamer125 . If you would like to read reviews independent from our store you can do a search on the SKU and it will provide you with them

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    “Commercial grade steamer”

    Note: All our garment steamers are designed for domestic use only and should not be purchased for commercial usage

    So it’s not commercial grade.

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      Thank you for your question. The commercial grade relates to the strength of the steam as well as the results it produces - similar to that which you would receive if you handed your items to a dry cleaner. There is no promise explicit or implied that purchasing this item one would be able to start their own commercial laundry operation. Simply this item can provide similar results as a professional but a single home scale and without having to pay $5-$20 per item each time.

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        Ok so what makes it commercial grade? From what I have read commercial grade steam cleaners would be at least 60 psi (yours is under 50) steam pressure and steam heat to 300 degrees Fahrenheit (~149C) and yours is 120C.

        • What makes it commercial grade is the results it produces, there is no specification of exactly how hot a steamer has to be in a commercial setting and in most cases it wouldn't be ran at a highest setting at all times anyhow. Bear in mind that in commercial operations steamers would be used constantly throughout the day rather than intermittently so there is a question of durability. Again if you look at the steamers that are advertised for specific commercial use they range from $200+ USD for light use to over £500+.

          Here we are offering an appliance that at a level of a household can produce similar results at a fraction of the cost (under $80 AUD) and these are similar results to what one would get if paying per each individual item or by paying hundreds more dollars.

          You are very welcome to see for yourself (and you can also read the reviews not just on our site but on competing retailer sites as well)

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