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Gibson SG Standard $2,349 (Was $3,799) Delivered @ Logans Pianos Burwood


This is my first deal to share

The modern Gibson SG Standard (2021) (which has the new soft shell Gibson Case) is a classic US made guitar.

The price is amazing, RRP is $3800 and you will often find them discounted to $3099. This is the biggest discount I have ever seen on it and I had been waiting a year to add a real Gibson to my collection. This is the price you would expect a Gibson SG Special or Tribute to be discounted to, not a Standard.

I had been waiting a long time for this and purchased one just before Christmas (I purchased the Heritage Cherry which you I had to message them for stock in which they had).

No other store I have seen is offering one at this price (Belfield Music has the next best price I can see at $2600) and it is a bargain that I took up myself.

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    Waiting on a deal for a Steinway from logansgibsons.com.au

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      We are in the process of refubushing a Steinway New Yorker at the moment, so maybe drop us a line in a couple of months :-)

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    Good price! Most of the other sellers will match/ beat the price

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    Store and delivery info in title.

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    i had hoped with lockdowns more instruments might have come up for sale as i’ve been after an ibanez george benson (not chinese version) , but it seems with venues opening up again demand will keep prices up for brand name instruments .

    this is a good price for a gibson SG, pity it’s soft case.

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      This is my soft case (I think it is pot luck between brown and black)…

      Honestly I love it, makes a difference to the batch of hard shell cases I have and it protects the guitars unlike the gig bags that Fender have with their Player Series.

      This is the first "Great" guitar deal I have found this year. I had hoped to pick one up on a work trip to the US which didn't happen due to Covid. I hope to pick up a Gretsch Country Gentleman next year when I go though.

    • Good instruments if you have chance to buy,buy it,most good stuff out of stock.

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    what would you guys suggest for a total beginner, want to learn to learn to shred.

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      Total beginner, I would go for an acoustic guitar, see if it floats your boat.

      You can pay peanuts for acoustic guitars, but I would recommend looking at maybe an Epiphone Pro1 (which you would probably pick up in sales for around $300 brand new) or any Yamaha, or even better on Gumtree you'll find lots of unwanted Christmas presents at the moment.

      If you have an acoustic and want to dip you toes in the water with an electric, the quality of Epiphones (which is a Gibson brand for their designs made cheaply outside of the US) or Squier (the Fender equivalent) are doing some good ones. Again, Gumtree you will find them for peanuts.

      There is a Sydney based company called Artist Guitars which seem to be making and selling cheap electric and acoustic guitars based on popular designs, and they have a shop in the inner west. I've never bought one but I am thinking of getting one of theirs for a birthday present for one of my kids next month.

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        No way would I tell someone who uses the expression "want to learn to shred" to buy an acoustic guitar :-) It's a pointless purchase and it may be extremely counter productive in introducing the person.

        If you want to shred, brother tee123:

        Buy rocksmith 2014 remastered on steam (discounted right now) or possibly on xbox / ps store, depending on what you have, a rocksmith cable (expensive at about 40-50 on ebay) and an electric guitar with ideally a fixed bridge (simplifies things).

        something like this for your guitar

        • True but none is going to shred on their first guitar.

          IMHO the best place to learn the fundamentals is an acoustic, but the more I think about it the less sure I am and maybe an electric would get you into scales sooner

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            @helloworld2021: If he gets any Ibanez electric with a wizard neck or low action he’s in a way better position to learn the basics and progress to speed and shredding. A poor action/cheap acoustic is a fantastic way to turn a beginner off the instrument.

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              @Lukas: Ive been playing guitar for 20 years and still have my original acoustic.

              If I still had to play on that I would have quit…19 years ago. 20 years of guitar finger strength and I struggle to play it because the action is so poor.

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            @helloworld2021: The only reason noone shreds on their first guitar is that virtually nobody has the self control to not go out and buy more and more guitars, once they get hooked :-) Of course you could shred that ibanez, short of it going out of tune, it's fine.

            For me, there is nothing more important about a first guitar than having it make you want to keep coming back, hence, the warning to not buy a guitar that makes a mockery of the power chord driven music that you're no doubt craving, if you're someone mentioning "shredding".

          • @helloworld2021: I learned how to play on a nylon string guitar, which is what I am starting my kids on. Its a softer action and so much better for kids and beginners. I do agree a steel string acoustic particularly with a tight action has the potential to turn a beginner off the hobby.

            • @cannedhams: I was keen to learn electric guitar as a kid, my parents bought me an acoustic and sent me to lessons. Nothing enjoyable about it and I never learned. Much later as an adult I bought an electric, so much more enjoyable and I finally learned a bit, but can never get that chance back to learn something fun as a kid.

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            @helloworld2021: False. As a player of electric, e-acoustic, acoustic & nylon stringed classical. Learning fundamentals can be done on any guitar, but fretting is far easier/less frustrating on an electric for what should be obvious reasons, especially for anyone without ectomorphic hands and spider fingers.

        • Would recommend something with a humbucker pickup, I always have to keep dampening the strings when playing Rocksmith as they start to hum.

        • You arent going to learn to play this on an acoustic.


        • Is that Rocksmith game kind of like Guitar Hero with a real guitar? I've been meaning to get back into guitar for years but I never know where to start.

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            @alcadive: Yes it kind of is. But it has lessons as well that teach you important stuff from how to hold your guitar to how to do pull-offs etc.

            Then you get to play your favourite tunes just like your favourite player (after a lot of practice). All as an utter novice like me. The game automatically switches guitar/amp settings for you at the right time too.

            And you get to slow it all down to a pace you can actually keep up with until your muscle memory gets it down. Which is the best way to learn a track.

            I learned to play the solo from Pixies - Hey at 100% speed and accuracy, which is actually quite easy and sounds totally epic. But the verses are very hard for me for some reason, cant do them yet. Derr, chik chik, der der, ner ner ner.

            Also the riff from boys dont cry is a good one to get down as everyone knows that and its pretty easy to learn.

            I bought this plus rocksmith and cable https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/126573

            • @stumo: Not sure teaching me how to pull off is going to help my guitar game besides maybe improving hand/wrist strength.

            • @stumo: Awesome, thanks for that. I might have to pull the trigger.

              I have an Epiphone Les Paul as well, nice!

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        Solid advice! However, I wouldn't not recommend getting a cheap electric as a first guitar. Yes, you'll learn better with an acoustic, but the wow factor of an electric (and the inspiration to keep learning, especially as @tee123 wants to shred) can be quite powerful.

        I'm a good example of that - my dad had a really good acoustic and wanted me to learn when I was about 10 years old, but I was never really interested. Metallica became my inspiration to finally make an effort, but the acoustic didn't translate to what I wanted to learn/do on a guitar (when I was a teenager). Eventually my parents helped me buy an Ibanez RG electric guitar and the rest is history :)

        PS: if you're a gamer, the "game" Rocksmith 2014 Edition Remastered is an awesome tool to get your started with learning how to play guitar.

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          High five, my rocksmith playing brother

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      Get an electric. Easier to play. More fun to play so you'll keep at it. And not sure why you'd be recommended an acoustic when you've said you want to shred. Either get something cheap off Gumtree with an amp, an SG or telecaster knockoff depending on your taste. Maybe you can find a cheap Epiphone or Squire. If you can afford it get this deal and you will have a guitar you can be happy with for life.

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      A huge majority quit after a few months. Forget learning properly at the start or you'll give up. Make it fun. Look at what your fav bands play and get something that looks similar around $300-400. Get a Positive Grid Spark Amp. Learn tabs of your fav songs watching YouTube tutorials. If you make it past a year, you are one of the very few. Then learn properly.

      • I've been playing on and off for 3 years and still can't get my fingers into a barre position on the first try xD

      • Agree with the first sentence above, and so do Fender's stats. More than a "majority", the overwhelming 90% do once reality confronts the dream and they discover how challenging learning to play guitar is, how much slog is required, and how long it will take to reach that imagined level of competency.

        The second is false. The prerequisite for persevering is to learn properly from the very start and accept that as a necessary fact. If you don't, you'll will abandon it once the novelty and initial excitement with the new toy wears off. You will need lessons/tuition, which fortunately can be had from a number of very affordable commendable online resources. The pick of them IMV is Guitar Tricks. Anyone who can afford a guitar can afford and annual sub to it. JustinGuitar is an alternative well known option, but nowhere near as organised into a progressive path structure as GT which is a huge part of the initial challenge for beginner, and is not really entirely "free". That said JG is getting much better as he reorganises his syllabus and website.

        The third, "Make it fun" is true. But that joy in learning even when it gets hard has to come from some intrinsic drive within.

        Don't agree with Positive Grid Spark suggestion caveat OMMV. Novel yes. But there are just far more versatile, practical and thus better choices for a first and only practice amp for the same kind of money.

      • Totally agreed with the Spark amp.

        I've got some very expensive guitars and amps but I get a load of use from a $300 Squire HSS I picked up a few years back for a laugh and the $300 Spark amp. There's not much I can't play and not many electric tones I can't get with this setup.

        I don't recommend the Squire for the OP, I second the Ibanez recommendation from earlier. Just trying to say you can go a long way with an entry level guitar these days.

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      Don't get an acoustic

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      Imo I'd have a look at artist guitars. I've been very happy with all my purchases (bought quite a lot from them over the years) as their prices are pretty decent and the gear is good quality but having said this I've honestly not bought any beginner guitars from them, but I don't see why entry level guitars would be any less value for money.

      They do offer 90* days returns so I guess that's handy if guitar doesn't grab you in the end

      *edit: was browsing the site and saw 100 days not 90

    • +3

      Squier Affinity Strat with amp. Comes in a beginner pack. Will give you years of enjoyment before you outgrow it.

    • This guy has plenty of good advice.


      I ended up with a Yamaha Pacifica 112V. Also a beginner but sounds good to me. (My playing on the other hand………)

      • Any Yamaha guitar is a solid instrument. Very underrated guitars in my opinion.

        • True, but you're not hearing the OP's desire. I'm a Pacifica fan, but that Ibanez suggested by f23lda will inspire him and still get the job done. Something else to bear in mind given we don't know the OPs age or financial circumstances, affordability. Even a PAC012 is $300 these days. He'd get a PAC112J for around the same money as that suggested Ibanez. A PAC112V is now $429/$439 from the cheapest box shifters.

    • Adjust your expectations?

      Unless you are a prodigy like Taj Farrant, shredding is in the distant future looking along the guitar playing learning curve. That said, an electric, and pretty much any inexpensive electric is more than good enough for the first few years. As you progress you'll discover what you want in the particular. Until then save your money.

      f23lda's suggestion of an Ibanez RG121DX -in your preferred colour, was a sensible one. Reason is that those Ibanez necks are flat radius "shred" orientated, and its aesthetics will probably fit the image you wish to project and have in your mind's eye. I suspect this one will appeal most. https://www.mannys.com.au/ibanez-rg121dx-electric-guitar-bla... Don't forget you'll need to budget for an amp, quality TS cable and a few initial accessories such as a tuner, picks to go with it. GL

    • Have a look at Squire which is the budget version of Fender. I have been learning for around 12 months and picked up a Classic Vibe 70's Strat with humbucker pickup. I also got a Fender 25w amp which is good enough for practice. If you are a raw beginner then I suggest picking up a cheap acoustic first to make sure you want to commit. It will also harden up your finger tips a lot quicker. No pain no gain LoL.

    • An Ibanez RG or Jackson Dinky is a good starting place. Get a fixed bridge to start with too cause floating bridges take a while to get used to when it comes to tuning stability and maintenance. Something like this will get you going: https://www.megamusiconline.com.au/ibanez-rx40-electric-guit...

    • Seconding all the comments suggesting entry-level ($300-ish plus amp, or just the Rocksmith cable to start!), as a recent electric guitar beginner. I tried learning on an acoustic years ago and gave up quickly because it wasn't fun and was too difficult to get started. Borrowed an electric recently from a friend to try and a week later I'd bought my own and started lessons because I immediately loved it. Rocksmith is fantastic and has helped me have good questions for an in-person teacher.

      Gotta get the right sound to get going :)

  • Would be nice to have a voodoo v on sale.

  • Great first OP, nice one. Looks like they have a lot of other good specials too.

  • -3

    Cheaper everywhere,even reverb are cheaper

    • I thought reverb was US only

      • Nope!

    • Where is it cheaper? I'm genuinely intruiged to hear. It certainly isn't cheaper on Reverb

      • +1

        Especially when you include taxes/customs/landing fees. Lots of people forget about that until the nasty shock of the customs bills arrives.

        It is much safer buying from an Aussie place like your post.

        • the $1000 gst thresholds for imports can be a gotcha ….under $1000 it will come in no gst, over $1000 you will probably pay gst via the freight agent ….

          • @garage sale: Any purchase is subject to the tax. Not just over $1000.

  • +2

    ow man, stop this. Makes me wanna keep buying guitars!. This is a good deal.

    • +3

      Yeah I thought I was relatively safe from seeing guitar deals on here. If people posting them on here becomes regular I'm gunna have to leave.

  • Does it djent?

  • Nice, but saw this on their website and I think im in love. I think it may be my late Xmas pressie: EPIPHONE SG STANDARD '61 MAESTRO VIBROLA ELECTRIC GUITAR

    • So you want to play the vibrola

      Doesn't have quite that ring😀

      • True, if was just a VIBROLA, but it's a MAESTRO VIBROLA which sure has some serious ring, chime and more importantly, massive BLING!

        • Haha

          I actually didn't realize (or maybe forgot) that sgs could come with a tremelo

    • I have the epiphone SG custom in white with gold humbuckers It’s stunning.

  • What’s a good price for a fender strat. Looking for under 900 bucks

    • +1

      If you're fine with second hand, you might be able to swing a mexi or japanese strat for that price.

      If you want new and under 900, you're better off trying something like a squier classic vibe


      Can't attest to their prices being good for that guitar.

      • Obviously I don't expect you to take my word for this, but the going rate for most classic vibes is ~$729 in Aus. I'd say anything under $700 is decent value.

    • Why a strat though? Just sound like you’re new with guitar and perhaps strat is not what you need..

      But to answer, I would only buy MIA strat if I intend to keep it for long term. The MIJ, MIM or Squier are ok but would likely get sold again one day if you’re into your guitar, so buy second hand if you can.

      For your budget though, second hand MIM or new Squier as someone pointed out.

      • MIJ Strat, just "okay"..? Depending on the year it was made there's a good chance the MIJ Strat beats the quality of the MIA Strats, especially their Fujigen builds - they're insanely good value.

        • +1

          Yeah agree with the correction, MIJ is not really on par with MIM, more closer to MIA (on par sometimes as you pointed out)

  • +2

    I have a mid 90s SG special. Not sure if quality has changed since then. I now have guitars worth 5 time as much and it's still my favorite to play. Fast low action and very light weight.

    • +3

      I have an LTD viper that cost half the price of the gibson new and I'm more than a little doubtful that there's twice the price worth of value in an SG standard. The vipers come with seymour duncans on, so they are hardly slouches.

      I do have a gibson les paul so I'm not immune to the gibson name, but I would never buy one new - for me, there aren't many guitars over 2k that actually are "worth it". I think diminishing returns really kicks in around there. If not earlier. Particularly if you strip the aesthetic pull from the instrument (and sgs are hardly things of beauty).

      Each to their own. Who knows, maybe one day I'll betray my own price limit (I think the viper was the most I've paid for a new guitar at around 1100).

      • +4

        Could well be mate it's subjective anyway. I love the craftsmanship on a good US made guitar and as a very personal thing this was a bucket list thing for me.

    • I didn't know you used this forum! I'd recognise that profile pic anywhere. I still use your fuzz factory (albeit transferred to veroboard) to this day.

      My favourite guitar that I own is a 1973 Greco SG that I picked up for $500. I highly doubt that I'll ever own anything that I enjoy playing more. It sits next to an Epi SG special with a killpot, that I have tuned to drop C, and the Greco makes it look like a toy. However, before the Greco, it was far and away my favourite instrument out of every 6-string I'd played

    • I use to have a Les Paul SG (bigsby removed) but traded it for a Les Paul custom, a lot more mellow.

  • 😈

  • What AMP would be good with this guitar?

    • I had a lot of amps (and guitars) but my favourite practice amp, by a mile, is my Marshall MG10 which is quite cheap.

    • Marshall JCM 800 valve.

      • +2

        Costs more than this guitar 👍

    • +2

      Have a look at the Positive Grid Spark amp, it's a lot of fun. They are pretty small and compact compared to the vox practice amps. It will enable you to play like Jimi. :P
      Amazoon have them for ~$360

    • Roland Cube

    • Totally depends on what style of music you're gonna play and what your budget is.

  • Anyone seen the ‘God knows’ guitar cover on YouTube by mukuchi? This guitar reminds me of her video

  • No hard case with this one unlike the 2018 model; just a soft nylon gig case.

  • +1

    Oh man Gibson, my first love is the Les Paul series.
    Never realised guitar can be so beautiful

  • Would go nice with my Les Paul Std and Fender Tele.

    I like the SG but I really want a flying V first.

    The addiction is real.

    • Flying V doesn't do it for me.
      Fender Tele - well that's a different story

      • I hear you. Most uncomfortable axe ever but I just love that look.

  • +3

    Sign up to their newsletter for an extra 5% off.
    Code is entered on the final payment page and brought it down to $2231.55

  • +1

    Great deal! Most places will price-match and then of course you can play the guitar first. But Gibson do not make a bad guitar so whatever comes deliverered will be beautiful…just a bit more romantic to buy one from a bricks and mortar joint.

    Also, of course you will need a full set-up on such a primo guitar, never figured out why that should be, but Gibson are notorious for it. So add another 80 bucks for that and 200/300 bucks for a proper case.

    SG on the front page, yes!!

    • Will other places normally only price match or are they willing to negotiate on price even if you can't find a place to price match?

      Trying to see how to get best guitar deal in the future, lol.

      • I would normally aim for 10-15% off the sticker price at retail music stores.

  • Thanks for sharing OP. Dumb question: how good one'd better be to buy a Gibson?

    • +1

      You'll know when you are ready. It's also not just about skill. There is a certain appeal to guitar shapes and sounds depending on pickup configuration and quality.

      For example I would love a guitar of this quality but the SG shape does not appeal to me so I wouldn't purchase. I also already own a HH setup so would try something different to mix up the collection.

    • I think the way to look at it is how often do you play it? If you play it a few times a week, it will pay you back nicely. If you play less then that, it's probably a little extravagant to get a Gibson.

    • +4

      I don't think it's a question about how good you are. You can pick up a lovely and playable guitar for 10-15% of the price of this one.

      Mike Rutherford of Genesis is using the cheapest Squier Strat ($200) on their current tour. Noel Gallagher used epiphones at Oasis' peak.

      This has been a hobby of mine for 25 plus years. For most of that time (excluding acoustics) I had a Squier Strat, which is a cheap guitar. When my first born was a baby and my social life ended, 6 years ago, I bought an Epiphone Sheraton II which was more expensive, about 1200, and much nicer to play. In the last 12 months I got a Fender Telecaster and one of these.

      While I have been always improving, it's just that I really enjoy it and wanted guitars that will last the rest of my life and play well and be well constructed (and a reward for myself for non related issues to this post)

    • Im just learning guitar for 2 months,but I have 3 guitars,fgx5,furch yellow sp,cole clark an2 bunya/blackwood,Im not close to "good" but i practice 5 hours each day and I can feel the sound difference and the feel.
      So many people play guitar in their entire life can play songs looks "good" but not close to get cheap guitars even.
      Back to story if you dont care money you can always buy whatever you want people buy Gibson most likely cant feel the difference with other guitars or they dont care about money.

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