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Blue Snowball iCE Versatile USB Microphone Black $64 + Delivery ($0 in-Store/ C&C/ to Metro) @ Officeworks


Just saw this on the Officeworks Website
I think they are price matching Harvey Norman.
Will let people know when I release the first ep of my podcast.

Yeti-3 Capsule is also $144

Not sure if they will price match dicksmith/kogan who have it for $139 + delivery

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  • They won't pricematch Kogan as they don't pricebeat them

    • They do as long as it's not import.

      • In my experience (used to work there) they will only lower the price if it affects their bottom line of people pricematching and saving 5%

        • OK but I called up trying to match mx master 3 and she almost approved it saying they have some in stock but then she seen that its import and said no sorry.

          • @Jklaro: Had me in the first half 😪

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              @grem323: If only she was a crap reader she might have missed it lol.

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    Very good value mic. Has held up well over the ~2 years I've had it (the white colour).

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      Yep, very good value mic. Sure there'll be better, but I plugged it in and it works and sounds 90% as good as a mic many times more expensive with nothing to do. I am always getting comments on the quality of my 'set up' and the cam is a 720 dodgy cam, its the sound more than the vision that's important to people and this is a cheap way of really upping your zoom game.

      • Hey guys I heard that it picks up all the surrounding noise is that correct? Would I need a boom arm or something? So it can sit closer to my face?

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          Im not sure if this would work with a boom arm. I assume they are designed for capsule shape mikes

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          Only really picks up sound in front due to its shape. So it isn't good for conversations where you might wish to pick up a couple of people's voices.

          As mentioned, it is a good value mic, not a top class mic. What you get is plug and play with good clear sound. Better than most of the people ABC 24 puts on for interviews!

          I don't use a boom arm, nor even a pop filter- just a bit of post processing and it sounds boss.

    • Worst MIC i have ever owned.

      How close do you have to have it to my mouth? I have to have it about an inch away, otherwise people can not hear me… thought it might of been my system, but onto my 3rd upgrade since owning the MIC and it is no different.

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        Check what setting it is at, at the back of the mic. There's 3 modes, I forgot what they are but mode/option 1 works well for me.

        It picks up my voice just fine 10cm away. It even can pick up the clock ticking away 3 metres behind me. It may either be the mode set incorrectly or your computer.

        • That sounds like the snowball (non ice edition)
          The ice edition ive posted only has 1 mode

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            @DisabledUser87799: Ah, yes, true. Still a weird occurrence that @wid is having problems with the mic, I wouldn't think it would require you to be super close to it in order for it to pick up your voice. I'm not too sure.

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              @CrispyChrispy: I bought the mic ICE at OW. Will report back when I have a chance to test it.

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