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ESET Antivirus 1D1Y $1.99, Internet Security 3D1Y $2.99 Delivered via Email @ IQ Technology


ESET Antivirus 1D1Y $1.99,
Internet Security 3D1Y $2.99

register by 31st dec 2021

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  • Can this be added to my existing 1 year licence?

    • +2

      It doesn’t stack. Once you activate the new licence it forgoes the existing licence.

  • +2

    Hi, this price appears to be pre-GST? Adds taxes at checkout. In Australia, advertised prices to the general public should reflect the total price inclusive of GST.

    • Comes up as inclusive at checkout - still $1.99

      • +1

        I was looking at the 3 devices one - comes up as $3.29 at checkout - must be just an error with that price.

      • +1

        3 devices one adds GST which is not legal. Prices for Australian goods sold from an Australian merchant to an Australian consumer must be advertised including GST.

  • I've read articles that stated that Windows Defender which comes bundled with Windows is sufficient for antivirus, and there's largely no advantage to adding others. Anyone can comment if that's true?

    • +1

      I have been using Windows Defender exclusively for over a decade, and no viruses (yet)!

      Just be mindful of what you click on/download and any anti-virus will do.

  • -1

    Nothing gives you this kind of comment. It always best to backup your valuable data just in case. Having Windows defender is better than nothing. The most important question is what if you had virus, who are you going to contact with? And how easy to contact them. This is a good deal if you don't have anything apart from windows defender.

  • Are the codes sent instantly via email?

  • Just placed my order, let's see how quick can i have the codes.

    • Nothing came through after 50mins.

      • Nothing came through after 2hours.

        • Same. 4 hours so far for me.

        • Nothing came through after 3hours.

          • @salin: Nothing came through after 12hours.
            Hope they can refund my 3 dollars if nothing came through tomorrow.

            • @salin: Nothing came through after 24hours.

            • @salin: what is your order number? All keys already sent out. Please check spam

  • what is the actiation date? Update just checked 31/12/21

    • +1

      Says you need to activate it before the 30th 12th 2021

  • +1

    Looks like they might be closed. Their website states that they reopen on the 10th.

    @lyndan13579, if you're associated, are you sending out the codes?

    • codes have been emailed out . sorry there was a few scammers where they had to be sorted out.

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