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40% off New Single Origin Coffee $25.19 (Was $41.98) + Free Tim Tam, 500g Bag Op + $6.99 Flat Rate Delivery @ Lime Blue Coffee


Hey Oz Bargain Community,

This deal is to celebrate the launch of two things we're very excited about:

1) Our new featured rotating Single Origin coffee from São Paulo Brazil, I believe it's the best suited Single Origin for milk based coffee (hot and iced) we've ever featured. It's like a perfect tango the milk and coffee are independent but when they come together as a team they put on quite a show! That said it's still delicious as a black coffee

2) Our Tim Tam™ initiative AKA we'll send you a free Tim Tam™ with your order. Whether you're all about the Tim Tam™ Slam (fun fact, the TT Slam was invented in 1983) or you take 5 minutes to have a TT holiday, all we ask is that you use your TT time to plan on enjoying something you usually don't take the time to enjoy. It doesn't need to be time consuming or complicated. It can be as simple as watching a sunrise, smelling a fresh lemon/flower/anything that is grown (you'll be surprised of its impact if done in the absence of other distractions, it can be like smelling life in its purest form), enjoying a glass of tap water (when time's are a bit tough I always think to myself "well there's clean water in the tap, so don't even think about complaining"), enjoying lunch in a park rather than inside walls (Covid restrictions highlight how something this simple is special and not always a given to enjoy)…Doesn't matter what it is, my point is time goes so quickly especially in our digital world and I believe sometimes the best way to slow it down is to enjoy an analog moment. Now you could be saying what is this nonsense, stop complicating my TT moment haha that's fine too, I just know situations can change in the blink of an eye, people aren't around forever nor are your senses as sharp, so I say make the most of them while you have them and that's only guaranteed in this moment, tomorrow is the unknown…

Here's the deal highlights:

We're offering you a 40% discount only $25.19 per kg (usually $41.98 per kg) off our current incredible featured rotating Single Origin Coffee from São Paulo Brazil, plus you'll get a free Tim Tam™ :)

Some helpful info:

  • You're welcome to place multiple orders to make the most of this deal
  • Complimentary gift notes can be written in the "special instructions for seller" box on the cart page."
  • Delayed dispatch requests are welcome. In 2022 delayed dispatch orders will be dispatched on Friday's (there may be the odd exception e.g. public holiday may mean a Thursday), simply let us know when your ideal Friday dispatch date is by leaving us a note in the "special instructions for seller" box on the cart page. Don't worry delayed dispatch request orders will still receive a Tim Tam™ :)
  • If you select paypal express checkout on the product page you'll likely skip the order notes section, which is on the cart page (as mentioned above)
  • The discount price will show up after the "cart" stage of the ordering process AKA once you start entering in your delivery details
  • The largest bag size we use is 1kg and it has a zip (it's resealable), for example if you order 4kg with 1kg packaging you will receive 4*1kg bags, you will not receive a single huge 4kg bag. 500g bag packing is available for an extra $3.60 per kg including the discount (normally $6 extra per kg) to cover the extra bag/s, label/s and time it takes to pack
  • Flat Rate Shipping $6.99 No Delivery Company Preference $7.99 Shipit-Courier's Please $8.99 Australia Post $12.99 Express Post

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      • Thanks, I've sent the email

        • Perfect, received and replied, thanks heaps :)

  • I've ordered 2x 500g filter grind for my aeropress. 250g would be better, but I'm not sure I would eat the extra cost even if the option existed.

  • Thanks OP! Ordered 1kg of beans!

  • Received a new coffee grinder for Christmas so I'll test it out with some fresh beans. Thanks OP!

  • Ordered a kilo, looking forward to trying them! Still waiting for a deal on a nice grinder to pop up.

  • Hey can you please add the option on your website to select ground type suitable for say stove top , airpresso or other the common types ? Just forgot what grind I chose last time for stove top 😀

    • Hey Glen,

      Thank you so much once again, for your orders with us thus far!!!

      I really do appreciate you taking the time to reach out, we'll be sure to take note of your helpful feedback. We just have the 3 options (beans, ground espresso and ground filter) to keep ordering as easy as seamless as possible, a bit of a less is more type approach. However, it may be time to revisit this based on your specific feedback and the fact we do get a few orders with select "ground filter or beans" and have an order note saying "Stovetop…," so you're not alone…this is why feedback from Lime Bluer's is so important :)

      In the meantime, please select "Ground Espresso," and you're welcome to write "Stovetop" as an accompanying order note :)

      Best Wishes,


      • Thanks Tom ; ordered as suggested.
        Appreciate the amazing customer service 😀

        • That's terrific to hear, thank you so much!!!

          I'm so happy we're in your good books, we'll keep working hard to stay there :)

  • Ordered first order of 2kg whole beans, for my BDB to try.
    Was packed on 1st Jan and ready for collection, according to the post information, updated delivery, has estimated delivery of 14th January.

    What date was these beans roasted?

    Actually, Australia post just sent me email claiming 17th Jan delivery now

    • Thank you so much for placing your first terrific order with us, it really does mean so much to the team!

      I appreciate the messaging you've seen may sound like a lifetime, good news is I don't think the messaging you have received will become reality, the good stuff should hopefully get to you much faster. Below is a few explanations/answers, however it's best for you not to worry about the messaging, just send a reply email to your order confirmation email and we'll happily look into your delivery time frame estimate via the delivery company business portal which has most accurate and detailed info.

      A lot of the messaging we can't edit, hopefully the squeaky wheel approach will mean we'll have access to edit the messaging some time soon. For example, your order wasn't packed on the 1st of Jan, we just created your shipping label and send you the tracking link on the 1st, but at present we're not able to edit the wording so it doesn't say anything more than "shipping label generated."

      There's also a difference between the estimated delivery date Shipit sends and Australia Post sends, the dates you would have been emailed are worst case scenario, it just those companies covering themselves. As a general rule we aim to dispatch our fresh coffee within 48 business hours of roasting. Anyone who received their tracking info on Friday had their order dispatched on Friday, anyone who received their tracking info after Friday had their order dispatched today (the 1st day after Friday delivery companies would accept parcels as Monday was a public holiday).

  • Hey @LimeBlueCoffee what’s the recipe?

  • +1

    Mine just arrived in Melbourne via the cheapest shipping method only 2 days post roast - extremely impressed given covid etc

    • Was your delivery trackable? I also chose the cheapest shipping method, was given a Shippit tracking number, but clicking on it brings up a page that says "Plain Label - Untrackable". I am not that fussed, will simply give more time for it to arrive - but just curious if this is as it should be (since I opted for cheap), or something had gone wrong.

      • +1

        I didn't pay attention to be honest - but mine also had plain label shipping on it.

        • Thanks.

      • +1

        First, thank you so much for your order, it really does mean so much!

        Second, what the cheapest shipping option does is gives us the flexibility to try different shipping methods based on a number of factors specific to your location. The cheapest doesn't actually instantly mean to lowest quality. At present the cheapest shipping option means the good stuff gets to you either via Australia Post or Couier's Please or a private delivery system we're currently trialing. You ended up with the private delivery system, this meant that delivery was guaranteed safely (delivered with care) within a week of roasting and your order too, the only draw back is the tracking updates aren't as tech savvy as other methods. We do listen and it's clear that logistics is highly important to Lime Bluer's, which is completely understandable, so that is an area we focus on innovating further improvements to create an even better Lime Blue Coffee experience :)

        p.s. your label should have had a message on the "untrackable" page next to your order number with tracking info e.g. "Will be delivered this week…" and once delivery has been completed you should have received an update saying "Delivered-…"

        • It's all good, thank you! Received the order a day or two after that. Very quick as blues99 said. Really enjoyed the coffee. Waiting for your next deal :-)

    • Woohoo it's so awesome to see your terrific feedback, thank you so much for sharing and of course for your fantastic order, truly appreciated!

      Always great to see the good stuff delivered in a speedy fashion :)

  • Just ordered, code still works.

  • Ordered early morning January 3 (Sydney). Just received shipping notification saying "your estimated delivery date is Friday, 14 January".

    Hope that's a very conservative estimate…

    • +1

      Coffee arrived Tuesday 11 January, so 9 days (7 working) from Queensland to the NSW plague pit. Coffee is lovely. I'm normally a flat white drinker, but I tried the espresso straight from the brew and it was delicious. Making a flat white from it seemed like I was missing out. Might have to address this. Meanwhile, me to my wife: "Here, I got you a Tim Tam."

  • The coffee was nice.
    Ordered placed on 1 Jan, got mine today. Shippit is so much faster than Auspost.

  • Got my coffee yesterday and having my first cup today. 👌beans on point

  • Hi OP, just got back from holidays and narrowly missed this deal! Any chance I can still order a 1kg bag as I'm keen to try this one :)

  • My delivery should have arrived today, Friday 7th, but it's been set back to Monday 10th. I am out of coffee as of today.

    If I don't survive until Monday tell my family to caffeinate and roast my body (aeropress grind). I am to be served with my free (no doubt melted) Tim Tams.

  • I agree this is amazing in a small milk drink - here's hoping for a repeat special soon.

    • WOOHOO we're so wrapped to know how much your enjoying this terrific SO!

      We'll sure make that happen for you, how can we not with such wonderful feedback…if you're not already signed up to our email deal newsletter then keep your eyes peeled to Oz B :)

      p.s. Absolutely love "this is amazing in a small milk drink" feedback, I'll have to start getting t-shirt printed :)

      • p.s. to the p.s. thank you so much for placing an order with us and taking the time to write such a nice message, both really do mean so much!

  • +1

    Ordered 31st, roasted 3rd, arrived 7th. Great service. Cheers OP.
    Still too young but I'm drinking anyway.

    • Hasn't arrived here yet. If all coffee was roasted on the 3rd….

      • Well its got better each day since arriving on the 7th. It is still only 7 days since roasting, and my understanding is fresh beans are best consumed from about 10 -30 odd days, so I wouldn't worry about it yet, not that I'm an expert.
        When did you order?

  • Would love a repeat deal on this one!

    • Same!

      • Nice seconding skills!

        As mentioned, stay tuned, we'll make it happen soon enough, likely within the next week or so :)

    • How can we say no :)

      We'll make that happen and you won't have to wait too much longer either…keep your eyes on your inbox if your on our email deal newsletter, if not go hawk eye on Oz B.

  • +1

    I just came here to comment after tasting this coffee and it's excellent! One really nice touch is having the brew ratios and brew times for different brewing methods printed on the label. It really took the guess work out of testing different ratios to get the right taste. Cheers guys!

  • Received my coffee today, enjoyed it … nice coffee! But where is the Tim Tam? :-p couldn't find it in my package.

    • Thank you so much for your order and terrific feedback, glad you're enjoying the coffee!

      The 2nd part sounds like a job for Sherlock Tam, the specific location of the TT will depend on the quantity of coffee you ordered, I'll DM you to investigate this mystery further :)

      • My apologies, Mr. T was hiding in package :-) … as I remove the second 500g bag from the package, I found it. I am sorry for the false report.

  • The coffee tastes really good . As suggested above , it would be great to have brew ratios for some of the usual brewing methods used Vs milk added to label so we don’t have to guess the ratios.

  • Hi sent a few emails to [email protected] asking for my coffee to be dispatched but no reply?

    • +1

      Thanks so much for the order!

      hmm perhaps they went to the spam folder for some reason…All orders have were dispatched the other week and delayed dispatch orders have also been dispatched as per requests. I assume you had a delayed dispatch request that you're aiming to fast track to ASAP dispatch. I'll DM you now to sort this ASAP :)

      • Received reply thank you!

  • One of my bags arrived with a tear in the bag 🥲 I guess I’ll be starting with that bag first.

    A question - are the brew ratios based on 1cup or 2cup on the BDB? Complete noob here as I only got my machine a couple of weeks ago - I did some trial & error and managed to get the 20:20:18secs using the grind settings size 12 & time 13.2. It tastes good but possibly a little weak. Any tips??

    • With the BDB the 1 cup and 2 cup buttons are supposed to be programmed to dispense for a certain amount of time or volume. The volume is based on basic flow though and is unreliable. When dialling in beans it is better to use the manual button and weigh your input and output, using small grind size changes to aim to double you input in approximately 25-35 seconds from pressing the button, and then tweaking from there.

      • Ohh ok, because the machine was preset to pour for 30 seconds, but I changed it according to what was written on the coffee package. Back to the drawing board then 😅 so the amount of coffee grind should be about half the weight of the extracted coffee?

        • Yes and then you can manipulate that ratio after you are there abouts according to taste. What grinder are you using?

    • Hey @Lizzle,

      Thank you so much for placing a terrific order with us, it's truly apprecaited!

      Wonderful to hear you're enjoying the good stuff. If you'd like a bit more of a kick than the milk based double ris, either add less milk or try the black espresso recipe 20:40:27secs.

      Please know the bag was perfect when we dispatched it, it must have been damaged during transit…I'll send you a DM to chat further about this.

      p.s. congrats on the new machine :)

  • I'm sad - all gone today.

    • Shucks, hopefully the sadness can turn into a smile by looking forward to more of the good stuff arriving :)

      If you order today, we can dispatch fresh coffee to you in the morning. If you make it through for a bit longer, our next deal will go live within the week :)

      • +1

        It's almost a week, any chance of a new deal soon OP? :)

        • Here waiting for another deal. Amazing coffee. Almost finished my first order and ready to order more.

          • @molotov: Woohoo thank you so much for placing your first order with us, it's truly appreciated!

            I'm so wrapped to know you think our fresh coffee is "amazing," big smile on this side of the screen :)

            Looks like you ordered the perfect quantity because our next deal is just around the corner, keep an eye out for our email deal newsletter if you're signed up, if not keep your eyes peeled on Oz B!

        • Very soon, hang tight, live this week :)

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