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[eBay Plus] Nanoleaf Shapes Triangles Starter Kit 9 Pack $208.05 Delivered @ Bing Lee eBay


Here is something to bring color in your life in 2022.
Possibly the cheapest price.
The price is steep but having bought a few, they are a nice colourful addition to the home.

Happy New Year to all OzB mates.

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    Great deal OP. Must be cheapest ever price. Lowest I have seen before is $249. These go for the RRP of $349 pretty much every where else. Amazon had sold out of their $249 deal last time I checked.

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    Thanks OP!

    Been looking for a starter kit for a while

  • Combine with the Coles eBay gift card promotion for extra savings.

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    I had to look this up to see if I needed one. Im going to try to resist for now.

    For anyone else as clueless as me Officeworks have a good video showing what they are here https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/nanoleaf-s...

    They may also price beat by 5% ?

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    What is this?

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      Fancy lights I would say!!

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      An RGB for a wall.

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    These seem ridiculously overpriced for the sum of parts, basically programmable RGB in plastic triangles. Not meaning to offend anyone who spent $2-300 on these.

    Is there like a Baseus/Blitzwolf/AliExpress alternative?

    • There are heaps of cheaper imitation options at the cost of brightness and UI/App quality.

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      100%. My mate has them and they are cool, but the OzB in me knows this is $10 in parts at best. The price is too high for many consumers. I feel at $100 they would have many more customers and sell many more units.

      • make it $20 and then its worth considering.. but even then..

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        I'm yet to see any cheaper versions with software/controls anywhere near what Nanoleaf has though.

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      The Nanoleaf products have a lot of smarts built into them. Whether you get value from those smarts is up to you.

      • Brightness - no other similar product I've tried comes close. I have actually used these as ultra thin down lights where traditional downlights requiring about 3-5cm of ceiling cavity space was not available. Not comparable to traditional downlight brightness but have done the job well enough where nothing else would
      • Touch sensitive - each panel is touch sensitive. Sensitivity includes direction of touch across the panel. That can be used for different functions from simply changing the colour, program or brightness, through to allowing the panels to work as a game / puzzle. My 3 year old loves some of the simple games. Smartest one I've seen is a large scale version of 'Simon' that kids from the 80s will remember well
      • Colours - these easily display millions of colours. Nothing else I've tried will as smoothly cycle/fade their way through the rainbow of visual colours
      • Self aware of connections used. The Nanoleaf knows exactly what shape you have created with the modular panels. Its aware of all connections on all sides. On the Triangles there are 2 possible connections per side to connect to other panels / controller / power. They are also aware of orientation but that requires manual configuration in the app. Shape and orientation are used to change how the different light programs work. Eg. if you are using a sound level program you obviously want it to know where the bottom of the shape is and where the top is so the lower sound levels are displayed at the bottom
      • Flexibility - you can create a wall of these - the scale upwards by easily allowing you to intelligently connect power supplies across all the panels. I think that you can power about 40 panels per power supply
      • Sound sensitive - this works to a point but I wish they develop this capability better. Sound sensitive programs will allow the panel lighting to follow the beat of a song, but don't expect it to do amazing coordinated light shows

      I'm a big fan of the Nanoleaf Shapes, especially the Triangles.

      Well worth the price compared to the alternatives. They are expensive but provide good value for what you get.

      Edit: I should have mentioned that they are fully WiFi controlled and integrate with all the major home automation platforms. You can have these change programs / colour depending on the time of day, react to other external stimulus, etc.

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        What you have described seems to be that these are very unique. They are just the only option if you require all of those specifications and they have a monopoly on the market. And for that reason alone, that's absolutely fine, innovators should be rewarded. But that still doesn't mean they are good value for money.

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    Can I still buy if I'm not a youtuber?

    • No — OOS

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        Out Of Sensibility

  • I have a pile of these. Splurged when I redecorated my room.
    Absolutely terrible connectivity/software. Basically require a hard reset every time you want to turn them on/off with the app. Essentially unuseable.

    They dont function with my Echo Show, or the Alexa app, or the Google Home app (Connectivity issues).

    And I'm not alone. Read the app reviews.
    Can not in good faith recommend this product to anyone.

    • +1

      Never had a single issue with connectivity or pairing. But then again I haven't had any issues with any of the home automation devices I've bought - and I've seen many reviews reporting how terrible many of the devices I've used without a hitch are :-) .

      Most of these connectivity and pairing issues are due to home networking issues beyond the device itself. If these are used on a well configured network with good WiFi reception I doubt you would experience any problems. I've also always used the Apple iOS apps and not Android apps but that shouldn't make any difference (?). A semi common problem I have seen with people who work in the IT space is the really bad practice (started by Microsoft) of using the '.local' domain for internal domains. Dot local just so happens to be a reserved DNS TLD used by Dynamic DNS which many self-configuring devices use. DNS issues in the .local namespace can cause problems.

      I've easily connected Nanoleaf devices up to both Google Home and Amazon Alexa platforms - all without a hiccup. I use Google Home most frequently. The devices are well capable of working that way, there is no inherrent issue in the device or software that causes problems. Haven't had any problem post setup either with loss of connectivity or configuration on the automation platform.

      • Wow, invalidating other people's experiences because you don't have a problem. That ol' chestnut. Then going into very technical detail, trying to blame anything but the product. It's almost shill-like.

        • +1

          Stating the simple fact that there is no endemic issue with either the Nanoleaf devices or their software.

          Nanoleaf have tens of thousands of happy customers satisfied with working product. People who have problems are the outliers not the rule. The person I was responding to was trying to make it sound like there was some issue with the product that many people will run in to. That is simply untrue.

          They also said "Read the app reviews". Well, if you look at the App reviews on the Apple AppStore, you will see it has 1,900+ reviews with an average rating of 4.4 out of 5. A very high satisfaction rating. If there was some "Absolutely terrible" issue with connectivity or software, that would be reflected in the product and app reviews. It simply is not the case.

          I mentioned the .local issue because I've run into several times. In the vast majority of cases where people have technical issues with these types of devices, the cause nearly always turns out to be outside of the device and lies in the external environment it has been installed in.

          And just for the record, I have no association with Nanoleaf, any of its resellers or any financial interest in anything like this. Not 'shill-like' at all.

          • @airtime: I'm just gonna come out and say it. You're being ignorant as heck. Calling people with issues as outliers? They're still people with issues. Go read the many, many negative reviews on Play Store, average 3.8 from nearly 9,000 reviews. Over a third of them are 3 stars or less. Please, continue invalidating other people's experiences.

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