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[eBay Plus] Tefal Nonstick Cookware - So Pro 6 Piece Set $119.50, Simply Clean Frypan 30cm $28.47 Delivered @ BIG W eBay


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Resist Non-Stick Frypan 28cm ($69 Delivered

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Tefal Simply Clean Non-Stick Frypan 30cm ($28.47 Delivered

Tefal Simply Clean Non-Stick Frypan 26cm ($23.72 Delivered

Tefal Simply Clean Non-Stick Pancake Pan 25cm ($23.72) Delivered

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  • Tefal or Circulon?

    • ceramic / stoneware etc

      • Doesn't the coating on ceramic break down just as easily as teflon?

        • no idea..
          but don't think ceramic coating breaks down as easily as non stick coating does
          the ceramic feels more tougher than all the non sticks ones I have owned (which all eventually peeled off)

          My ceramic has not peel off yet.. and I don't think it will

          I will never buy non stick again after seeing black bits of non stick that have mixed in with some food…
          I have not experienced this problem with the ceramic

          • @pinkybrain: I've seen conflicting info about it. Some people claim that their ceramic coated cookware lost its non-stick properties after only a year even when following care guidelines, while some others say it took 5 years. It all feels a bit pointless if the coating just breaks down like regular non-stick cookware, but I'm happy to be proven wrong. Might as well use well-seasoned cast iron or enamelled cast iron.

            I generally use stainless steel cookware for most things, except when it comes to pan frying 'delicate' things like fish and eggs.

            • @skittlebrau: it depends on how high the temp is used on the pan which can affect the long term stickiness and also what you cook on it..
              either way the ceramic does not have issue with peeling off black paint flakes like the non stick coating does..

              the ceramic coating I don't think will ever break down or flake off like the way a regular non stick would..

              From what I read, ceramic has higher temp tolerance before it breaks down

              long term wise..
              the ceramic would still last longer than the non stick coating and you can still fry an egg without it sticking too much
              unlike the non stick which would now have bits of black non stick coating all in really rough condition on your pan and also completely bare metal areas..
              if you cook anything or black bits would surely also be mixed in with the food if anymore of it gets scraped off..

              Your best bet is to buy some ceramic ones to see for yourself..
              even cheapie ceramic ones would be better than a regular non stick coating any day..

  • How is tefal non stick generally regarded and which of their range is best value if any?

    • all non stick will peel off even tefal

  • Given up on this type of non stick and have been using the stoneware pans got a couple from aldi and there brilliant best thing ever & been using them 12 months now and still like new i would recommend stoneware fyi .

    • +1

      yeap same here

      no issue of it ever peeling and finding black bits in your food

  • There are grades of non-stick. This is likely to be the lowest grade if they've not wanted to specify. The top grade stuff is very durable https://www.teflon.com/en/consumers/teflon-coatings-cookware...

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