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Samsung S Series HW-S61A 200W 5 Channel Soundbar (White) for $299 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Samsung S Series HW-S61A 200W 5 Channel Soundbar (White) for $299 @ JB Hi-Fi

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    Any idea how this stacks up against the A series? Eg A650?

  • Damn, I jumped on that appliance central price at $345, from what I've heard it'd be too much of a hassle to return it to them, still hasn't even arrived

    • Bit of a hit and miss.. they might just price match if it hasn't arrived.

    • I try to check-out but the delivery charges incurred extra $15 and delivery in 14 days.
      Appliance Central is FREE delivery. So the difference is not much, about 5% only.

    • Ah same here. Thinking I may just cancel the order from Appliance Central since it has not dispatched yet, and buy from JB then

  • Thanks OP! Anyone know significant differences between black and white other than colour?

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      just the colour

      • Thanks!

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    Thanks OP - bought one :)

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    Went nicely with 15% off home GCs at coles last year, thx op!

  • Getting this, anyone have good experiences?

  • Place an order from Appliance Central for $345 during Xmas sales but since it has not been dispatched yet, called and had it cancelled and refunded

    Just bought one from JB and paid $15 freight, as nothing was available in NSW

    Pretty weird. Neither The Good Guys nor Harvey Norman has it in stock in NSW so couldn't even price match and pick up.

    Wondering is this model going to be discontinued??

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      Plenty of black in JB at Tuggerah I was told when I picked mine up at lunch time

      • Oh I was looking at the white one

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    Is there any way around/hack to not buying a Samsung sub new to add bass?

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      Heaps of ways. An example you could get rca out of tv to stand alone sub or toslink optical splitter one to soundbar other to optical to rca converter to sub.

      You can get a sub with rca inputs or hack the $39 jbl sw20 sub to make it work for you.

      Only problem is sub will only doof doof with audio out of tv and not if you're bluetoothed or streaming to soundbar directly

  • Thanks OP, got one. Shipping was only $10.99 to Newcastle with DHL - pretty good

  • bought one and getting the voice assistant to work and thinking add wireless sub.

  • Can this be connected to a TV via Bluetooth? Or does it need to be connected via a cable?

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      Not sure about other brands, but most recent Samsung teles will do this.

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      Picked up one from Broadway. Connected with Bluetooth and the sound is not synchronized with the video. Tried with my phone and it has a same issue. Will try with optical connection tomorrow.

  • Can you use it for your pc audio? For example, using type c to hdmi cable to connect the sound bar to pc?

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      Lol why would you do that? The soundbar is designed for the TVs so it is very long and thin. And we may sit 2 metres away so the sound is also designed for such a distance.

      For PC, sitting closely I would choose something smaller such as JBL or Bose or Harman Kardon, as the size and sound quality would just give you a better experience.

      • I'm using a projector which is connected to my pc, that's why I'm asking that.

      • These ones are not long, they are better suited for smaller screens in terms of space; the wideness of many soundbars is an issue, not for these.

  • Anyone with one already? How do you rate these?

    • I bought one today. It has delayed audio both with my TV and mobile phone while connecting with Bluetooth. Not very impressed

      • Thanks for the feedback, I don’t know how that is acceptable considering it is originally $599

        • Mine just got delivered. Took 30 seconds to set it up to connect to the TV via Bluetooth. No audio delays so far.

    • I’ve just set mine up in the last week and I’m very impressed. Using it mainly with Xbox for games and media streaming. Airplay and Bluetooth work perfectly, not sure why others have had issues. Great sound quality, was expecting less.

  • I have the delayed audio too and shuttering, can I return it ?

    • Probably best to ask retailer not us, but post outcome for benefit of others in the spirit of ozb

    • Did you experience the delay when using the Bluetooth connection?

      • I did from laptop, plus didn't catch beginning of music.

        Fuel - Shimmer
        "She calls me from…"
        "…calls me"

    • did you return it yet? how did it go? im thinking the same

  • yes having delay with bluetooth, sadly my pc dont have optical port and i dont get the alexa or google assistant worked.

    • Made an order yesterday, think I'll cancel it. I'm planning to use it with my pc. Maybe try connecting it using hdmi cable? Or use type c to hdmi cable if your pc has type c port.

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    Had no issues with delay audio.

    Tried Apple Airplay and Bluetooth from phone and iPad.

    • Have you tried Bluetooth to the TV?

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    Samsung has announced a new soundbar. Looks exactly the same as s61a.

    • Ah that makes sense so that is why they reduce the price for old models

    • That's rather thin news, no mention of the actual models or much to say about the specs. Wish it had more detail.

  • Thinking of buying one, but I cant find anything about auto wakeup in the manual it just says that it will go into standby mode when there's no audio for 18 minutes. Does it auto wakeup when audio is played through the TV using toslink or will I have to turn it on everytime?


    • I’m running it to Xbox one with optical cable. No issues with wake up when Xbox starts, and is available at all times to AirPlay to.

  • Now also at The Good Guys for the same price…


  • Price matched at Harvey Norman too.

  • The input lag when using Bluetooth is unacceptable…

  • There is no problem with phone Bluetooth but pc has delay. May be phone using Bluetooth 5 and pc only 4 ?

    • No problems with my iPhone 12 and Bluetooth

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