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Edifier S351DB Bookshelf Speaker and Subwoofer 2.1 Speaker System $369.99 (Was $399) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Newer model of S350DB.
Had it for few months and its great.

Not sure why it says "Bluetooth V4.0" on Amazon, but my one says Bluetooth V5.0 aptX on box.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • I've had these for 3 months now, highly recommended, better than the Logitech Z550's they replaced. You can't buy better for your computer setup & I paid $399. First time I've seen them discounted.

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      Wait until you hear about studio monitors.

      Not saying these aren't great (I bet they're fantastic for the money); but there's a whole other world you're forgetting by saying you can't buy better.

      • Are you refering to S2kMk3?

      • Wait until you hear about studio monitors.

        Where can I hear them, are there any stores where you can get to experience different kinds of audio setup?

        • +1

          store dj, although studio monitors are for production, taste preferences are each to their own. try krk rokits, yamaha hs5, jbl 305s…

    • Better than the 550s? In what ways?

      • Well for a desktop computer they are more compact, more punchier bass, crisp & clean.

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          Cool thanks!

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    Worth going this over the $199 Edifier R2750DB that sometimes pops up now and then?

    • the S351DB has a subwoofer, guarantee low frequency volume.

  • So main difference is bluetooth 5 with aptx? Reviews seem to avoid mentioning any comparisons to the 350 and 360

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      Looks like the remotes changed too. The Circle one is terrible.


      S351db has a different remote + Bluetooth 5 it seems?

      S360db has a wireless sub.

  • Comparison between R1280T, S2000pro and S350db


  • 350 goes down to $280.

    • Link? Been waiting for that deal for a while now.

  • How do these compare to the Swann M50's (that they don't make any more?)

  • +1

    I wish these 2.1 setups came with grilles, I've got a toddler that was apparently put on this earth to push dust caps in.

    • Think these do

  • Is this better than a TV sound bar ?

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