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[XB1, XSX] Shenmue I & II $9.99 (Save $39.96) @ Microsoft Store


Pretty good deal on something that's considered one of the greatest games of all time.

You can get a further 9% off this price if you have access to Suncorp Rewards, you just need to purchase Microsoft/Xbox Gift Cards. The only thing is that the gift cards can only be bought in $10, $25, $50 or $100 blocks. You just redeem it as credit on your account that can be used on purchases at any time.

There is also 5.5% cashback through ShopBack/Cashrewards.

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    Dont waste your money or your time. I say this as a fan who was invested in it since the Dreamcast days. They really wasted everyones time with 3, after screwing everyone over in the Kickstarter (me included) and selling out to Epic Games and giving kickstarters the game on Steam one full year LATER (after release date).
    I feel like I wasted my life waiting for absolutely no reason waiting on the game. That story will never be finished in your lifetime (Yu Suzuki had his shot to wrap it up in 3….) there wont be another game surely after what happened.

    With the Xbox release of Shenmue II it came with a video disc that shows you the full story to Shenmue 1. I feel like the game just hasnt held up through time you could just watch that instead i'm sure it's easily found on youtube.

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      Agreed. Shenmue I & II were the best games back then, on Dreamcast. That's 20 years ago now and better games got released. Time to move on.

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        So no one should go back and play old (popular) games?

        So we should never watch old movies or listen to old music?

        • It was never really popular (it came out on DC….), but the fanbase it had loved it and online communities were very passionate about all things Shenmue for 20 odd years but it flopped on DC and it flopped on Xbox which is why no company wanted to put a dump truck of money into a third one, but it was amazing for it's time to define a new genre of games. Would you watch a tv show from the 80s if you knew before hand that half way through season 3 it gets cancelled and none of the storylines ever get closure? highly unlikely

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          He's saying Shenmue hasn't aged well, and he's right. I'd highly doubt anyone but a die-hard fan would play these all the way through if purchased today. I mean it's only 10 bucks so if you're really that curious….

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            @muzdiddy: yeah I bought it last time it was cheap. I played the first one for about 4 hours and just gave up out of boredom. I can see the appeal 20 years ago but as a modern game it's frustrating. If they made a 4, I think the game could work as an open world game.

        • +2

          I loved Shenmue 2, and even the first one, back in the day. It was a very innovative title back then. It basically invented the Quick Time event. Instead of wandering around aimlessly you could ask a passerby to take you someplace, which was better than having to trudge around yourself. The learning fighting elements was cool, I loved it how they would flash up on the VMU in the controller on the Dreamcast. The limited degree of interactivity was also cool - being able to play pachinko and whatever.

          Nowadays people complain if they dont get fast travel out of the box, walking around is tedious, and there is a lot of it in this game. Quick Time Events were subsequently done to death, I dont even like them in a Yakuza title. Basically all of the successful elements have been taken and improved in subsequent games.

          Even the story in something like Yakuza:Zero is exponentially better than the Shenmue series.

        • Comparing games to movies/music is pretty bad comparison.

          You just sit back and watch/listen to those.

          Gaming on the other hand is an interactive medium (minus graphic novel-esque games) that is still going through its own growth/evolutions. Things that might've been revolutionary 20 years ago (shenmue series) are standard or seen as bad now. Having to sit around for 20-30 minutes waiting for time to pass just to progress in a quest was terrible in the first game. Having the game cut to black, play a cutscene then cut back for every minor interaction like the act of…moving a chair aside is so pointless when the programming for it was standardised over a decade ago. This was in the LATEST Shenmue 3 too.

          Plenty of things age good, others age like milk. Like a movie that might've been seen as an amazing showcase of new CGI a long time ago might look really jarring now.

          No one's really saying you shouldn't consume old stuff anymore, just be warned that in this case it's probably not worth it especially since other series do the formula far better (Yakuza for example).

    • +5

      You waited your whole life for the 3rd game…?

      Just cos 3 is bad, doesn’t mean people should pass up on playing parts 1 and 2.

      • +3

        Shenmue came out in 1999.
        The big part of what kept people invested in Shenmue was the story. People were hoping to finally get closure with 3 and instead they shit on the fans and didn't finish it dreaming to release 4, 5 and more. That will never happen, imagine reading a book 23 years ago and being absolutely fascinated with it and then they release the next book a year or two later and you become more fascinated with it….. and then nothing for 20 years. Then they promise to wrap it up with a new book, but the new book is filled with garbage and doesnt wrap anything up.

        Yakuza basically took all the best bits of Shenmue and ran with it and yes I'd say to anyone not to bother playing Shenmue unless you played it 23 years ago and want to re-play it.

        • +1

          imagine reading a book 23 years ago and being absolutely fascinated with it and then they release the next book a year or two later and you become more fascinated with it

          Basically GOT except no book ever gets released

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    I played and finished the first on Xbox a few months back after getting a physical copy of I & II for $9. Yes, its extremely dated but it is still interesting to go back and play. Planning to play the sequel soon.

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    These games didn't age well. Third game is also absolutely crap. Better off playing the Yakuza series which takes the core formula and improves it in every way.

    Saying this as a fan of the first two, having played them both on Dreamcast as a teen it’s best left as a memory. They were innovative for their time but compared to modern titles they are very painful to go back to.

  • Yu Suzuki clearly stated stated that Shenmue 3 was a love letter to all the fans of the previous games. In that aspect it was a successful sequel 3rd entry, perfectly entering you into Ryo’s world where it left off 20+ years ago. Although selling out to Epic games disappointed those that backed the Kickstarter expecting an initial PC Steam release - without the extra money from the Epic arrangement - the game would have been far less than what was delivered. Looking forward to Shenmue IV, whenever that’ll occur. Hopefully sooner than later this time around. Atleast the Shenmue animae series is out this year. https://youtu.be/ZglZdwRw3XA

    • +1

      Shenmue IV will never happen, it's a miracle that Shenmue III happened at all and Suzuki absolutely shit on the fans of the game.

      • You’re absolutely incorrect.

        • +2

          As a big fan of the series, having played the first 2 games on Dreamcast while a teenager I have to say this video perfectly covers what went wrong with Shenmue III. It’s a bit of a deep dive but it’s worth a listen even if you don’t watch it all:


          • +1

            @Agret: "…… I see…."
            I still have my Dreamcast VMU with Shenmue Goodies on it. At least Yakuza took the formula and ran with it, even with the forklift driving.

            Then there is stuff like this: https://u.cubeupload.com/reonu/lzhoEy.png and followed up with https://i.redd.it/za81p0g19m331.png

            • @Rrppper: I wonder why they didn’t just put a DRM free version on the physical disk

              • +1

                @Agret: the disc was the epic games store launcher EXE file only LOL - just when you think it couldnt get any worse.

          • @Agret: As a big fan too, Yu Suzuki never ‘shat on the fans’ as you say with Shenmue 3. As I said before, as he said Shenmue 3 was a love letter to fans. An extension from where Shenmue 2 left off. He has also said with Shenmue IV the plan is to implement new ideas not previously experienced. Considering Shenmue 3 was developed on a shoestring budget compared to $70+ million budget from SEGA back then, it was a good effort nevertheless.

    • With love letters like that, Yu Suzuki must be really popular around Valentine's day…

  • +6

    Shenmue 3 was indeed a let down. Shenmue 1 was good and 2 was great!!

    And yes, my username checks out.

    • Username checks- never mind.

    • +3

      I clicked your name hoping you had the Dreamcast logo as your avatar.

      You did not disappoint! Lol

  • VEND!

  • +2

    I'm sorry but people who say Shemnue II is better than the original have got it all wrong. The setting for the first game was brilliant.

  • +2

    Ahead of its time, probably timeless.

  • +2

    I only played 1 & 2 HD for the first time in 2021 and loved both! These are absolutely retro games, and it's true that Yakuza improved on the formula, but I actually do think they hold up, especially if you use the Japanese audio track.

  • +1

    I borrowed my friend’s copy of Shenmue I on Dreamcast back when it was still a current console… still haven’t got round to giving it back yet 😉

    I agree with alot of comments here, aside from nostalgia, these are pretty hard to play these days.

  • +1

    "Despondent man has tried everything to get friends to try Shenmue"

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