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[eBay Plus] Samsung T7 1TB USB-C Portable SSD Titan Gray $126.65 Delivered @ Bing Lee eBay


Excellent price on this portable SSD, cheapest I've seen it so far I believe.


  • Read/write speeds of up to 1,050/1,000 MB/s USB 3.2 Gen.2 (10Gbps)
  • Interface UASP Mode Supported AES 256-bit hardware encryption
  • Embedded PCIe NVMe technology Built with no moving parts
  • Security: Samsung Portable SSD Software 1.0 (*Optional Password Protection)

Also Available from Bing Lee eBay:

As always, enjoy :)


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  • Great deal! thank you

  • +1

    Super price!

    Already had enough but we'll order at least 1 for 'ron

  • Won’t it be better to get the cheap $100 1tb nvme m2 ssd and the inclosure to achieve similar price but better performance, smaller size, more flexibility to upgrade?

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      With this, you know the enclosure and USB controller will be of decent quality. A USB 3.2 enclosure isn't going to be cheap

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      The T7 SSD is tiny. It's similar to any m.2 enclosure. https://youtu.be/Hwb7nc8CLps

      • Heck that is TINY. Tempted.

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          Imho it's huge. Usb and bare nvme are so much smaller

    • +2

      This one is cheap, of great performance, small size.

      No point in factoring in upgradability.

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      Not quite at the moment, to be honest. The main issue is $100 1TB NVMe SSDs are most likely QLC based. Another minor issue is that there are 3 chipsets (JMicron, Asmedia and Realtek). T7 uses Asmedia chipset inside. Even if you opted for an Asmedia chipset based enclosure, you need to watch out for thermal (so you want to at least put thermal pad on the controller chip on the SSD. The other thing is cables. I have an Asmedia chipset based enclosure and the USB-C to USB-C cable is okay, but the extra USB-C to USB-A cable (provided in a separate package, isn't USB 3.1 gen 2 quality). Then, there is the debate that the Realtek chipset is better. JMicon chipset based enclosures tend to be the cheapest, but if it has the old firmware, you may run into issues.

      The possible reasons you would go for an enclosure are (1) you have excess NVMe SSDs (2) you prefer a faster SSD than the one in T7, (3) you want an enclosure with Realtek chipset. The sustained write speed on the T7 isn't great after the SLC cache is depleted (still beats QLC offering though), but if you want an NVMe SSD that can beat that, you are looking at $135+ just on the SSD alone.

      Do bear in mind that all 3 USB 3.1 gen 2 enclosure chipsets are limited to PCIe gen 3 x2 (so even if you put a PCIe gen 3 x4 SSD in there, it will only operate in x2 mode). So, generally, putting in a top notch NVMe SSD in one of those enclosures is an overkill (unless sustained write of 800MB to 1000MB is a must).

      • -3

        Can you please write a guide on best ssd to get for PC and PS5 noting what we should look out for and maybe optimum drive for PS4 games on Ps5. When you have a spare 10 hours whip it up.

        Tomorrow should be fine. Cheers!

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          I get you are not happy about the long comment. Just wanted to point out some gotchas regarding going DIY route. USB 3.1 gen 2 chipsets are limited to PCIe gen 3 x2 and Samsung knows it.

          • +3

            @netsurfer: Bro I actually really enjoyed the long comment. I just want a “…for dummies” with respect to the qlc and slc (what it means, what to look out for).

            Definitely liked the comment and it was very well written. I would like more info for the common man who doesn’t want to study hard drives

            • +1

              @BusMan247: Most people seem to care more about sequential read / write. Below is sequential read/write information:

              Typical sequential write speed in MB/s:

              SLC Cache Low End TLC/QLC QLC (2TB+) Mid Tier TLC Mid High End TLC High End TLC
              SATA 500 80-110 140-160 180-225 230-270 320-380
              m.2 PCIe gen3 x4 2000-3300 80-110 140-160 270-380 500-800 1000-1200
              m.2 PCIe gen4 x4 4000-7350 80-110 140-160 450-570 700-850 1000-1500

              Things to note:

              • All SSDs now use SLC cache. Some use aggressive dynamic SLC cache (especially PCIe gen 4 SSDs).
              • If you want to get QLC based SSDs, get at least 2TB. Due to the setup of QLC, 1TB or below cannot benefit from multi channels fully. There is no sustained write advantage for 4TB QLC unfortunately. PCIe gen 5 may change that (with 16 channels).
              • Size of the SSD matters. Do not use the results of 1TB or 2TB and assume it is the same for smaller capacities.
              • WD SN500 and Samsung 970 Evo Plus both have NAND chips changed since mid 2021. Thus, most of the reviews you see online are no longer accurate. It's cost cutting from both vendors, though 970 Evo Plus now employees a larger dynamic SLC cache.


              • Either get the cheapest PCIe gen 4 SSDs (likely below specs) or get one of the quality ones.
              • +1

                @netsurfer: Thanks heaps netsurfer. Virtual high five and hug for you! Muchos gracias!

        • -3

          While he is at it, why don't you ask him to do your laundry? No rush tomorrow is fine!

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      These are really good for guaranteed performance on video cameras

  • if you take this link to officeworks, they'll beat it by 5%.

    • Even if it's an eBay code?

      • +1

        oops. that's my bad. I thought the price was from Bing lee itself.

  • If you can get one.

    Excludes: QLD Regional, SA Regional, WA Regional, WA Remote, PO Box

  • Join ebayplus to get $40 voucher for this, just realised the voucher doesn't stack up :(

  • +1

    Waiting for cheaper 2TB version. PCIe 5 is coming, so the older SSDs should get cheaper.

    • Portable ones, for PC, we need to wait and see whether USB 3.2 gen 2x2 will be more widespread. Gen 2x2 enclosures are now approaching the $50 mark. You do need a PC with USB 3.2 gen 2x2 support (and there is zero Mac support).

      Then, there is Thunderbolt 3 enclosures. There are Samsung and Sandisk offerings of Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.2 gen 2x2 external devices. Quite pricey though.

    • can you plz explain what PCIe 5?

      • PCIe gen 5. It indicates the bandwidth. Most SSDs nowadays uses x4 (PCIe gen 3 x4, PCIe gen 4 x4).

        PCIe gen 3 x4: max of 4GB/s
        PCIe gen 4 x4: max of 8GB/s
        PCIe gen 5 x4: max of 16GB/s

        Bear in mind that there is protocol overhead so it's generally not possible to get 100% of the speed. PCIe gen 5 is currently only available on Intel 12th gen systems with a Z690, but AMD's Zen 4 based systems should support PCIe gen 5 as well. It is unclear whether Apple will also go PCIe gen 5 for M2/M2 Pro/M2 Max.

  • Boom done, applied my free 30 day ebay plus trial and good as gold. Thanks OP!

  • Bought this from last deal thought it was cheaper

  • not up to date with phones and SSDs but could a s20 ultra ( usb c 3.2 ) ( Google search says 5Gbps ) push anywhere near the 5gbps?

  • Had it from Binglee $139 Black Friday great drive for PS4 Pro

  • Can I use this to store Ps5 games?

    • +3

      You can transfer PS5 games to the SSD, but you cannot play them. It is very quick to transfer large files.

      You can however play your PS4 games directly off this drive, which can help save space on the internal SSD.

  • +1

    got one for sentry mode in my vehicle

  • Anyone reckon it's worth it to upgrade to the T7 if I already have the 1tb Samsung T5?

    • +3

      No not really

  • +1

    I have both the T7 and T5 1TB drives. I notice that using the T7 with my 2018 Macbook Pro (pretty much constantly connected) that the T7 gets hotter than the T5 (which is practically ambient temp at all times), and in fact makes my Macbook Pro generally hotter even when idle.

    Never had the same issue with the T5 drive. So the T7 is now on my Xbox Series X.

  • +1

    this, or rip off Series X expansion card? :P

  • Awesome! Just bought one

  • +1

    Didn't need one. Got one.

  • Expired… :(

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