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[eBay Plus] 10% off Tech Items (15% eBay Plus Items) Min Spend $30 @ eBay (Switch Animal Crossing $398.65, WH1000XM4B $335.75)


Another tech sale for all eBay Plus members. Time to go crazy. Don't forget to use discounted gift cards for further savings.

10% off all tech items. 15% off all tech items labelled with eBay Plus.

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    Just tried the code and it said I need to be a plus member to use it. Even the headphones you listed, the code wont work if not ebay plus.

    "To apply this code, you need to be an eBay Plus member."

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    Nice price on Logitech MX Keys, just grabbed one from Wireless1 for $149.60

  • Time to go crazy.

    You forgot to add the /s

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    $364.65 for a Samsung QVO 4TB seems a good price.

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    OP got the wording wrong.

    It's only for Plus members.

    10% off for Plus Members and a further 5% for Plus items.

    • Updated, thanks. Was posting and on the phone at the same time.

      • multitasking wizardbot

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        The bot is sentient?

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    T&C's state you need plus for this offer. 10% for all items and 15% for plus items. Not 10% for non plus members and 15% for plus members.

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    Waiting for all the naysayers of yesterday' $9 deal to return …..

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    $300 max discount :(

  • 65A7G for $930.50 delivered - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/124882705481

    This looks to be a good deal for the in-laws (upgrading from 1080p) unless there's anything anyone else thinks may be better under 1k?

    • +1

      I noticed in the listing that Disney+ and Paramount+ aren't supported. That might bother some people. I'm not familiar with the OS, so don't know if those apps can be added easily.

      • Thanks, I ordered them an Nvidia Shield Pro for Xmas (haven't installed it yet) so am pretty comfortable getting a cheaper / more basic TV UI and getting them to use that for apps :)

  • So many overpriced tyres. Lol

  • Not an ebay plus member, but have the $40 offer code.
    Can anyone confirm if discount is applicable on this product and what will be the final price including postage?


    • Doesn't look like its applicable to that item as its not tech. All I get is $426.55 with 5% off code PBDS5. Also cannot combine your $40 off code with other coupons anyway.

      • +1

        Ok thanks.
        Yes $40 won't be applicable on this one, but I have other things in mind to purchase for $40 :)

        • No worries, I think tech category in this case is things like gadgets and computers (and other random things sellers class as tech).

  • Any good cordless vacs on sale? Moving in a week and a vac is something we still need to get.

  • Yeah … it works on used items … got some great deals !!!

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    Razer Blade 14 3070 comes down to $2596.50 at checkout by stacking coupons RAZERXMAS20 and PLUSTJA

    • Isn't it impossible to 'stack' coupons on ebay?

      • Can't stack eBay coupons but can stack one seller coupon and an ebay coupon

      • +2

        Generally they don't but there are some exceptions. RAZERXMAS20 is a discount and stacks with PLUSTJA. Here's a screenshot

        • Nice. Thanks.

  • Does anyone know if a seller offers a better price than listed and I accept the offer, can I still use the discount code?

    • The answer is yes

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    becareful some ebay plus items are more expensive.
    found small item $10 non ebay plus seller but $14 from ebay plus seller…

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    Ledger Nano S for $92.65 - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/125054996589, usually $109

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    Any good PCIE4.0 NVME deals?

  • Got AirPods 3 for $237.98.

  • Crucial P1 2TB NVME for $220.15 delivered @ Futu Online:


    Yeah I know its not very good, but somebody might find it useful.

  • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/184896859302?epid=26050849925&ha...

    The Roborock s7 plus shows up when I search for items but it won't let me apply the coupon to it? Anyone got some insight into this?

    • Maybe it's not considered tech because it's listed under Home Appliance. There is a coupon for -$100 "SPSAVER".

  • -1

    Can you use the $40 ebay plus signup coupon in conjunction with the 15% coupon?

  • Hello.

    Does anyone have the info on how to purchase the discounted gift cards? Thanks

  • An EVEN better discounted gift card is the $50 ebay gift card from Coles with 2000 flybuys points($10). Essentially 20% off.

    Surprised no one has mentioned it.

    • Where do I find that? I've googled it but cannot find any info about it.

  • how long did this code last?

    • Looks like it was on for Tuesday. I kept putting off my purchase 😫

  • eBay codes works shorter and shorter unless they are jacked codes.

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