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Free NEW Coca-Cola No Sugar 250ml When Purchased with Participating Products @ Amazon AU


Eligible products which will receive free can of Coca Cola ( add can manually to cart)
Coca-Cola No Sugar Soft Drink Multipack Bottles 6 x 1.25L

Coca-Cola Classic Soft Drink Multipack Cans, 10 x 375ml
Coca-Cola Classic, 12 x 1.25 l

** Link Updated**

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    Thanks OP, sweetens the deal.

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      Old news.

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      Yeah dupe.
      OP should of reported old deal to moderators to have it unexpired.

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        18/11/21 is the old deal. More than a month ago so it's not a dupe. A new post would be recommended anyway.

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    The one I liked was Diet Cola Caffeine Free ……never see it anymore……I find the No Sugar …..ultra sweet !!!

    • You can buy Coke no sugar caffeine free now. It's pretty good

  • I got this promo with my Red Bull order.
    The free coca can was delivered today with my 36 coca can subscription :)

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    I hope someone at amazon has a sense of humour and adds this to expensive whiskey orders.

  • Did they change the formula for Coca Cola Zero or something?

    • Coke No Sugar is not the same as Coke Zero. Different formulas.

      • I see, so they've got a new formula for Coca Cola No Sugar?

        • Not quite "new", it's been out for years. I think around 2017. Hasn't changed since as far as I know.

          • @Hybroid: I'm just confused why the title says "NEW" in caps lol.

          • @Hybroid:

            Not quite "new", it's been out for years

            No, they changed the recipe last August.

    • They only changed the name or they got Coke zero in the wrong bottle.

    • Coke Zero was phased out. Now there's only No Sugar and that's basically Coke Zero that was reformulated last year.

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      Yes, it’s much better now.

  • Yay for free Coke (no sugar)!

    Just a heads up… ordered mine with coconut water and it was shipped in a separate box with bubble wrap.. a bit wasteful all for a can of Coke. However, if you're buying with other things that require a box, I'd think they'd put them together.

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    I got one free yesterday at a friend’s place.

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      Hopefully they didn't give you Omicron with it.

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        No, just ice cubes.

        • Thanks for skipping the straw.

  • I cant get it to work anymore and charges full price for the can at checkout?

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    The send one CAN packaged and boxed and delivered individually.
    A lot of wasted packaging and deliveries. Not good for the environment.

    • Yes, exactly. The packaging was about 100 times bigger than the size of the 250 ml can, I was expecting it to be packaged along with my other order.

      Had I known they will send it on its own packaging I wouldn’t have ordered it. Felt bad for the environment

  • Well Amazon are now sending me 1 single can for free 😅

  • I had this in my cart during BF sales and it was meant to be delivered but I never received anything! Guess I'll try again

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