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Just got an email now $180 off using referral link for new customers sign up.

$140 off first box
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(Note: While OP indicated this referral campaign will end on 1 February, we found the $180 referral links expire very quickly. For instance, OP's own $180 referral has expired in less than 6 hours.)

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    Hint for people trying to get a new user discount for the second time, use a burner phone number like the $0 Amaysim deal. Use a different name (make one up) and a burner credit card (or 1 time use credit card) like you can get for free from revolut. They caught me out with the same phone number (even though my number could have been reused by anyone) and charged me the rest of the full price value after it was delivered. I did a chargeback and got 100% back (I just wanted the difference), but it's a lot of hassle).

    Hope this helps someone. Also does anyone know of any website that you can get an Aussie number for SMS for free or cheap for a very short time. I need to cut back on costs

    • I did the above and they sent a letter threatening debt collection. This was a few years back.

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        Holy F-word. That's really low. I really hope more people get their "trial/s" worth out of HelloF. I feel bad as a shareholder of Hellofresh SE. Hopefully in the future you get better luck

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          I know this is OzBargain, but we're the one's skirting the system and being deceitful. It's not "really low" of HelloFresh to get what they're rightly entitled to.

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            @Dagmar: threating to sue/recovery to someone over food is a little extreme. You are entitled to your opinion, but in my case, I wished to compare to difference between the service on both rural and city environments (believe me there is a major difference when food is poorly transported). Also, at the time I did a second order the T&C's (I skimmed prior to order), just stated that you are an eligible person. They had no elaboration on what that was (this has been corrected about 3 months after my second attempt). Either way I am just warning people they may bill you more than expected, as for some that may cost them the ability to be able to afford meals the week after (like fortnightly Centrelink students).

            • @Pharmacy: I'm sure in your head there's logic to your argument and I respect that. I just can't see it though.

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      Hi Pharmacy, not sure these tips will still work as it seems to be linked to the physical delivery address now. Recently signed up for free box in my name and then cancelled subscription as quality/freshness of the produce was not great and far too much plastic packaging. Another free box was offered to us so we thought we'd give it another try a couple of months later in my wife's name, all details were previously unused at HelloFresh, email, CC, phone number and used maiden name so not a single connecting detail other than the delivery address. Her order was cancelled before delivery and the discount was waived on her account.

      Would love to hear others experiences if they've recently got a new user offer delivered to the same address.

      • Thanks for adding this. I have been living around the country a lot in the past 18 months and I wasn't aware the address would be an issue. Since many people rent, I would have assumed that would not have been an issue unless it was multiple times a month. Anyways thanks for your input to the community.

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          There is like a 6month cooldown for each address. I have ordered many boxes to the same address 6months apart.

          Also if you live in an apartment its easier. you can just type in a Unit that does not exist. like if you live in Unit 11 / 19 John st, you can put Unit 101/19 John st
          then leave a note of the delivery to leave it somewhere and track the delivery when they send you the sms tracking and pick it up

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          We were surprised as well, does not seem to cater well to potential customers in rental properties or share accommodation. May potentially be a reset period for the address. The customer service line are usually quite good though so I'm sure if a legitimate new user to an address had their order cancelled you could ring them and get the order and new user offer reinstated but they certainly didn't provide such suggestions when the order was cancelled.

          Edit: thanks Jaduqimon, I suspected it may have been a 6 or 12mth reset on address, thanks for confirming. My wife's order was placed approximately 2mths after my original order so may give it another try down the track. Hopefully they do something about the excess packaging and produce quality/freshness in the meantime.

          • @brgnbrd: My mate summed it up well to me for rentals and 1st timers. "It would have been nice if they sent an email or called, rather than us leaving the light on all night to then find out they cancelled our order without notice". My mate is a health professional (MD) working (at the time) in covid wards, trying to avoid contact with the public by using meal services. He did ring and enquire (as they didn't refund) and explained the situation and they just said it wasn't their issue and stated they believe he was abusing the system (living away from family in hospital quarters). I ended up cooking (as is giving KFC, McD's etc instructions) and feeding him for 2 weeks until the hospital started providing.

            From this I stopped using them (I can't cook for shit anyways & had paid full price), but now will only do trials. Just need to be on the neighbour's doorstep before they wake up 🤣🤣

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      They cancelled my order before without telling me as the address I lived at had used a new user discount before..

      • I commented above about my mate as an MD worker for Covid. They don't give a hoot about customer service if they believe you aren't initialed. I am sorry that you experienced the same lack of customer care as many, many others.

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      theres no way around this unless its a new address

      i have tried to get a few boxes delivered in the past couple weeks - all cancelled

      new email, number, cc details

      but the same address

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        Cheers for the feedback Big Lenny. Sadly, they are killing off the best option of customer in the market (Fresh from the nest, in a rental and high disposable income). I'd honestly hate to work in their policy department, but the fact they never really make a profit is pretty clear. Even with 50% off kits, they should be easily able to profit. Many lifetimes ago (10 years) I worked for Mercure Hotels, and I never got over the fact in bulk we paid $0.29/kg for potato's $0.35/kg carrot, $6/kg prime lamb. I even remember a 20-slice carrot cake was $0.60 a slice (we sold for $7). Hopefully they see a gap in the market and bring out cheap plans, because in bulk there is no reason you couldn't charge the customer 50% less than Coles and still make a decent profit

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          They run EveryPlate which is fairly cheaper

  • I used them for 4 months, love the recipes and ideas making it easy to just cook and not think what to make and then shop for ingredients, thats a huge plus. The biggest downside for me was the fresh produce supplied was often of terrible quality and I ended up having to still buy to replace what came in the bag. This is in Sydney, other states might have better suppliers.

    • +3

      Wow. I always found the quality decent when I bludge a meal at mum's. I know during covid they had weird supplements for shortages (1 week she got 1kg of potato, because they had no Garlic). It shocks me you're in the city and it's that bad. In rural areas, we get screwed as a general rule. I know you shouldn't have to, but if you haven't invested look into Kmart's $7/$9 Fridge Food Saver. I have had lettuce in mine for 4 weeks and it's still fine. The initial investment is high, but you will save $$$ long term, hello fresh or not. Also keep things like onions and garlic away from items like potatoes or pumpkin. The gases created by onion (as it ages) turn many other fruits and veg bad quickly and I noticed hello fresh doesn't educate customers and chucks everything into a bag without considering this.

      • +1

        thanks for the tips ! I love my fruit and salads but really hate spoiled food, yes you can cut bits out but it doesnt make it for a nice experience. If the fresh produce was quality, I would stay with them as overall its a good value and simplifies a busy life (depends on individual's circumstances).

        • +3

          I tend to eat fruit and veggies slowly and these Kmart food savers make things last 2-3 times longer. I hate waste also and now love I can keep my Fruit, Veg and herbs that I would normally chuck out within a week for 2-3 weeks. I recommend if you consider this option (just in general), check store available before heading down to K-mart. These are a hot item as they are all over the K-mart facebook group pages. This shows it features but lacks details of how long things will last.

          If you want to reduce waste also, research how to store things, learn to pickle or dehydrate. I'm personally trying to get my waste under 5% in 2022 and these methods are the common ones I'm seeing. Today I'm going to dehydrate some mushrooms as they will go bad

          • +1

            @Pharmacy: My worm farm and compost bins make me feel less bad when fruit or veg goes too mouldy or soggy to salvage

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    I can buy a bag of carrots from Woolies that last 2 weeks in my fridge. Get a single carrot in my Hello Fresh meal kit and 3-4 days later it’s all rubbery and ready for the bin.

    There is nothing fresh about Hello Fresh at all.

    Even @ 40% off it’s not worth it. You think they would get the hint, but no, my mail is constantly bombarded with 40% off vouchers.

    • Omg this!! i am notorious for leaving stuff in the fridge too long when i buy it and it gets limpy for carrots i get it, but then when its hello fresh, its a whole different sorta limp slimey carrot.

    • The veggies look like something the supermarkets reject I reckon

    • totally this, I don't know why their carrots go all limp and floppy and squishy after a bit!

      • Because they are old crap produce.

  • I have previously used a burner card to do a trial. I then forgot to cancel it and they tried to charged the card and even though the charge was unsuccessful they still sent the box. They then began chasing me for the outstanding amount. They do employ debt collectors in some cases, although it didn't go that far for me.

    I don't think this is necessarily unreasonable of them, but I would think that if they can't process the charge they shouldn't go through with the order. So be warned.

  • "Rate limited" - bummer. I'll try again later I suppose. If I am going to get a limp carrot, I don't want to pay for it!

  • Also be aware they may activate your subscription after giving you a call. I have experienced this myself, where Hello Fresh would call me after I have cancelled my subscription, and then my account would magically resusbcribe again. Had this happen to friends too. Recommend using paypal so you can cancel the payment authorisation.

    • Did it to me as well , then tried to charge me. Threatened debt collectors and legal action. Real nasty company

      • A lot of people will just pay . Someone has to pay for the subsidized 1st box .

  • +6

    All $180 referrals I tested so far have expired and cannot find any $140 code in ref yet.

    Sorry, it looks like we can't apply this discount as the offer has expired.

    • Yup, better of $110 (70 + 20 + 20) Works every time. This $180 link I gave to my friend from my HF App does not work either..

    • Lol yup would have clicked 25-30 times, all of them but 1 was either $100 or $110 offer and the one $180 I found said offer has expired and I'm now rate limited (banned temporarily) from Hello Fresh

  • Same thing happened on boozebud
    I’ve never ordered from their website or app but it matched my address from an order I did on eBay earlier last year which the seller was boozebud. It did not let me use the bestbud promo code.

    I tried different names, didn’t work.
    Put in Neighbors address, and everything else the same as my eBay account and it worked.
    I understand it’s the same person in this case but what about renters or home buyers who first order from a previous address used on their system.

  • If it helps I can see in my account today, there's $180 discount. It doesn't say the expiry though. So not sure until when it's valid

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