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RightSign COVID 19 Antigen Test (Nasal Swab) Self Test 2 Pack $20 Delivered @ My Chemist


2 pack still available. 5 packs is also back in stock I believe. Limit 1 per account/person. Remember to use the code for free shipping.

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    Price ?

  • Price in title.

  • +$8.95 Delivery

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    Free shipping using coupon FS7824 :)

    • Awesome thank you.

    • Legend. Works. Thanks

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    Haven’t been able to find any RAT tests anywhere so thanks for this, finally have some on their way.

  • Can order more than 1 pack separately.

  • Got one!
    Free shipping for the $20 purchase with the code above.

  • Ordered one. Cheers.

  • When do they ship?

  • https://www.tga.gov.au/covid-19-rapid-antigen-self-tests-are...

    The ones with low sensitivity were useless in my case. Keep saying negative, when its not the case. Similar experience with other family members qnd friends

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      If a nasal swab, also swab your throat

      And pay attention to feint lines

      • random Twitter account and dailymail are now acceptable fact providers.

        changes the chat forums

        • The feint lines happened to about half a dozen friends of mine too.

          Swabbing the throat was advised by my GP and I just happened to see other doctors on twitter posting the same.

          If you don’t want to be thorough, don’t. But those that want to can do two simple things to improve the accuracy of the tests.

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        Interesting suggestion, but keep in mind that you are introducing unknown variables that haven't been taken into account with the validation of the test. This may result in different levels of error (either false positive or false negatives). There's pre-print papers suggesting this process, but as far as I can tell these look weak scientifically without adequate controls.

        I think that if you test negative with a RAT but have some symptoms that are concerning you just isolate and chase a PCR test until adequate validation of test variation is available.

  • Thanks OP. Grabbed 1.

  • Thanks OP. Got 1.


  • -1


    • Keep trying

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    5 pack also IN STOCK, just ordered. Free postage

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      thanks mate, just ordered

    • Thanks Op, placed an order as well.

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    5 pack is still available

    • cheers got one..

      • I got one, and rang one friend she also got one, lucky day

        • the definition of lucky day has changed so much with COVID :(

    • Says no stock when trying to add to cart

      • 5 packs are back in stock now

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    2 pack back in stock

  • Just got a pack, back in stock

  • Got a 5 pack. Thanks OP.

  • Thanks OP

  • Got a 5 pack, thanks OP!

  • OOS

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    These are garbage China made, we used them at work and didn’t catch covid until we used the Roche which found potosive

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      I was reading how there is significant importance of keeping them as cool as possible and exposure to even mild heat will make them useless.

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      They are on the TGA approved list, so they must conform to standards.

  • I think it’s sold out

  • Ozbargained. Got a 2 pack, now out of stock

    • Still in stock

  • Got a 5 pack, thanks op

  • Thanks op, you probably saved a few lives

    • Nope! Thanks to the user who provide the free shipping code.

  • Grabbed a two pack, missed the free postage coupon :(

    • Grab a 5 pack to make it even, if you need more than 2.

  • Oos

    • It’s back

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    Why are people even using these? Isn't their accuracy questionable? if you have a symptoms just go get a PCR test.

    • Let us know how long it takes to get a PCR test when you queue up.

      • Yeah testing lines are another issue but if your antigen test result is positive then you're just going to go line up for a PCR test anyway, right?

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          No more PCR testing if you get a positive RAT. As of today.

          • @JohnHowardsEyebrows: Oh really? I can't keep up with the changes anymore.

            Just looked it up now and you're right positive RAT is now counted in COVID case count. Although this is almost certainly to try and reduce PCR test lines.

            So I guess under the new policy these tests might be worth it.

            • @CUD: Realistically, they're missing countless thousands directly because of long lines. RATs are a far better solution at this point.

      • 15 minutes but the results were 2 days.

    • PCRs require lining up for hours and waiting for days.

      Good RATs are highly accurate at detecting high viral loads, ie infectious people. If you develop symptoms and take a RAT, it's highly unlikely that covid is causing them.

      PCRs were for rooting out all covid during a covid-zero strategy. RATs are about people managing themselves and protecting those around them.

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      If it says you are positive on an antigen test, you have it. If it says you are negative on an antigen test, you may or may not have it. You can choose to test again tomorrow or book a PCR (which often takes hours in a queue and days for results, at least in NSW).

  • Cant add to cart. Not sure why

    • Its woking now. Just keep try add to cart.

  • 2 and 5 pack out of stock

    • Still in stock for me. Keep trying..

  • -1


    • Keep trying

  • Not available in WA?? Why?

  • sold out, local only:
    edit - link in title bad:

  • Do I have to scrape my brain for it to be accurate?

  • Just tried few second ago,
    managed to checkout and paid so hopefully still get it

  • FYI for those who purchased within the last hour or so, your order will be cancelled. Just spoke to a representative and they mentioned the stock levels in system weren't matching to what they actually had.

    • Oh nooooo

    • Has anyone had their order cancelled? Just wondering if I am one of those unfortunate ones and should go scouring for some replacements this weekend

      • No idea. Mine still processing. Guess wait next week to find out?

  • Still worked for 2 pack but I forgot to use coupon! Doh

    • +1

      Please hand in your ozbargain license

  • looks like both are back in jkust ordered a 5 pack

  • Can order 5 pack + 2 Pack for free shipping.

  • It’s back. Just ordered a 2 pack with free shipping. Cheers OP

  • thanks got a 5 pack

  • Back in stock

  • Thanks OP got a two pk.

  • Thanks a lot OP. Got one finally. Appreciated!

  • 😕

  • Cannot get it anymore.

    Seems like out of stock.

  • thank you, i managed to get one. wife will be pleased.

  • Thx managed to buy a pack. Says order is processing, lol expecting an email saying it’s not fulfilled..

  • Ordered one, then ordered another one with the free shipping code.
    When I called to cancel my first order, they said the server collapsed and they can't even see the number of orders coming in. Not encouraging.

  • +1

    The government is happy that we spend our money on the problems they created by having disastrous handling. The viruses are also happy :(

  • Anyone received shipping notice?

  • negative
    still same processing mode :(

  • Melbourne is going to be around 30 degrees everyday this week. I hope my testing kit will be kept at the correct temperature throughout.

  • any one received any shipping updates?

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