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Up to 50% off Storewide - e.g. Ultraboost DNA $120 Delivered (Expired: Extra $10 off $50 Spend with eBay Plus) @ adidas eBay


Up to 50% off adidas eBay storewide.
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An extra $10 off $50 spend for ebay plus members using code THANKSPLUS21.
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  • Adidas on eBay now?

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      yes it is. if you click the link above it will take you straight to the adidas shoes.

    • Since August 2019 (only 91% positive feedback)

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    Thanks got myself some storm trooper NMDs for $90.

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      NMD are so uncomfortable
      I bought a pair one sale, and honestly I only wore them once lol

      • Agreed. I don't know why they're so popular unless I've just got odd feet lol
        The bit on the side of the sole near the heel digs in to my foot.

  • If you have already used THANKSPLUS21, SPSAVER also works.

    • Is SPSAVER for ebay plus only or anyone?

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        SPSAVER is not limited to Plus, but is $10 off for $100-$499, $50 off for $500-$999 and $100 off $1000+.

  • Has anyone got any recommendations for a decent shoe in this pricerange that lasts longer unlike the ultraboost whose sole is cactus within months?

    • Surely that comes down to your own personal taste.

      I get your gripe though - defs a lot of poor quality stuff on the market. FWIW I have a pair of Adiease's I have worn for 6 years (maybe 65% of the time) sole finally giving in, saw I could get another pair from this but unfortunately not in my size. I also have a newer pair of Gazelles which seem to be holding up well but I do wear less.

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      do you drag your feet or something? are you walking on shards of glass? most shoes at this price last at least a year if treated well
      i bought the atlas for $59 thanks to the recent deal, looks like quality we'll see how it fits soon though

    • Curious about this too. I've been using my old Adidas Bounce 2008's (uhh not since then lol, and very very very light mileage) but it's on a half gravel track. Worried some of these new shoes might go bad really quick on these rough surfaces. Bang for buck wise anyway.

      I'm not even sure if I've over-used my current shoes yet. The bottom rubber bit is still there but definitely worn. But the main plastic rings I reckon would hardly ever wear down lol.

    • The sole is far softer than it needs to be but that would be part of the business model. I find the shoes are still fine walking on the exposed foam though.

      • I do a lot of walking but still don't feel like I'm getting value for money with these shoes although they are comfortable, I walk on concrete sidewalks which doesn't help.

  • Sizes all over the place and eBay's not letting me filter easily :/

    • Ah I have to go specifically into the shoe category to do this.

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    I bought 2 of the same adidas core shoes 40$ (10$ off code) each. Even if it lasts 6 months that should be fine.
    Thanks OP

  • Limited sizes left unfortunately.

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    Bought a pair of UB and it was refunded.

    • Same for me

  • i'm glad the code expired before i impulse-purchased a pair of senseboosts i didn't need

  • Received order confirmation, payment deducted and then it was cancelled. RIP Ebay.

    • Yep same here. Ordered cancelled and refunded all in 1hr


    • Same

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    Adidas on eBay are notorious for refunding without valid reason, hence I will never bother buying from their eBay store again

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    No wonder their ebay rating is 91.1% and going down with my feedback and many others!

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