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20% off Condoms @ LifeStyles



Shop online, apparently the code is only single use but not sure how it's checked.

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    I would hope they're single use! The old story about turning them inside out really doesn't work…

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    apparently only single use but not sure how it's checked.

    Make sure packaging is intact and there's no small holes, also don't recycle/wash/turn inside-out

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    Do they have size S?

  • Can someone tell me what these are for ?

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    • Ballon party

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    Thanks this will be great next lockdown.

    • there will be no more lockdowns just restrictions

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    Still working through my pack I got in 1997….

  • 😌😜

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    Which 20% off? the tip or the bottom??? I need to make sure so she does not get pregnant.

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    Great timing OP. Just opened a Grindr profile

  • So looking at the deal; https://lifestyles.com.au/shop/lifestyles-regular-bundle/ for example; 50 of the regular Condoms + free Lube for $29.99 less 20% = ~$24 + $8 shipping for a total of $31.98 shipped to WA.

    Seems like a reasonable deal as generally the 10 packs are $10 at Coles iirc.

  • Is the pleasure gonna be 20% off top?

  • No lifestyle no condom

  • Mask or condom, it's all about protection.

  • Is there any with ventilation holes?

  • So on a serious note, Zero are easily the best condoms IMO

  • Ah, another bargain I'll never use.

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