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Coles Mobile $99 | 12 Months Expiry | 60GB Data | Unlimited Talk & Text | Overseas* | Optus Network | @ Coles (in Store)

  • Unlimited standard national talk & text.
  • 60GB Data.
  • Unlimited talk & text to the following 15 countries - Canada, mainland China, France, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States.
  • Rollover up to 50GB when you recharge before expiry or when you maintain an active AutoRecharge.
  • Optus Network.
  • Equates to $8.25 per month for 12 months.
  • Activate within 30 days of purchase or by the date advertised in a promotion (whichever is earlier)
  • Don't forget to turn off auto recharge.

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  • Is this a new plan?
    I remember there being a very similar one

    • No, old plan. Normal price is $120, so save $21.

      • data half only- 60GB

        • Was it normally 120gb?

        • 60GB is normal. The 120GB plan has a $150 sticker price

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    Thanks OP!

  • Thanks.

  • This is what I have been waiting for. $10 more expensive than Catch, but has free overseas calls though lessor data. But dont need data that much. Thanks

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    ive been on coles for the past year and can honestly say no issues. preferred it to kogan or boost

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      Largely depends where you are. Unfortunately only way to know is to trial it. Pretty bad for me so I'll be switching.

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        people have been complaining about calls to me going straight to voicemail despite me being in a coverage area. has this happened to others?. Device is a IP12 and I used in conjunction with a Optus e-sim for mobile data

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          To turn off Coles mobile voicemail
          hash hash 004 hash, send

        • Had this problem for years on Optus randomly, in the end switched networks and hasn't occurred since over a year.

        • I had a problem with only Vodafone numbers - are these missed calls all from the same provider?
          I contacted both Coles and Vodafone, somehow got fixed.

      • I think for most people living metro there shouldn't be a problem. In the end the mobile towers are all located at the same place.
        In order to compare people need to use the same mobile phone when using differnet sim cards.

        Saying that when I was in the Hills of WA and semi rural areas I found Boost did way better than Coles.
        Most of the time I couldn't even check in using the Safe WA because you required 3G/4G connection on the Coles Mobile.

    • +1

      I was on Kogan before, and anything would be a huge step up.

      • -1

        I was on catch before and now coles. Coles is terrible as compared to catch. Sometimes not enough signals through out places in Newcastle. I regret getting the full year. I don’t know why the difference when the network is the same

        • +1

          There can't be any difference as they are the same Optus network.

      • My family has used Kogan (i.e. Vodafone network), Boost (i.e. Telstra network), Catch, and Coles (both Optus network). The two on the Optus network vowed never to use Optus again. In fact, we dropped the last months of my wife's Catch/Optus because it was essentially unusable and returned her to Boost.

  • Does anyone know when they launch Wifi calling? Optus has very bad reception at my home

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      WiFi calling is a service that will most likely only ever be offered via the main provider only (ie, Optus/Telstra/Voda). It's the same with VoLTE.

      • Optus have said they've opened WiFi calling to their MNVOs as well. However, not sure if any of them have implemented it.


        • 18 months ago and still no VoLTE with most Optus players!!!

        • +1

          That is for "MVNO postpaid customers" only!

      • Wifi calling may remain exclusive. But VoLTE will come pretty soon to all MVNOs.

        Providers will become desperate to shutdown their 3G networks and won’t be able to do it without VoLTE becoming the ubiquitous standard for making calls.

        It’s the reason Telstra has allowed Boost to use it so early on, and will likely move Belong customers and other MVNOs shortly.

    • No WiFi Calling or VoLTE (iPhone, LG V5 or Asus ZenFone 8)

    • Moose Mobile have both Wifi calling and VoLTE. Optus MVNO.

      • My wife tried Moose but they could never get either VoLTE or WiFi calling to work so she dropped them.

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    Is there any cheaper 12 Month options available in the market?

    This looks really good.

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      Catch is $89 but no international calls.

      • +1

        Yep - for new customers.

      • And 85GB total data with Catch if you don't care about international calls included

        $89 ÷ 12 months = $7.42 per month
        85gb ÷ 12 months = 7.09gb per month

        Not to shabby,..👍😁

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    Not an issue in metro, regional sucks

  • Would I be able opt over from Catch mobile to Coles mobile?

    • Want to know the same thing, they both use the Optus network so that might be an issue?

    • Just called Coles mobile and they confirmed can port from Catch to Coles, no issue.

      • I’m in Newcastle and I regret switching from catch to coles. Catch network was heaps better

        • +1

          That can't logically be possible as they use the exact same Optus network and towers.

      • Thank you!

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    when there is offer Better to get Boost annual one (every few weeks getting the offer)… especially which has international call forward facility.
    This Coles, doesn't have auto call forward to International number.
    and this coles one, internet on 4G is very bad….

  • Can this be purchased as a renewal? Wife's plan is expiring next month.

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      New customers only.

    • +4

      Keep an eye on offers on the app, apparently other Oz Bargainers have said they've been offered 25% off on renewals?

      • Oh thanks for the info mate. We have been using the website to manage her account. Presumably it's the ColesMobile app right?

        • Just had a quick look, people noted they received a text with the offer for renewals? Sorry not speaking from experience as I only joined them 3 months ago
          They are also one of the very few companies that on occasion advertise specials in their weekly flier for renewals, and these come out Mondays at 5pm
          (As its usually just deals for new customers)

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    Great deal but a warning again. Coles mobile does an awful job of porting numbers. You could be without service for days. It often doesn’t work until you contact their online support.

    • Did you port from another Optus provider or different network?

      • +2

        Tried to port from boost mobile. Had two numbers to port and had issues with both of them

    • only took a couple hours for me, if that

    • +4

      I had the exact same issue when trying to port over my sister's number from Boost. Was stuck without service for over a week until they manually activated the sim after I contacted their support multiple times. Due to manually activating on their end, an issue arose where she couldn't receive calls or texts but she could make an outgoing call. Data didn't work either, so after a 48 hours of contacting support again, they finally resolved the issue. She also didn't get her bonus data credited so had to contact support again. My sister wasn't impressed to say the least as she was stuck at school with no entertainment during lunch time. Thank God for Spotify premium and friends!

      Mind you, I made the same port from Boost to Coles with my number a few months prior and it was activated within 15 minutes. Perhaps it's just a hit or miss

    • For me, Coles mobile took less than 2 hours to port my number across. I just renewed the service for another year as I did not face any issues at all.

    • I also ported 2 numbers last month, one from Boost and one from Optus, and didn't have any issue at all. Took like 5 minutes and I was surprise at how quick it took considering it took a few hours for me when I ported to Boost.

    • Fwiw; minutes for me, from Boost (Telstra).

    • +1

      I convinced a couple to swap to Coles instead of paying $40 per month to Optus. One port went through immediately, the other stuffed up and the person couldn't use her mobile for 4 days. Disaster and partially my fault.

  • Activate within 30 days of purchase or by the date advertised in a promotion (whichever is earlier)

    My current plan expires on 26/2/2022. What happens if I activate in roughly 50 days? Do I lose the bonus data or I can't use the sim at all?

    • +1

      This deal will be available until the 18th (it might go longer) so just buy it on the last day then you are only losing about 1 week on your current plan.

      • @SaberXLancer = Offer actually ends 01/02/22 so you're all good.

    • I have the same question (mine expiring mid Fed). The T&Cs says "Coles Mobile Save Offer … ends 1/2/2022" so I'm unsure if you can activate after 1st Feb.

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    If you are on the existing 120$ Coles mobile plan, they offer 25% if you recharge before the expiry date - which makes it 75% of 120 = $ 90. Slightly better.

    • On the website or the app?

      • +3

        neither. they SMS and email you a month before expiry to give you the promo

      • +4

        Go to your coles mobile account - https://colesmobile.com.au/pages/dashboard/service
        the offer was shown in the dashboard section. Mine was due in 9 days. Just renewed it and got 25% off.
        I didn't receive an sms or email so far - Hope it is available for all (close to their expiry date)

        if your expiry date is within next few days/weeks, login and check

    • thanks for this, ill wait for the text

      • +3

        check your dashboard - https://colesmobile.com.au/pages/dashboard/service
        if your expiry date is within next few days/weeks, I think you will see the offer there.

        • does it matter if the auto recharge turned on or off? Coles will send the discount offer either way?

        • Thanks, I have got the offer in Coles Mobile app. Is there any way I can use recharge voucher (or club with flybuys) or it has to be with credit card payment?

  • +2

    Coles mobile also have 120GB data for $119 (was $150) with 365 days expiry if anyone wants more data.
    Directly through coles mobile website

    • wow, this is much better for work commute :); how's network? please share any expiry for activation i.e 30 or 60 days etc, Thanks in advance !

  • is the 4g usb modem locked to optus?

    • There have been mixed replies to this in the past. My one was unlocked but I bought it over a year ago.

      It's currently the same price from Optus $29.00 with free delivery.

    • In the past I have bought these and were unlocked but some stories I've heard them being locked so basically it's a $29 gamble on your part

  • FYI I already had the auto recharge turned on as my plan expiration date was Dec 26th, so I wanted to avoid any issues.
    They sent me an offer a couple of weeks before said date suggesting I turned on auto recharge, and I was automatically charged $90.00 (for the $120 plan), so for once sticking to the same provider wasn't a bad deal..

  • +1

    I have the optus real me c3 phone purchased from big w prior to Xmas wife and I got one and still to set up.
    I read prior to buying these are locked to optus from big w and optus charge unlock fee.
    I not tried to see if unlocked yet but im also told they are not unlocked and to give a try.
    I suppose it depends where you purchased from.

    We both want to use or current phones which we are using boost and love boost more so myself which can be great if away from home.

    Even if the real me c3 phone is unlocked don’t want to change sims back and forth so was looking for a cheap sim to use with the optus phones.

    I have no idea how optus is around my area or if I was away from home I could always use my other phone with boost.

    I had been looking at the other coles $119 deal but this is probably better as 60gb is probably enough but in saying that $19 more is not much for double the gb.

    The appeal for this is overseas calls.

    I was eyeing up the catch deal but has not overseas calls and something about wifi or something.

    If the Real me c3 phones was unlocked the could use boost again but what’s the point as already use in other phones and boost can be expensive.

    • Hi, i'd be keen to know if the Optus Locked phone works - in theory it should as Coles is the MVNO, but would be good to know if someone with an Optus locked phone is one the coles/optus network ok?

      • I would love to know this too. Bought an Optus prepaid and this sim and 2 days still waiting for the port. worried that the sim wont activate because its on an Optus phone and so Coles cant see it?

    • My son is using an optus locked realme C3 on Catch so I guess it would be ok for Coles too. I am using a motorola G8 locked to Optus on Catch too.

  • Certainly a lot cheaper then my Optus Postpaid account though my Optus Postpaid has 80gb + 20gb bonus data and a lot of other features (I'll never get back) but I could give myself a break and save some money in the long run 👍😁

    So is this currently the cheapest prepaid plan? Any other suggestions?

  • We have 3 users on the Coles $119 120GB Plan & have had no issues & Mrs uses the international calls everyday so it's been great.

    No VoLTE or WiFi Calling or 5G (iPhone, LG V5 or Asus ZenFone 8)

    Coverage is ok where ever normal Optus Coverage is.

    For one of the kid I just purchased the WW Vodafone 150 GB @ $125 which has everything except the International Calls so multiple options.

    Reg the expiry date - Offer ends 11/01/22, unless withdrawn earlier. Ongoing recharges revert to standard price of $150 or as otherwise advertised. Activate within 30 days of purchase or by the date advertised in the promotion, whichever is earlier.

  • Where do I buy this? Online or in store? My current plan expires in 7 days, wondering if it is enough time for posting if buying it online

    • Either, go in store if it's easy.

  • +2

    Posting based on my own experience with porting. Initial port failed miserably. Online support advised there was a problem and would get back to me. Obviously they didn't. Tried again, same result. Eventually logged complaint via https://colesmobile.com.au/home/page/legals-complaints
    and it was resolved within a couple of hours.
    You then need to contact online support to get APN details to get mobile data to work and also check your voice mail settings, as it will most likely default to voice mail rather than ringing.
    Took a while to sort out, but happy with service since.

    • +1

      I also had a terrible experience with using this service. It took 10 days to port my number over and I have to get in touch with the TIO. I recommend all to read the comments of the Coles reviews before trying this service :https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/coles-mobile

  • Be aware no internationally roaming

  • Still no 4G or WiFi calling.

    • No 5G you mean

  • Got this the last time it was on special. Experience in Perth metro has been pretty good; The coverage is great and I've never had any issues. Another good thing - Coles supports call conferencing while some others like Amaysim don't.

  • So in general optus whoever you use is crap? Im asked some locals im my area how optus was and many said not great. Some get poor reception etc.

    Im pretty sure my optus real me c3 phone is locked to optus if not then I would like to use Telstra or someone like boost.
    As I’m with boost who else uses Telstra and offers similar as I want to use both phones rather than swap sims back and forth.

    I just need to try a sim in the phone to see if unlocked which im pretty sure will be.
    But seems from posts here and from locals who have it or use it it’s not great here either.

    I thought optus was up there with Telstra seems not.

    • Belong uses Telstra also,. there cheapest plan now is $15 per month (with 3gb data unlimted but capped speed, they also have unlimited roll over of unused data and one can share that data with other Belong users, all plans also have usual unlimited call/sms), thing is you need to start on a higher plan first month then change to the $15 plan 2nd month, but there are usual deals at coles/woolworths half price deal, so example their $45 plan with 80gb data for $22.50, good way to start with 80gb as I said above the unused data rolls over,.. I've banked up over 300gb.

      Optus is up there with Telstra actually they have the fastest 5G service in Melbourne, with all these telcos it depends on ones location for good signal and service, what the towers offer in bandwidth also plays a big part, saying that Telstra does have a bigger foot print coverage wise but you'll notice the better coverage from Telstra more in certain regional areas, where I live in metro north/west of Melbourne I'm surrounded with 5G coverage and I've clocked up speeds over 1000 Mbps near certain Optus 5G towers on my 5G Note 10 Plus


      Edit: I think I seen somewhere the real me c3 can be unlocked

      Here is also a Android app where one can check their surrounding 3G/4G/5G towers what they offer in bandwidth, number of frequencies, distance from home etc for all telcos, it's called Aus Phone Towers very helpful app


      • Is there an app for iOS

  • Is this deal active? Coles Mobile website still has 60GB for $120, not $99. Has anyone purchased this for $99?

    • yes, its active….

      i bought two just now

      came here to say thanks OP

      • thanks. ive purchased one just now as well

  • How do we get this deal? Coles website is full price?

  • +3

    It's $99.00 online now. Just updated the link.

  • If buying this online do they send you a sim?

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