[VIC] Free Vegetarian Meals for Anyone in Need @ Om Vegetarian Restaurant, Melbourne CBD


Dear Ozbargainers,

Given the current circumstances transpiring in Melbourne and people reaching out to us via facebook for assistance, we will be providing free meals at our restaurant from 12pm to 3pm daily for the next few days to all those in need.

The meals will be provided to anyone who asks at the counter however we ask you to please only avail the free meal if you are in actual need.

We can provide these meals in takeaway containers available for reheating later or dine in at the restaurant.

Our restaurant details are:
Om Vegetarian
227 Collins St Melbourne (inside Wales Arcade)

The meals are simple home cooked Indian Vegetarian meals.

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    Thank you for your kindness and generosity!

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    Great Job guys……briliant way to give back to the community in need.

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    The meals are simple home cooked Indian Vegetarian meals. Amazing πŸ•‰οΈπŸ™πŸ‘

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      I used to eat there a lot when I worked nearby, really good authentic food that’s also nutritious. I miss their food.

      • +3

        Same. Their Paneer Masala *Chef Kiss*

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    Thank you, guys. Kind as always

  • +40

    Hey bro you have a donation link? To support these efforts.

    We see you and Aangan often do this .

    Well done..

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      Hi, we don't have a donation link at this point in time. If our resources become depleted and demand remains high, we will certainly reach out to the community for assistance.

      • Please do.

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        I've seen many non profit operations. But this is the first time I'm seeing a reply like this for a donation offer. You guys are amazing. Please reach out if you need any support.

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          yes please.. this is great deed.. hats off to you

      • Hats off, mate! Also, respect to all of these Indian restaurants across Australia which offered such great gestures throughout the pandemic and beyond, over and over without any expectations. May Karma pay you back much more in some form.

        Hope CBD's "premium" restaurants and restaurants of other cuisines can also partake in such noble activities once in a while.

      • Please let the community know when you need volunteers.

      • @CAsam Yes please do, look forward to helping here.

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      We see you and Aangan often do this .

      Its part of Hindu religion to give back to the community. If you have a Hindu temple in your suburb, you'll most likely find that they do the same. No need to donate, everyone chips in and helps out.

      I am so proud of the Hindu community in my area. They literally sent out thousands of meals a week during the peak of the pandemic and they didn't ask for a cent.

      If you want to give back, the best thing you can do is eat at their restaurant and the good thing with Indian food is that even vegetarian meals are (profanity) unreal.

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    They have been doing this again and again during this pandemic. Really appreciate their generosity and big heart for charity.

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    OMg amazing

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    Thank You and appreciate your effort.

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    I love seeing generous offers like this. Thanks for giving back.

    I'm wondering if the "meals in takeaway containers" is something paying customers can make use of too, or if it's just a special arrangement given the current circumstances? (Personally my lunchbreak isn't long enough to eat-in, but I wouldn't mind picking up some food to eat later occasionally. And I feel even more motivated to come in and spend my money there when I know you're helping people in need.)

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      The takeaway thaali meal is a permanent fixture of our restaurant. You get served in a re-usable compartment container which separates the rice and curries with the naan coming in a separate paper bag :)

      • Brill, thanks.

  • πŸ‘πŸ‘ Well done πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • OM food is fantastic (and i'm far from a vegetarian). Hope to be frequenting one of your restaurants soon. Great initiative!

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    Hey CAsam yesterday I tried to grab lunch after 4pm but the restaurant was closing down, are these new operating hours?

    On google it's still listed as open until 8pm

    • +10

      Hi there, from this week we went to lunch time only 11am - 3pm due to low CBD traffic. I'll update the hours on google today thanks for letting me know.

      • +3

        Cheers mate, and thanks for doing this initiative for the community

  • Great work guys.

    Will need to try one day.

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    Looked at you menu.. made me hungry…:-).. great initiative guys, next time in City will have food there.. happy to contribute whenever required..

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    I love the initiative and I loved going to Om (alone and with coworkers) when I used to work at a fast food place fast food close by :)

    Anytime anyone needs a good meal for less than $10, I point them here :)

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    Massive good Karma coming your way mate…

  • my friend always loved coming to Om on Elizabeth St pre-covid. Definitely one of our favourite spots. Love your work and everything you stand for!

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    Upvoted, and will come in and try next time I am in Melbourne - whenever that may be.

    Would be very happy to pay for an additional meal for those in need when I do.

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    Massive respect!! Up vote!

  • +1

    respect & proud.

  • +1

    Awesome food there and great vibe! Great value for anyone working in the CBD. Massive respect for them doing this.

  • Will come and buy a meal next time im in Melbourne, nice job.

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    Any lebanese restauurant have anything similar?

  • Food here is amazing and I believe if you dine in, it's all you can eat (unlimited).

  • +2

    When in Melbourne CBD this place has been my easy choice for years. A bargain at full price. My kids have bought food for the homeless from their own money from here too.

  • Huge respect to you guys and the food is absolutely delicious.

  • My respects to your team as well OP, haven't been here before but definitely will drop by once things improve.

  • +12

    Thanks everyone for your well wishes and words of encouragement.

    We had a local charity reach out to us last night in need of approximately 200 meals due to this post and we are helping to deliver the food to them today.

  • Wonderful initiative. You deserve a standing ovation.

  • Thank you for your generosity.

  • Huge respect, can we drop of donations in kind (like lentils, ghee, spices etc)?

    • +1

      Hi Ishesh thank you for the offer, we don't have a requirement at this stage.

  • legends - well done, was pleased to be the 500th +ve vote :-)

    • thank you so much - I can't believe the positive response we've received!

  • So uplifting to hear positive stories during the pandemic, like these guys. Well done and I love your wonderful generous spirit!

  • Keep up the noble deed work folks. So good to read positive work during such times.

  • You guys are awesome! btw the site says you're closed due to covid

    • Hi, unfortunately a staff member has tested positive and we need to close for the next 7 days :(

  • Good on you Om team!

    Glad I've supported you when previously in Melbourne.

    Take care!!

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