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[Pre Order] Ecotest COVID-19 Saliva Rapid Antigen Test Pen 2 Pack $30 + Delivery @ Vital Pharmacy Supplies


Located some RATs online - expected delivery is 20 Jan - with dispatch occurring a few days after that. Hope this helps some folks out.

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        Imagine life like this for all medical products and procedures.

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    Should we neg ScoMo and vote him out this year since he is the cause of this RAT search race?

    • Nah… the other guy is even worse!

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        • Because he's after your franking credits.

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    Really stoked that Scomo didn't think to make these free. Would hate to infringe on the profit margins of his mates doing a cheeky scalp on a critical healthcare product.

    • …critical healthcare product.

      Comedy gold.

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    Reported to the ACCC.

    Price gouging is NOT a bargain!

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      Better than having people buy more than they need

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        Right. The point of tests is to help protect the vulnerable. The more tests the better.

        You seem to forget we live in a society.

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          Not exactly. Plenty of triple-jabbed, vulnerable people are dying. But it’s not from COVID, it’s with COVID…

          The point of these tests is to satisfy the curiosity of the general public. Should we also have tests for the hundreds of other common viruses that cause mild illness?

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            @tharlow: Covid has been shown to result in worse outcomes for people in hospital with other conditions.

            It's not really a mild virus with the numbers in hospital and ICU. People also forget that Delta is still out there.

            Testing helps with planning hospital capacity.

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              @ihfree: They’ve had two years to “plan hospital capacity” — testing is a total waste of resources. Around 80% of COVID-positive people are completely asymptomatic, so this definitely qualifies as a mild virus. You can quarantine the sick, but quarantining the healthy is counterproductive. Why? Firstly, because variants of this virus will be circulating forever, and the amount of disruption is completely out of proportion to the health risk. Secondly, this benign virus is sucking all the resources from more important concerns

            • @ihfree: Testing at home with RAT helps with planning hospital capacity? Uhm.. how?

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    I ordered a 5 pack over 9 days ago and im still waiting for my order to ship and the website said it was in stock and i paid for express shipping. Would get a refund if i could and not buy these.

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      I'm one of those too - ordered 14 days ago when it was "in stock" - then became a pre-order next day, and jacked prices 1-2 days after that

      • sent a request for a refund late yesterday and got it first thing this morning - so logistics is an issue, but at least customer service is good!

  • I ordered mine 29th, still waiting for a tracking number.

    • Because they don’t have stock yet. They think they will have stock in another 10 days. Then will post days after that.

      • I had an email that they had delivery "the next day", which was last Wednesday.

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    So they don’t have any stock, hoping stock arrives around 20th, then will post a few days after stock arrives.

    By that time everyone like local chemists and supermarkets will have stock again.

  • I wouldn’t recommend these tests

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    Yet another case of no bargain.

  • This tester tests your saliva, which is the least accurate way of testing Rona. I have friends who is neg from this spitting tester but positive from nostrils swaps.

  • i dont know why ppl are rushing to buy these RAT. it will be flooded in market wihin a week or two like face masks before. even if u tested positive, then what? u still gonna to do as per usual like u haven't tested.

    • if u tested positive, then what?

      Make sure all your affairs are in order? It’s never too late to make a will, if you haven’t already

      • Uhm, for disease so dangerous that you need get tested you know you have it?

        • Not necessarily to know you have it, more to verify you have it, or what it is you have.
          Currently suffering through it at the moment and there was never any doubt that i knew i had something.

          • @virtual81: Get well soon!

            • @tharlow: Appreciate it.
              Turning the corner, on about day 8 I'd say.
              For reference sake took the test in the title of this thread at about peak unwelness, Tursday/Friday last week I think and came back negative.
              Had PCR test booked for Monday just gone and nurse said i could take a rapid also if i wanted so took both, the RAT in the clinic was a clear positive, yet to get the PCR result, not sure of it will show additional info like strain or whatever.

    • source?

  • I really think there's a better place to post stock availability of RATs. A Facebook group maybe?

    • Ideally there would be a Covid side group that isn't in the main ozbargain feed.

      • You can hide them from the front page through deal settings.

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    Hey folks, just an FYI these saliva tests are less accurate. Nasal swabs are more accurate. My cousin used a saliva test and it came back negative while she had Corona and she infected her whole family. These RAT are expensive so it is better at least to spend money on something more accurate.

    Well wishes to all ✌️

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    -1 Not a reliable test
    -2 Not a bargain

    Have personally had a verifiable false negative from this exact test.
    Seems many other have too.
    Based on many other user accounts it seems that saliva based testers should be avoided.

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    Huge Number of Vax Deaths & It’s Getting Worse – Dr. Pierre Kory

    • -1

      Wiffy, Wiffy, Wiffy…

      From or with? It's funny because you deniers use the stats the other way when it comes to Covid.

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        deniers use the stats the other way when it comes to Covid

        Funny how vaccinations no longer correlate with 5G coverage.

        Neither is Bill Gates tracking us with chips and nobody is getting stuck (magnetically) to their car unable to escape

        There is the one about how mRNA is going to kill % of the population to make humans easier to enslave. I don't see a rush for AstraZeneca. But then isn't it better to live free and die than to be alive and enslaved for the rest of your life.

        • Funny how vaccinations no longer correlate with 5G coverage.

          That's because over 50% of the population are vaccinated. Now, the 5G enabled blockchain cryptocurrency technology developed by Bill Gates and Fauci using machine learning algorithms is powerful enough to censor the internet in realtime /s

  • These tests absolutely suck. I know multiple people who have gotten negative on these tests and immediately positive on others

    • I know of a household who half got positive RATs and other half got negative. Everyone went to PCR and confirmed all positive.

      But then it is common sense if you live in the same household and didn't isolate before symptoms showed then assume one positive RAT then all positive. Viruses respect no boundaries.

      • Most of the people im referring to have shared a space but are different households etc. but you are correct

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    Who actually really need a RAT test? Those who work in customer facing roles (essential workers)?

    Surely not those who thought they won't get it by going to a party on the weekend after WFH Monday to Fridays and now have remorse that might not be able to go for a quick shop at the local Woolies / Coles.

    Spend 6 hours at a party on the weekend, spend at least a day trying to find a RAT.

    92k cases a day in NSW today including RAT test results. Those positive might take a test daily before returning to work, which is fine but imagine all the needless tests simply because people can't get their head around what a pandemic really is.

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  • Hard to contact this Business, No response on email, calls even on social media. They limit commenting option on their Facebook Business Page. Ordered early January, available stock. Yet to be shipped. Cannot cancel orders via website. it's already 2022 and they still haven't figure out how to maintain their orders.

  • I bought All test RAT on 11/01. They still not sent out the product. Their phone number is not reachable. I sent an email 6 days ago, and not reply yet. I decide to go to Paypal to refund. Really bad.

    • Likewise. I submitted a refund via PayPal also

      • Still nothing from them. Have decided to go down the Paypal route also. Have you guys received the refund through Paypal as yet?

        • +1

          Yeah I just escalated it to the highest point instantly. I did email them 3-4 times over a few days. It was quite quick to get the refund from PayPal.

          Best of luck, it was a garbage experience to go through. They emailed me like a week ago saying sorry for the wait, we will refund you!
          Too late buddy, I got one via PayPal 2 weeks ago

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