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Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Electronic Drum Kit $627.10 (RRP $749) + Delivery / Free with Prime @ Amazon UK via AU

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Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit – 8-Piece All-Mesh Electronic Drum Kit with Aluminium Rack, 385 Sounds, 60 Play-Along Tracks, Cables & Drumsticks included

No stool included.

Ships from Amazon UK for $634.31
Ships from Amazon AU for $766

Gets good reviews for a basic electric drum kit. Perfect for beginners or just to practice.

Happy Drumming πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    They didn't ship mine out from last deal

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      For me they did, took a while though….

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      Same here, they did not honour my last order, waited for 2 months

    • I got my order from the last deal but took a few months to dispatch from the UK

    • I got mine! Under 500, couldn't believe it

  • They were $430 ish from last deal, missus wouldn't let me buy, waiting for the second round, I'll buy this time without telling her…

    • +1

      yeh god, that was a steal, shoulda grabbed it at $431…

      • Yes, yes you should have!

      • that was a steal, shoulda grabbed it at $431…

        Only a few actually received it.

        • I was one of the lucky ones then (but did take few months!):-) happy days and good luck to others.

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    Great kit, at full price is just about the cheapest way to get an electronic kit with a proper kick drum pedal. At this price it's a no-brainer for a beginner kit.

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    Have been looking at this for a while now (hence signed up for alert subscription) - this isn't a good price.

    September 2021 - $431.11 from Amazon UK -

    May 2021 - $652.34 from Amazon AU - (faster shipping, less hassle warranty etc etc)

    Has been cheaper on Amazon UK recently too.…

  • Can this be output directly to a drum amp?

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      Yeah that would be fine. From the manual:

      Outputs: Use standard 1/4" TRS cables to connect these outputs to a speaker or amplifier system. The level of these outputs is controlled by the Volume knob.

      • Cheers

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      Use a powered PA speaker, or an amp that specifically says drums or keyboard. Do not use a guitar amp as they are limited in their frequency output and at best it won't sound very good or at worst you will blow the speaker.

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    I have mine adapted for use with Rock Band 4 on Xbox One:

  • Does anyone know how to find an excellent drum teacher? music school keeps changing new teachers so he has been stopped and started. thank you in advance, can pm me.

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      Tough question. It's not easy finding a good music teacher. Every musician gits gud and then declares themselves a teacher and that couldn't be further from the truth. If you're not getting stability, I'd consider looking for someone who is not affiliated with the music school (because that just adds money to the price, likely anyway). That being said, a music school does offer a way to kind of have it neatly packaged and I'm assuming by "he", you referring to a child / teenager.

      You're looking for someone who does it from their house but has a separate drum studio. Those people tend to be extremely reliant on stable income of the drum lessons, which means they often get quite shi.tty if you even want to take a bit of a break, but at least you don't have a flaky teacher. The more the specialised the setup is, the more likely they aren't flakes and the more likely that they are actually doing okay at their job.

      Feel free to disregard or rebut me, I can only speak about my experience (and actually in the case of drums, I've never had a teacher, but my brother did and the person that he had is exactly what I'm describing). For the record, I've had lessons in singing, guitar and piano. I made some bad choices myself. Careful placing your trust. It's a complete cowboy industry.

    • +1

      I did not ever have a lesson, but just mucked around playing along with music, which is one area where electronic drums excel. You can pipe music in to the brain unit and then mix with yourself playing drums in the headphones/speakers. Playing on headphones is far less embarrassing than practicing as a newb on acoustic drums, because you can play freely and hardly anyone can hear you, except some minor noise in your own house, so better for everyone and less inhibition.

      The other things I've found really helpful include;
      * playing along with a wide range of music rather than just my hobby horse genres/songs
      * Start easy (e.g. Flame Trees by Cold Chisel or similar simple 4:4 beat rock songs) then build up. Don't be discouraged that you can't play X, Y, Z, just play what you can and it will build up your skills and you will suddenly realise that certain songs are in your range now.
      * jamming with some other people and in this setting being forced to practice certain songs and build skills is really helpful.
      * watching videos on YouTube, including lots that talk about doing fills, etc, including memory aids like "Pat Boone, Debby Boone", "Bucket of Fish", see and other videos by the same guy
      * Realising that you don't have to always play a sing the same way the original artist did it, but can fudge things/sections and do things quite differently if you want.
      * You might want to practice rudiments, for which there are various videos on YouTube. Things like a two stroke roll, or paradiddles.

      Jamming with others would require an external speaker. Even with an external speaker you don't have to have it loud and this can jam almost anywhere. It is a hassle setting up and packing up, but not much different to any drum kit and more versatile in many ways.

      Some may think that electronic drums don't sound real enough, but they often do and can do things like have a kit that's half bongos, half traditional drums. Some higher end electronic drums allow you to load samples, but probably not this kit.

  • +3

    Got one last time. Kick drum was faulty. Zero response from Alesis support, had to return the whole damn thing to Amazon UK!

    • Wow, they wouldn't let you just send back the kick pad?

      • No. I purchased from Amazon UK via Amazon AU. Amazon AU support said they handle Amazon UK returns (also Amazon US) like a third party seller. Which means there is no flexibility with returns you just have to send the whole thing back. I had to arrange my own return shipping and pay it upfront (insanely expensive) - though, they have promised to reimburse when received. It wouldn't of been a problem if Alesis support offered some options, but I never got a reply.

    • Wow that would have been a pain in the ass.

      Did you try and troubleshoot in forums ect?

      • I certainly did, unfortunately it was a dud.

  • +5

    Buy Roland. And you won't be disappointed.
    Mine hasn't missed a beat in 10 years.

    • I will move to a Roland kit next, this kit was about me getting back into it and it has done the job brilliantly!

    • Buy Roland.

      I tried connect a Roland drum module to my XBox 360 drum kit, it is quite good but too expensive to buy, thinking to just buy the Alesis SR-16 module.

  • Damn I'm glad I bought this for $430 in the last deal!

    Such a good kit, I have it connected to my Macbook Pro running Superior Drummer 3 (the sample libraries are awesome!) and Logic Pro.

    • Is there much latency with alesis

      • Latency is mitigated through using a soundcard

  • If you want a great option that has a big mesh kick drum (good for double pedals), can definitely attest to this as a good alternative:…

    • Almost making me want to cancel my order and get this

  • bought in last deal, was so excited i can finally own a drum kits and start playing / learning.

    I bought Drumeo beginner pack and subscribed to Melodics annual (can ask them for a discount after trial)

    I love music games and used to play a lot DJmax on PSP and PC.

    so just treat it as a toy/game and get so much fun

    for a beginner it's a good start and definitely worth the money

    next will try to hook up clone hero on PC

  • +1

    Bought this last year at 430$. If you are planning on using double pedal, it is hit or miss. the kick drum is not wide enough for 2 beaters.

    • Yeah I'm still yet to purchase a double-pedal, I've seen plenty of video's on YouTube of it working

      • yeah, i based my purchase on those videos, but unofortunately it only works 50% of the time. then i checked in reddit, majority is having the same issue. better off designating the hi-hat as another kick drum tbh.

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