Chiropractor Charged Me $65 for 2 Minutes of Free Adjustments He told me were included in $49 Facebook Offer

Update: Just advising that a refund of $780 has now been processed to your nominated account.
Not showing up in my bank yet so not by OSKO but I will give it a few days and see.
Update 2: Got my $780 back today looks like my threat of leaving a bad google review worked

I went to Chiro H3 in Cremorne after seeing a Facebook offer for 2 sessions for $49. The first session I did some examination and went on some machines. The 2nd session the results come back and I have Scoliosis(sideways curvature of the spine). Bobby tries to scare me and say my condition is advanced and pressuring on my discs 5+ years advanced. He gives me the hard sell and tells me I need 1yr treatment plan at least, 4 weeks of 3 sessions a week and 4 weeks of 2 sessions a week and then once a week for the rest of the foreseeable future.

He offers some adjustments, and does 2 minutes of 3 simple adjustments. He claims doing this multiple times a week will solve my spine and correct the curve. Bobby says $780 for 12 sessions the first four weeks will need to be prepaid ($65 a session). I am very shocked by this, and decide since he diagnosed it I should go along with his plan. When I go to the Radiographer to get a Film of the Xrays to show my parents, the first thing the Radiographer asks is "Did you find another Chiropractor?". This seems strange to me, why would they think about that first when I honestly requested my Xray films?

This gives a sick feeling in my stomach as I think maybe I've been upsold $780 of treatments that I don't need. I go online and Google reviews confirm my suspicion "Beware. This place scams you into paying thousands of dollars. They suck you in and tell each person that they have a huge problem that needs to be fixed. I didn’t even have pain but Bobby is a marketing genius who’ll persuade you uncomfortably strongly into spending your savings away, to spend all your spare time travelling there for adjustments that do nothing but give a few hours relief. He gets lazier with time, charging you silly amounts of money for 2 minute manipulations and taking shortcuts, and doesn’t actually care about anything but your money. He doesn’t even warn you of the potential risks of spinal adjustments before commencing, which every chiro should do. They can be fatal. And after all that, all I gained was much more back pain, when I didn’t even start off with much at all to be a problem. Don’t let them touch you."

There are 2 other negative reviews to the same effort, another with Bobby's name and the other confirming you are a "client" not a patient and that is confirmed when I call in they call me a "client". I decide to get a second opinion from another Chiro that I used to go to and had positive experiences with. She confirms the diagnosis but disagrees that they can correct my spine scoliosis saying "It's medically proven they can't correct the spine just strengthen around it". She said they are definitely upselling $65 for 2 minute adjustments for 3 times a week and likely I wouldn't benefit from it as they are not doing muscle work and soft tissue massage. I had paid for a 1hr session with her and she spends 30 minutes working on my back, a big difference to the 2 minutes Bobby spent on 3 simple adjustments.

When I call ChiroH3 to cancel my $780 care plan, they say "Every Chiro will have a different opinion that is fine. We will cancel your plan and provide a full refund". Then I receive an email from them "Thank you for sending through your account details. Bronwyn in our accounts department can process the refund of $715 to your account (this is $780 less $65 for the adjustment treatment you received on 11/1/2022)."

I am very surprised by this as I paid $49 Examination, COREscore, X-rays* and second visit Report of Findings. I had also explicitly asked if adjustments were included over the phone when paying for the $49 offer and then again with Chiro Bobby on the first and second session where he said he would work on me after the treatment plan. All 3 times they said yes, we will do adjustments on you part of $49 plan. I thought the whole time some Adjustments were included in the 2nd visit for 2 for $49, but they tell me "Not included after you signed your treatment we are deducting $65, sorry for the misunderstanding but you still have to pay". So you are telling me you put videos of Chiropractic adjustments 2 for $49 and your offer does not include any treatment? The reason I didn't think $65 would be charged is that he only did 2 minutes of adjustment, I thought just quickly as part of the 2nd session after the treatment plan.

I'm understandbly very angry about this and want to name and shame them. My bank has said that as long as I have contacted the merchant I can dispute the transaction and will be leaving a negative review as soon as I can.

TLDR: Chiro is charging $65 for 2 minutes of Free adjustments offered as part of 2 for $49 offer. He is claiming falsely he can straighten my spine and high pressure sold me a $780 care plan as part of a $5000 year plan I am trying to cancel.

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    will be leaving a negative review as soon as I can.

    Yet that doesn't seem to stop people apparently…

    Why you'd think any reputable chiro would even need to do a Facebook special offer is beyond me.

    • -16

      I actually got 10 different Facebook Chiro offers, pretty much the same offer after I clicked on the first one. This one seems to be getting new suckers for the $780 treatment plans.

      • +3

        10 different Facebook Chiro offers

        This one seems to be getting new suckers

        *these 10 seem….

    • +159

      reputable chiro


      • -84

        Found the physio.

        • +111

          Found the physio.

          Who will be an actual allied health professional unlike the quack that is a chiro.

      • +12

        100% I didnt realise it for a long time till i saw even the medical faculties in universities dont like and want the chiro department to be associated with them as they dont want to give that snake oil any kind of legitimacy. Its funny when even TV shows where there is a con man trying to cheat someone and the first thing that tips off people is that he says hes a chiro.

      • -4


        One would be a moron to have such faith.

    • +17

      There are reputable chiros?
      According to which science, or medical degree?

      • You can find reputable chiropractors. Keeping in mind that finding someone with Anna's credentials is like finding a needle in a haystack.

        Doctor of Philosophy
        University of Melbourne
        Grad. Certificate University Teaching
        University of Melbourne
        Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery < This is the key difference between quacks and a real deal doctor who also has chiro certification and registration.
        University of Melbourne
        Grad.Certificate Acupuncture
        Melbourne College of Acupuncture
        Grad. Diploma Vocational Education & Training
        University of Melbourne
        Bachelor of Applied Science
        Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
        Bachelor Clinical Science
        Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

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      Chiro and reputable don't go together, if you have pain, see physio or doctor, even a qualified spinal surgeon will consider twice before touching your spinal.

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    I was paying $70 for 15 minute sessions with a chiro.

    Got a better work chair and stand up desk and haven't had back pains since.

    • -1

      My trusted chiro is $95 for 30 minutes $145 for 1hr and they work on you the whole time
      $65 for 2 minutes is beyond belief not even an escort charges that much.

      • +26

        My trusted chiro is…

        If you already had a "trusted chiro", why did you go to another one?

        • +1

          I haven't been to them in 5 years, I wanted to get this sorted quickly and cheaply (my bad)

          • +12

            @DisabledUser184253: Cheap, quick, good.

            Rule if thumb with most things is you can only have 2.
            You want cheap and quick, you miss out on good.

            As for your situation, I'd be happy to cut ties and $65 seems like a cheap lesson learnt.

      • Yeah, mine is covered under private. It's not that expensive even without it but he works on me the whole session.

        Weather massage, or Infrared etc

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    First problem
    - Went to a chiropractor advertising on Facebook.
    To be honest everyone has a slight curvature of the spine, it's a chiropractor's job to play on your emotions and upsell you.

    I'm sorry but they saw you coming.
    Get your $65 back and leave a review.

    Chiro's are taught to be business(wo)men just as much as they are taught (in limited capacity) to fix problems.

    • -26

      My trusted chiropractor was very honest with me, thank god they are not all like that

      • +78

        Chiropractors aren't based on science, so honest and chiro shouldn't really be in the same sentence

        • +4

          The alchemist in me wants to cast a hex upon you, but I don't think you'd care enough for the magic to work…

      • +43

        'trusted and 'chiropractor' are not necessarily two words i'd use in the same sentence.
        The general consensus from previous ozbargain posts is that if you want to be fixed go and see a physio
        If you want to be massaged and cracked and have a temporary euphoric high before reverting back to how it was before see a chiro.

        • +4

          And before you see a physio, go see your doctor. They might diagnose your lifestyle and pain, and offer better solution. And likely they can recommend you to a specialist, or to a physio that they trust.

          Heard of this one guy which had a really fvcked up spine from a lifelong of hunching. He may have gone to the chiro once, but they're expensive so he wouldn't have been able to go more than that. He became unrecognisable after some "life hacks", he made a conscious effort to change things.

          Like breathing from his nose, chewing his food properly, changed his diet, some yoga meditation, keeping his chin up at work, periodic stretching and standing desk… and started going to the gym. He said the little things helped pick himself up, but once he had the courage, it was mostly the dead hangs and pull ups at the gym that changed his physique. There's really no shortcuts when it comes to health.

      • +8

        My trusted chiropractor was very honest with me

        Sounds like you've allowed yourself to be brainwashed.

      • +1

        I guess you needed to find a different "chiro" to blow smoke up your <redacted>.

        When you're done with the tomfoolery, perhaps try a physio for a change.

    • +19

      First problem
      - Went to a chiropractor advertising on Facebook.

  • +54

    Chiropractors just fleece everyone. None of it is science based. They seem to attract a lot of gullible people for some reason.

    See a trained professional who specialises in whatever your ailment is, not a quack.

    • -15

      Trusted chiropractor referred me to Scolicare

  • +3

    Sorry for your loss.

  • +58

    Chiro is bullshit. Lets just stop there. You were scammed the moment you walked in the door and paid $49

    • -9

      I got an Xray for $49 and I know my diagnosis?

      • +24


      • +15

        A “diagnosis” not worth the paper it is written on

      • +13

        'diagnosis' from a snake oil salesmen, everybody loves a good crack but stick with a good physio.

      • +8

        Your xray shows you are a human being with a human skeleton holding a Facebook coupon.

        • +1

          I concur. Dr do you concur ?

      • The x-ray was paid for by medicare

        • not if ordered by a chiro

        • This used to be the case but not for several years.

    • +74

      I had this mentality my whole life based on their almost non-existent training requirements, quasi-scientific explanations and trigger happy application of neck snapping on infants.
      Copped a recurring sport injury (shoulder strain) last year and after endless encouragement from team mates to see this 'amazing' chiro in town I finally caved, figuring 'I've never actually tried and seen first person if they are as lousy as I claim'.

      Went in with as open a mind as possible, even slightly optimistic based on the in person reviews from mates.
      First up, did a Q&A about myself with the practitioner, then got sat in front of a documentary.
      Oh. My. Gaawd.
      Looked like a literal meme of what the rest of the world sees chiro as. 90's animations of healing electrons running down the spine from adjusted vertebrae into problem areas like the bowel to cure cancer, over the top highschool style sciencey demonstrations of how brain waves travel through cells, etc etc. Mind blowingly informercial-esque, only thing missing was Troy McClure.

      I genuinely struggled to hold in my laughter, but persisted on to the money phase, a physical inspection and adjustment from the pro himself.
      After pushing me around a bit, lying me down and giving me a few prods, he promptly declared one of my legs was too long by a good inch or so, "we'll definitely need to do some adjustment over the coming weeks".

      Thank god he spotted it! I let him do some back cracks and more prodding before he decided he absolutely had to crack my neck to… fix my uneven legs. Absolutely not, this was the one bridge of risk I refused to cross. Work your magic man, but don't touch my neck. The (profanity) even tried to crack it by surprise after I told him not to.
      "look can you just have a go at my shoulder, that's why I'm here"
      "Mate, can't even start on that until we get a few weeks of adjustments in to solve your fundamental imbalances, and I can't do much good without adjusting the neck too."

      Eventually I compromised and let him use his more non-invasive neck adjuster tool for stubborn patients suffering from an irrational fear of having their necks snapped.
      I later found this tool online and discovered that, in true circus professional style, it was made solely to give the sound and impression of a joint snap without actually cracking any joints… genius!

      Anyway, by this point I was running out of reserves to hold in the laughter/criticism, so looked to wrap it up. Asked how often I was going to need adjustments to fix all my problems, let alone my actual shoulder issue I came for.
      "Well after a few months you could probably stop coming weekly, but it's not something that can ever truly be fixed in the modern world of computers and slouching. You will need ongoing adjustments."

      And thus concluded my exciting foray into the deeply scientific and not at all scammy world of Chiros.

      • +16

        I had a similar experience, had 2x sessions where Chiro would disappear for 20 mins while I was on a machine that moved my legs.. third session she tried convincing me I needed to be put on a 12 month plan for x number of sessions, I did 'quik mafs' and told her it's over my bupa allowance.

        As I was leaving I noticed a patient in the other room, on the same machine.. aha!! She sees two ppl at once!

        Anyway, went to a physio and he literally fixed me then and there, gave me an exercise to do at home

        • +1

          Some physios I've been to see two or more people at once too.

        • +4

          Had similar issue with a physio the dr recommended me. I had a heat bag on for 20mins then a machine pulled at my neck while he saw 2-3 other people. Never went back

  • +6

    Count the $65 as a learning experience cost and move on….

    • +3

      Nah prefers to make an Ozbargain post. Surprised it doesnt have a poll or link to discord.

      • +2

        Nah naming and shaming, google review, facebook post below their ad the full works

      • Consider it a PSA

  • +7

    If you legit have scoliosis bad, ain’t no amount of massage going to undo it.

    Source: my brother had major scoliosis (he was even a case study in some medical journal) and no amount of physio/massage could undo it. In the end surgery was the only go.

  • +12

    Chiropractor….. 🙄

  • +26

    There’s a reason they don’t let chiros in hospital

    • +32

      Even if they get run over by a client?

  • +5

    is that one of those facebook scams?

    its almost like those porn site scam girls who always live 5min from you, except its a chrio who just happens to be in your suburb this week offering snap crackle and pops for $49

    • Yeah, upon further investigation it is a scam

  • +15

    I think you need to get yourself a Spine-O-Cylinder.

    • +10

      Dr. Homer's Miracle Spine-O-Cylinder*

      • +6

        patent pending

        • +1

          Less yapping, more cracking!

        • +1

          patent pending

          patient bending

          There, fixed it for you.

          • +1

            @haji: One… Two… Better not sue!

  • +3

    count yourself lucky OP you found out early and they gave you a refund. take the money and run, don't look back.

    see a physio or EP for some posture correction/strengthening exercises. keep active, vast majority of scoliosis (get a GP /physio to diagnose, it's a favourite for the dodgy chiros to swindle you into a long term treatment plan for $$) is subclinical

  • +3

    Dear diary….

    • Today I went to Chiro, but then…

      • ~on t he way he met a man who wanted to buy his mother in law…What will you give me in return for my mil?” The man answered, “I will give you five magic beans!”

  • +2

    Too good to be true offer from Facebook advertising, turns out to be too good to be true. Amazing.

    Oh, it's levity, he must be jealous of the attention Pam gets.

    • +4

      My psychic powers are sensing discord from those entities.

  • +1

    You sound like an absolute pest to deal with

    • +12

      I try to be, for businesses that scam people

    • +2

      absolute pest to deal with

      Not much different from a chiro then I suppose. In that way they deserve each other.

  • +2
    Full Definition of 'oxymoron'
    a combination of contradictory or incongruous words (such as cruel kindness, reputable chiro, honest naturopath)
    broadly: something (such as a concept) that is made up of contradictory or incongruous elements
  • +24

    When I go to the Radiographer to get a Film of the Xrays to show my parents, the first thing the Radiographer asks is "Did you find another Chiropractor?". This seems strange to me, why would they think about that first when I honestly requested my Xray films?

    Because chiros are quacks who request imaging that they have no business interpreting. They aren't GPs, radiologists, or even dentists, and tend to request whole body imaging for trivialities, which not only unnecessarily exposes patients to ionising radiation, but bottlenecks radiographers from doing actual work. You want an idea of just how credible chiros are? Almost no proper university offers chiropractic, which makes it about as legit as a 'degree' from Endeavour College of Natural Health. I've even seen animal chiros who claim they can 'adjust' horse spines manually. Unless you're a gorilla, a 600kg animal with spinal muscles the size of boogie boards is barely going to feel your puny human hands.

    • -1

      Macquarie Uni has Masters of Chiro

      • +21

        …which is disgraceful. It is indicative of the underfunding of Uni’s generally. Sadly.

      • It's a travesty that schools stamp their name on diplomas for unscientific quackery. Bit suspicious that no sandstone or Go8 university offers it, no?

      • +1

        There was talk of getting rid of it a few years back. Just after they built the teaching hospital and started investing a lot into their Faculty of Medicine, there was a push to focus on evidence-based health care.
        But unis are run by people with more business sense than ethics, so they recognised that it was too valuable to just close down and instead they tried to sell their Chiro programme to UTS holus-bolus. They were in serious talks but it all fell through.

    • You get the X-rays and the radiographer/person there still writes on the report… my chiro-requested X-rays (first medically person to ask for X-rays of my back despite years of issues), found scoliosis, leg shortening, pelvic tilt and rotation and squished vertebrae.

      • +1

        found scoliosis, leg shortening, pelvic tilt and rotation and squished vertebrae.

        Ofcourse they found that. The chiro wouldnt be able to recommend frequent vi$its for a protracted time-frame otherwise. :D

        • It was the radiographers report that wrote all that though, the chiro just read it out to me 🧐

          • +2

            @Benno007: The report is not the interpretation, that is done by your clinician, which a chiro is not. Every one of us will have some degree of spinal curvature and disk compression, and there are always incidental findings which are not clinically significant. The chiro's job is to fixate on these, convince you that they're the cause for all your maladies, 'adjustment' is the cure, and they're just the ones to do it.

  • +10

    You should write a book on "how to create unnecessary drama in your life"

    • Have you been following my exploits on Ozb?

      • Yes. I've found the book. I didn't know you had already published it.

  • +12

    Facebook is a terrible place to find chiro!

    ozbargain on the other hand is great!

    I'm actually a Chiro, many many certs completed. come I do one over zoom, cheap cheap 2 session for 48.99


    • Post it up as a deal!

    • I don't believe you, until you post it as a deal!!

  • +14

    sold me a $780 care plan as part of a $5000 year plan I am trying to cancel.

    LOL. Your need to return your OzB membership.

  • Facebook chiros are ripoffs

  • +1

    Ahhh good old treat the symptoms treatment plan.

    As an allied health professional, I have to say, there are some really really horrible chiros that are great in misdiagnosing spinal issues, leg length issues and seem to be so fixated on adjustments rather than identifying functional issues impacting structure. However, there are some amazing functional chiros who seem to be living, breathing x-ray booths.

    Seriously, see a combination of Physio/Exercise Physiologist/Podiatrist.

    An EOS scan will be significantly better in identifying where your structural imbalances may lie.

    Addit: Also suffer from really bad scoliosis. Treated through body weight exercise, climbing and orthotics.

  • +16

    I can’t believe they refunded you at all, he should hand back his chiro membership

    • he should hand back his chiro membership

      To the box of cereals behind which he found it?

  • +4


    found the problem

  • +6

    Too Long. You only need to know that Chiros are quacks who take gullible people in and fleece them.

  • +2

    But chiros are Doctors!! /Sarcasm tag.

  • +4

    In a skeletally mature (adult) patient the rate of scoliosis progression is usually very limited unless you have a substantial curve, a neurological condition or marked degenerative changes in your spine. You sounds like a relatively young adult and no mention of the above issues so I suspect your risk of rapid progression would be low.

    As suggested above an EOS scan is an excellent way of quantifying your spinal and overall coronal and saggital plane alignment that will allow physio and and exercise physiologist to begin working on soft tissue massage, posture, core and lumbar strength and gait / lower limb alignment and strength. Modification of work based ergonomics is also very helpful to prevent fatigue and pain. Vast vast vast majority of adult scoliosis can be managed in this way and rarely ever comes to any form surgery.

    • +4

      Username checks out

    • +1

      Thanks for mentioning the EOS scan. Now I at least know what to ask for next time.

      Despite being to 12 different doctors, 3 chiros (who I personally feel I get more immediate results from than any physio I’ve been to, just need to know when to stop going lol) and 2 physios (despite being ‘highly recommended’ have been useless) in the last 12 years, none have ever suggested this to find more info.

      My scoliosis has progressed from one curve to 3 curves in my spine from my X-rays which were 10 years apart (am 33 now), so am looking for ways to fix this or prevent it from getting worse.

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