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$5 Quarter Chicken Lunch Meal (until 4pm) @ Red Rooster


Nice and cheap lunch. Head instore to grab your $5 Quarter Chicken Lunch Meal*! Which includes a Delicious Quater Chicken, Chips, Mash & Gravy.

*T&Cs apply. Only available In-Restaurant and Drive Thru until 4pm for a limited time only. Prices may vary by store.

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Red Rooster
Red Rooster

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    $5 Quarter Lunch Meal

    $20 for a Full meal is not a bargain…

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      jv is your full time job ozbargain commenter on new posts?

      • +13

        No, it is a voluntary position.

        • Your 88,117 previous comments have obviously given you a lot of practice.

          Good response :)

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            • @jv: well-

              Now it's 88,118 after that comment 😑

        • Those poor chickens.. they feel cheap enuff as it is guys.

    • Do you eat a whole chicken as a meal?

      • Sometimes …

        Title said

        $5 Quarter Lunch Meal

        When I posted

        • It also said Delicious Quater Chicken, Chips, Mash & Gravy, but I don't know what a quater is, unless it's Ita Buttrose describing a crater.

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    When did R.R. start including mash & gravy? Are they trying to compete with KFC? Lower the price.

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      Been years now, I'm happy to pay a little extra at red as I prefer their chicken/chips, but seems to highly depend on store.

      • is it dry chikcem?

        • Maybe 1 out of 10 times for me, but I always ask for leg quarter cause even know it's less meat it's juicier. But as people say it seems to depend on staff/store.

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            @Narull: I have no idea who prefers the breast over the leg quarter but I thank them.

            Without those freaks I wouldn't be able to get a leg every time I ask. And I do ask every time.

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      I went to RR for the first time in a decade and it was a pleasant surprise. Food was all pretty good, bit pricier than KFC and harder to customise. Mash and gravy was really good but a bit too salty.

  • These deals never work in some stores. They'll just say they ran out of stock to get out of doing promotions like this. The 2 stores in Southern Cross never have "stock" through any of the promotions

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      Understandable I remember these $5 quarter chicken chips and can over 25yearsa ago,

      • I remember they used to be $2.50 around 1990

        • Actually $2 for Chicken and Chips. No Gravy.

          • @JimB: No drink either. I think it was a Tuesday thing?

            • @transit: You could be right, it may have been a Tuesday thing.

              All I know was that it was $2 for quarter chicken and chips.. brilliant

              • @JimB: I only came to write the same thing. $2 chicken and chips and it was Tuesdays. We used to get it frequently. Not only that, you got a heap more food jammed in there than we get today, it was actually a filling meal back then. Inflation, the silent killer…

                • @Click_It: I do remember getting more chips, i.e. box was full rather than chips in a small bag.

                  But I can't remember if the chicken was bigger. Chicken is probably the same size as today but my belly is much larger than when I was 10yo. haha

                  • @JimB: I've only bought this once since the 90's (about a year ago) - I think the chicken was comparable in size but as you say, the chips used to be crammed into that box and now we only get a small bag. But yes I hear you, I was about 12 when that deal wrapped up so perspective is a thing too :)

                    I can't blame them though, inflation is real, costs everywhere have gone up in 30 years (geez that long?) not to mention Red Rooster used to be a thriving chain back then and now they're a ghost town. I have no idea how they are still running, my local never sees a soul.

                    • @Click_It: I've always thought it's a money laundering operation.

                      • @Wardaddy: How did I not consider this earlier, especially when I have watched Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. Yep, without a doubt, you're right!

                        The username doesn't check out.

    • +1

      You should make a complaint and you'll be surprised how they respond

      • Care to elaborate?

        Is it helpful like KFC or is it abuse like my local Domino's?

        • Easy, give a valid complaint and they usually give you a $10 or free voucher.

    • To be fair those spencer street (profanity) never did the red royalty for me in the day either, I’ve never had an issue elsewhere

  • Was this deal ever removed? I went in last week and didn't see any ads. I asked at counter and they said it wasn't available anymore.

    • It been there the last 7 yrs everyday as far as I know .

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    My favourite take out, everyone seems to bag on them but I've always been happy with my local stores (and they always busy at night), guess like most things must depend on the employee's or not.

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      Take out ?

  • +5

    I'm convinced Red Rooster is a front for a drug cartel/money laundering. There is no other way these guys have stayed open lol. It's always empty.

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      You are watching too much Netflix drama (Ozarks?)

      • More like Breaking Bad :)

    • +5

      they cut staffing cost by only have 2 people working in store. The poor person has to run the drive and counter sales. While the other is doing the "cooking" on their own.

      • There a million jobs available anyone can change .

    • Glad I'm not the only one thinking that 😂

    • Been saying this for years.

    • they deal in chicken salt

  • no chikn shortage at r.r?

    • -1

      Too many people with big a$$ freezers from last round filling them to max with meat .
      I know of someone who had a black/brown out and lost 2k of meat lol hehe :)

      • Suffer in your jocks hoarders!

      • -2

        It's really hard to see how all those animals dying for nothing is funny

        • There's always one.

          • @Wardaddy: yeh, and it's you Wastedaddy

  • Hadn't been to Red Rooster in years, with this offer they are back in the running, even though I absolutely abhor gravy.

  • Not going to downvote, but when they jam the small gravy inside the box, it just uses more room for chips. Dodgy Marketing Photo used.

  • I have a $5 off purchase voucher in my account, cant find any minimum spend requirement, does anyone have the same? Is there a min spend?

  • Wait. So it's a $5 deal, but prices may vary from store to store (T&C's)???

    • Yeah, was gonna go out and get one. But this… doesn't make any sense.

    • It won't be available at all stores. For example, the Red Rooster outlets within the MCG never sell promotional items/offers.

  • damn this was my fav back in high school, no red rooster in sight now :(

    get the thigh for max oily goodness

  • anyone have a referral/promo code/link???

  • -1

    Just tried it and I think it should come with a box of Imodium. I immediately had the run's afterwards.

    It tasted like shit and shouldn't be labelled food. Absolute toxic junk

  • -1

    Salt.. salty.. so much sodium.
    Pls love ur heart and avoid these salty junky food.

  • Still being advertised on the website & app so would still be valid, am in Melbourne

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