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Huawei Watch GT2 Classic, Brown 46mm $199 (Save $180) + Shipping / $0 Pickup @ JB Hi-Fi


First time posting a deal , please be gentle .
Best price on this smart watch I have seen for local stock. (I believe Amazon UK had it for $175 during Prime day sales).

I personally use the watch been using it for 12 months and can vouch for the battery life. I charge it around every 10-12 days .

I also find the GPS really fast to lock on and accurate. Notifications work great but it is limited in apps as it is not android or apple platform but for an accurate fitness watch with GPS, heat rate , water resistance, really good oled screen and watch face options that looks like a "real" watch I think it is a good deal.

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    Have had the watch since the $169 deal on Amazon. Great watch very happy with it and agree with your summary

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    Still wearing this. Recent update included "petal maps".

    Just wish it had strava integration natively.

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      I agree . I find the Huawei Health app pretty good and been impressed with the amount of updates it gets. I use health sync app to connect to Strava seems to work well

      • Is there a way to connect to Google fit? Just got one but doesn't seem like it

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          Is there a way to connect to Google fit

          Have to use the health sync app

          I use health sync app

          The Android app hasn't been officially updated since July 2020.

          Yeah no official update but inside the app it will redirect you to sideload it.

      • Is that in Android or iOS. The Android app hasn't been officially updated since July 2020.

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          The Android app self updates outside of Google Play. Last update was a few weeks ago. Firmware updates are very frequent and the current beta in China is testing the addition Harmony OS watch apps as in the latest GT3 and GT3pro. Huawei have opened their ecosystem and we should see lots of good stuff from xda developers etc.

          • @Hey-what: where is the self update? the only update i see is in the settings which directs me to side-download an apk which i wont be doing. my biggest annoyance with the app is not being able to edit naps. They usually get it wrong and you can't delete it

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              i see is in the settings which directs me to side-download an apk

              That is the only way to update it because Google banned Huawei.

      • Hi deeeshow, I can't seem to get it to connect. Give me an error and the only option is to disable or renable Huawei health when trying to link though the health sync app.

        • renable Huawei health when trying to link though the health sync app.

          Update app and watch firmware?

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    Great watch. Like mine.

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    Got this during the last Amazon sale and well worth the money.
    Really impress with the build quality and battery life. Pretty sure I didn't charge it for a week and it was still ticking.

    Not totally a smart watch as you can't really message people but read message but does a decent enough job and voice quality is fine

    I previously had a Samsung Gear S3 and this does 90% of what that watch does at a much cheaper price so go for it if you need a good looking semi-smart watch.
    Only cons for me is lack of NFC Payment and SMS reply function

  • Does this watch have a timer and multiple alarms you can set on it and can vibrate on your wrist as an alert?

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      Yes it does have timer and multiple alarms, you can setup silent mode with vibration.
      The timer has multiple but already set 1,3,5, 10,15,30,45 mins and 1 hour and also one custom timer

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        Has multiple alarm function, has timer and silent vibration

        • How hard is the vibration to wake me up

          • @JesseN9: Annoying enough imo. The buzzing on your wrist is a lot different to from a phone nearby. You can really feel it

            • @zjz93: The mi band 5 and 6 are really good at waking me up

  • is it possible to install other apps on this?

    • to install other apps on this?

      No not android.

    • Harmony OS apps on the watch are in the current Chinese beta firmware. So hopefully it will be added for all soon.

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        Harmony OS apps on the watch are in the current

        So we will get this on GT2?

  • I'm waiting on the $119 GT2e to pop back up.

  • Are these any good? Seems like a waste of time on face value, what's the upside advantages of this watch?

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      Waste of time on face value? This thing will give you time.. and face(s) on the up side of the thing. Don't bother looking at the down side of it. That would just be a waste of time.

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      Technically all watches are a waste if you have a smart phone as that tells you the time too and you're most likely to have it with you most times.

      * Fashion piece
      * Lets you answer/make phone calls whilst your mobile is in your pocket or bag
      * Tracks your fitness with various features - Heart rate, Sleep cycle, ect…
      * Notifies you if you have a SMS - You can read it but not reply back

    • The face is an LCD screen so you can check messages or who is calling without pulling your phone out. You can keep your phone on silent all day too, your watch will vibrate (or tap your wrist for Apple Watch) whenever you get a notification or call. Plus it's 2022, watches should be smart by now, you'll look like a guy from the stupid ages wearing a 20th century dumb watch.

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        It is an OLED screen.

  • Be gentle

    Not on my watch

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    I bought one yesterday from eBay allphones store, after eBay plus 12% off, it's $183, Au stock.


    Black one is $174 if you have eBay Plus.

  • I just ordered the matt black one for $188 from Amazon https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B07XH9KHLR/ref=ppx_yo_d...

  • No 'always on' mode?

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      Mine has "always on" mode after updating the os to the latest version.

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    Here it is in action, looks alright https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uQiVurwJGQ

  • Can anyone comment how long the battery lasts in GPS mode (like for an ultra)? eg Garmin Fenix 6s is quoted 25 hours in "accurate" GPS mode

    edit: sorry just found it, 30 hours apparently for 46mm

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    No nfc guys

  • Does it have SpO2 ? Cant get a good price oximeter at the moment, many of them on ebay/amazon are overpriced.

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      Does it have SpO2


      many of them on ebay/amazon are overpriced.

      Bought one from eBay for $10, waiting for it to arrive.

  • Is it possible to send voice commands to google assistant?

  • Beware, The device itself may be fine but the app leaves a lot to be desired. And arguably that's the more important aspect. It hasn't had an official update through the Google store since July 2020. If you want to update you have to sideload. Hmmmm.

    • It has update notifications inside the app itself due to Google ban

      • Which you have to sideload. And when you try to, Google warns you and its done at your own risk. I wouldn't do it

        • Google warns you and its done at your own risk. I wouldn't do it

          You never sideload app before?

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    Saving money does not make something look better. That is one of the ugliest things I have seen.

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      You should be worried about every company not just Chinese based ones.

      Without going into detail I work for a ASX listed company where we work directly with Google and various advertising media vendors.

      The amount of information we can gain from the amount of time a user spends on site to how quickly they scroll down a page is insane.

      Your digital history and footprint is more accessible than you realise.

      If you ever wondered about those banners or Ads that seem targeted to you well that's just the basic stuff.

      Almost every company/website obtains information on you and your browsing habits not just the Chinese.

      • If I have to see ads I want them to be applicable to me. Why wouldn't you?

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    is it good watch?

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    Got one in Dec, great looking watch, but returned it. Not enough native integration with my Android phone/apps.

    Was impressed with Amazon returns. As soon as Aust Post scanned it Amazon credit back my gift cards.

    • Me too mate, used a return for a pair of headphons which sounded off. Didn't expect such an easy and fast return process.

      Did they ask for any reason? Only cause I noticed they aren't supposed to accept open items back on their returns page unless it's faulty.

      • I selected something like Didn't Meet Expectations.
        Fashion categories, inc watches, can be returned open but unused.

  • Got it at $157 when the price @Amazon UK fluctuated during Black Friday.
    Generally satisfied with battery, about 10 days if always wearing (taking off when showering), a bit less than folks comments '14 days'

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    Bought this watch because of the advertised features. Battery life is killer, and the features when they worked were great.

    However, I found I constantly lost connection with my iPhone so notifications wouldn’t come through. This would happen at least once per day.

    After switching to an Apple Watch, I’ve had no issues (except for now having to charge almost daily).

    Maybe it’d work better with a Huawei or Android phone.

  • Thanks OP, bought one had some work gift card plus the deal got it for $100.. Think would be a nice alternate to my aging Samsung active watch which I have to charge everyday..

  • Struggling to get the health sync app /Strava work through to happen lol

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