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$50 Weber Store Gift Voucher via Redemption with Purchase of BIC Mega Lighter (From $5.60) @ Coles


Seems like a pretty incredible deal, purchase a lighter for $5.60 and get a $50 Weber Store Gift Card.

I took the liberty to call the Weber Head Office number in the terms and they confirmed that it's redeemable on BBQ's, Accessories and pretty much everything that the Weber Store sells (either in-store or online).


To enter customers must purchase, in one transaction one (1) participating promotional product highlighted in Coles (including Coles Express). The customer needs to retain the receipt as proof of purchase to register online. Participating products in the Promotion mean BIC Multipurpose Lighters including:

Product Description EAN Current Price
BIC U140 Fluo Megalighter 1pk; 3086123341852 $5.60
BIC U140 Fluo Megalighter 2pk; 3086123566385 $9.45
BIC U110 Flex Multi-purpose Lighter 1pk; 0070330633445 $8.05
BIC U110 Standard Multi-Purpose Lighter 1pk 0070330616998 $7
  • The customer must register at www.bicbuyandwin.com.au, where they will need to upload their Proof of Purchase (Receipt) and their contact details. Prizes are an instant win and will be allocated when the registration is verified as valid on the promotional website. A confirmation email with details how to redeem the reward voucher will be sent to them within three (3) business days.

  • The Instant Win Prizes are Weber Store Gift Card vouchers, valued at $50 per product. Total of up to 199,995 vouchers can be claimed during the promotional period against equal no. of products. The prizes remain subject to availability.

  • A person may enter the Promotion as many times as they like, with multiple receipt numbers and can be eligible to win multiple times during the Promotional Period, provided they meet the requirements for entry in respect of each entry made.

  • Entrants who make a Qualified Claim for each Instant Win Prize will also automatically receive one (1) entry to the Weber BBQ Prize Draw (“Weber BBQ Prize Draw Valid Entrants”), as outlined in Weber BBQ Prize Draw below.

  • The instant win prize will be allocated once a valid claim is verified, the reward is revealed and customers simply follow the prompts to redeem the reward, a confirmation email details how to use the voucher will then be sent to the customers via email: [email protected]

Key Dates:

  • The Promotion is open for Qualifying Purchases made by customer during Purchase Period.
  • The Claim Period opens between 12.01am AEDT on 5th January 2022 and 11.59pm AEDT on 8th March 2022 (“Claim Period”).
  • Customers must upload their receipt within 30 days of purchase or before 8th March 2022, whichever is earlier.
  • The Weber BBQ Prize Draw will take place on 16th March 2022 at 3pm.
  • All reward access codes will be valid for 2 (two) months upon issuance or up to 8th May 2022, whichever is earlier.

$50 Weber Store Gift Card Terms

  • Each Weber Store Gift Card is provided to you as a code and PIN, which must be applied in the payment section prior to placing an order.
  • Each Weber Store Gift Card is redeemable instore at all Weber Store locations and online at Weber.com
  • Each Weber Store Gift Card must be used in full in one transaction and is only valid for a maximum of one code per transaction. Any remaining value will be forfeited.

As always, enjoy :)

Mod 17/1: No issues using gift cards on accessories according to comments.

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  • So… hang on…. does that mean you could buy 100 lighters for $560 and then receive $5,000 of gift cards!?

    • +12

      Which you would need to use in 100 separate transactions at the Weber store.

    • +6

      "only valid for a maximum of one code per transaction" according to the gift card terms so maybe not?

      • Ah I missed that part… knew there had to be a catch (edited for typo)

  • +17

    FREE money hack (❂2019 working!❂) HINDI HD??????

  • Is this a competition?

    • +2

      Not a competition, the $50 gift card is sent with any eligible redemption.

      There's a separate competition included which is for a Weber Family Q3200 LP Titanium BBQ also.

  • +2

    vouchers, valued at $50 per product. Total of up to 199,995 vouchers…

    That is a prize budget of ~$10m.

  • +5

    TGG recently sent me a $300 no catch gift card for their delay in Macbook Pro orders… Bought a Weber Q. Thanks! Need to buy a few accessories :)

  • -2

    Genesis® II S-455 Premium Gas Barbecue (Natural Gas) - retails for $2,889 - so just need to buy 58 lighters for $330 and it can be yours!? insane deal!!!!!!

    • +2

      Read the first few comments

      • +1

        unfortunately posted before seeing that - thanks

    • you need to persuade the salesguy to let u split pay in 58 transactions

  • +2

    "Each Weber Store Gift Card must be used in full in one transaction and is only valid for a maximum of one code per transaction. Any remaining value will be forfeited."

    Can't stack them. Good for buying things less than $50 only.

  • -1

    Each Weber Store Gift Card must be used in full in one transaction and is only valid for a maximum of one code per transaction. Any remaining value will be forfeited. Does this mean we can only use one 'voucher' per transaction when purchasing through Weber?

    • +2

      Isn't your question exactly the same words as in the T&Cs?

      • Is it true that Each Weber Store Gift Card must be used in full in one transaction and is only valid for a maximum of one code per transaction? Is it also true that Any remaining value will be forfeited?

        • +1

          I see what you did there.

  • +3

    Acts more like a unique promo code than a gift voucher when you can only use one per transaction.

  • Ohh. This is perfect. I was wanting some accessories!

  • +2

    Means you can buy a bunch of accessories for next to nothing.
    Ie, extra meat probes. 3x $20, or $10 out of pocket.
    Pizza stone.
    Cooking pans, etc etc.

  • +9

    Oi Damo give us ya lighter

    • +3

      I don't wanna give you my lighter. Always pocketing my lighter you

  • +1

    Wow I can use that $50 to buy a single lamb chop for the fam

  • Was in full “gaming” mode for a second there… picturing myself grilling up a storm :)

  • +1

    Can we purchase it online via coles ?

  • Bloody hell…..just spent $400 on Weber stuff from TGG!!

  • is there a minimum spend with the vouchers ?

    Because i know that weber stuff is super expensive,

  • +1

    Guys….Here is what I read while making the claim….

    1) Follow the prompts to complete the registration form.
    2) Once verified, a confirmation email with the Reward Access Code valid for two months will be sent to your nominated email.
    3) You will automatically be entered into the draw to win one of five Weber Family Q3200 LP Titanium BBQ’s.
    4) Follow the instructions in the email to redeem your $50 Weber Reward Voucher.

    ************All Weber Gift vouchers must be used within 72 hours and against a Weber BBQ purchase******************

    • +4

      That page says for the use on BBQs, but the terms state nothing about that requirement and when I called Weber Head Office directly they said they knew of the promo and that it was valid on anything they sell (not just BBQs).

      • Okay That's good

        • I don’t know if they’re actually changing the promotion on the fly because of this post. It seems like they may have just changed the front page to specific BBQs only. The Weber head office definitely confirmed it was valid on anything so I’m not sure what to do lol..

          • @doweyy: Ooo this is a tough one now, still tempted though.

          • @doweyy: Hard to believe it will work on accessories, otherwise I'm buying 30 lighters

            • +3

              @CheapBrah: I have just submitted my application and will see how it goes.. I asked the mods to remove the post in the interim before confirming that it works on anything, but will see what they say.

              • @doweyy: Same.
                Fingers crossed :)

    • interesting - I wonder if the code is only valid for BBQ purchase.

    • I thought gift cards had a minimum amount of time they had to be valid for (like 3 years)? This seems like a max of 2 months and 3 days

      • -1

        Iirc they don't expire any more.

      • Those apply to gift cards you paid actual money for. Not promo gift cards like these.

  • annoying, gonna go in store for it or a minimum $50 spent at coles

  • free money… here i come :-P

  • +1

    seems too good to be true, I suspect the voucher will only work on BBQs.

    • I suspect the voucher will only work on BBQs.

      If that were the case they'd be expecting to sell 200,000 BBQs which seems a little high.

      • Good point.

      • Not necessarily, in fact I doubt that's the case at all. They are distributing 200k of vouchers, they might estimate that a tenth of them might convert into sales. Not as if they lose anything on the unutilised vouchers.

  • thanks for sharing op! does the giftcard have an expiry date on them?

    • +1

      All reward access codes will be valid for 2 (two) months upon issuance or up to 8th May 2022, whichever is earlier.

      From the t&c’s

      • thanks i missed that somehow!

  • Anyone confirm if it works on accessories? I need a new cover

  • But would this also mean that I could do as many transactions of accessories I want?
    Say I buy 10x $5.6 lighters and get 10x $50 codes, I can then go to weber and tally up $50 worth of accessories every transaction and then use the 1 code, do that 10x times?

    • As I said, seems too good to be true.

  • it will be an insane deal if true, but most likely it will only work for bbqs.

  • Sweet. Wouldn't mind a new hotplate for mine

  • +1

    lol I bet they will change it to only apply to a weber BBQ (so you can't get accessories with it), seems too good to be true. Currently they offer free shipping on everything on their website (Weber Store).

    • It does seem too good to be true right? I could do with some bits and pieces, and would have no trouble spending a few of these.


  • -1


  • +2

    who is grabbing their keys and heading off to Coles and clearing the entire shelf

  • went and got one from my local coles to try requires manual validation from weber before code is issued. So doubt i will receive it today but will report back

    • probably because it's considered a dangerous item / children etc

  • I reckon there is a high chance they could just flick the switch and terminate the promo like clause 19 below

    Especially if we're all gonna ozbargain this to the death

    Entries will be deemed to be accepted at the time of receipt by the Promoter and not at the time of transmission by the entrant. The Promoter or TLC is not liable for any delays in the processing of information or for late, lost or miscalculated entries. If for any reason the Promotion is not capable of running as planned, including but not limited to reasons due to computer viruses, bugs, tampering, unauthorised intervention, technical failures or any other causes beyond the control of the Promoter or TLC which corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of this Promotion, the Promoter and TLC may in its sole discretion cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Promotion, subject to any written directions under State or Territory legislation.

  • When redeeming this is what the Weber store says …..Looks like it is for on BBQs only.

    Please complete the redemption form with your Reward Access Code below to claim your reward voucher.

    By doing so, you will be able to claim a $50 Weber Voucher valid for use on Weber BBQ's only.

    Please be reminded that all $50 Weber Vouchers will be valid for use for 72 hours upon issue.

    • +1

      Which contradicts the ts and c's

      Offer” shall mean a right to claim Weber Store Gift card vouchers worth $50 on purchase of BIC Lighter from Coles within Claim Period

      Weber store gift cards don't have those limitations.

    • +2

      Yeah, this was always too good to be true and out right misleading as well.

  • Wonder if there would an increase of Weber gift cards on the classifieds if they end up making it BBQ some how

  • +1

    Still not bad if I could grab the $50 voucher to buy a Smokey Joe..

  • -2

    Just spent $70 on lighters lol

    • It's a bold move cotton……

    • +2

      Let's hope you don't burnt.

      • -1

        Surely Coles will just take them back of I return them

    • Which Coles store did you clean out, so the rest of us don't go there.

      • Maddington, WA. Someone had already cleaned out the $5.60 ones :(

    • -1

      Did the same, cleaned out Rhodes NSW.

    • Just spent $70 on lighters lol

      Lol, and they're refillable

      • are they?

        • Yeah I had to buy one of these a few weeks ago. Will probably go buy one this evening to see if i can get the promo, good to have a spare.

        • My mistake, they’re not refillable. Different model to what I had.

    • Well did you do it in separate transactions?

      "To enter customers must purchase, in one transaction one (1) participating promotional product highlighted in Coles"

      • Haha yeah took me ages

    • Lol at the negs 😴

  • This deal is either

    1) Too good to be true or
    2) Can only be used on BBQ''s

    This would be the bargain of 2022 already if you could buy a $5.60 lighter and get $50 worth of anything from the Weber store. Heck, even if you had nothing to buy or didn't even own a Weber, getting some charcoal or smoking wood would be worthwhile.

  • -2

    Well I've just bought 10 in 10 separate transactions (invoices), finger crossed the voucher can be used on accessories.

  • +5

    Some bargains need to have comments closed from the offset. If you get what I'm thinking.. leave the deal there to be seen but dont let it gain too much attention so that it gets pulled!

    • That's actually a good idea.

  • Why is this deal expired?

    • +1

      Read bottom of post

  • +1

    Hadn't seen this section before, looks like they might have added it in.
    Looks like they wanted to make it so clear, that they put it in Point 4 and Point 5


    1. Complete the registration and upload your proof of purchase of your BIC Utility Lighter from Coles, online or in store, including Coles Express.
    2. A Reward Access Code will be emailed to your nominated email upon verification, valid for two months.
    3. Return to this site and click on Redemption, follow the steps and enter your Reward Access Code from the email.
    4. A $50 Weber Voucher for use on Weber BBQ’s will then be emailed to you. Note, the Weber Voucher is valid for 72 hours only.
    5. Follow the instructions in the email to use your $50 Weber Voucher via the Weber website on Weber BBQ’s.
    6. You will automatically be entered into the draw to win one of five Weber Family Q3200 LP Titanium BBQ’s!
    • -1

      it looks like they want us to spend the gift card on bbqs, but they are governed by the promotion T&C which allow purchase on anything

  • Ok, took the bait, registered, yet to see a reply email or acknowledgement email… Did someone in head office turn the system off??

    • +1

      Need to wait 3 biz days

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