This was posted 4 months 8 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Canon PIXMA MG3660 $47 (Save $22) + Delivery (Free C&C/ in-Store) @ BIG W


Seemingly always a cheap printer and scanner, but even cheaper at Big W now. Was the best price I could find. Includes two ink cartridges, full-sized from description (unlike similar priced HP). Cheaper than the Canon cartridges by themselves at Big W or InkStation. I'm upgrading an old version of this to get the wireless. Considered a laser but can't justify the price for my output.

I got the red one. Hope it looks as good as its pics.

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    We can harp on till the cows come home about ink prices but this does seem like a good buy especially if only doing very limited printing.

    Plus it comes in a pretty spiffy shade of red. I am a sucker for unconventional colourways.

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      One problem with this is that ink cartridges dry out when not used for a while. Or at least they used to; no idea nowadays as I bought a laser printer some years ago and never looked back

      • No I doubt any actual r & d has been put into getting around the print nozzle blockages.

        Horses for courses though. A COLOUR laser printer with scanner is easily in the hundreds of dollars.

      • I replaced mine about 2 years ago with a 2nd hand laser for about this price, still using the toner it came with. If you only need to print B&W then look at a cheap laser.

        Or look for a 2nd hand colour laser MFC, offices sell them when they do refurbs, these colour inkjet scanners seem good value but they are a hungry beast and need constant feeding.

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      No this printer is a scam. Spend a bit more and save a lot in the long run.

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        Got an example of something that’s not a scam, and is ‘a bit more’ ?

        Must be able to print colour
        Must have scanner as well

        Not trolling, you’d be doing this post a huge favour.

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          Tank printers. You aren't locked to expensive proprietary cartridges(which I'm assuming is the scam he's referring to..apart from the scanner not working when you're out of ink). Also ink lasts for ages. Personally use an epson ecotank, haven't had to refill it for a year and still have half bottles of ink left with frequent printing every alternate day. You can find them for cheaper prices on the epson refurbished store or on sale at officeworks sometimes.

          If you mainly print black and white, mono laser printers would be even cheaper and a better option.

          • @le457: Any other brands besides Epson ecotank? I use colour infrequently but sometimes I really need them, so a long lasting ink tech would be good. Wouldn't the ink dry out in a tank printer as well? (Not arguing, just wondering how they avoid the usual drying out of ink jets)

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    Buy a second-hand laser printer and marvel as you print 1000s of pages on one $15 toner cartridge

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      Can confirm. Bought a new black & white laser printer a decade ago. In all that time it has only needed new toner once ($18 delivered), and it apparently has 982 pages worth of toner left. Printouts are crisp and do not smudge.
      It always works, no matter how long it has been since it last printed something. The toner can not dry out like ink does because it is already powdered.

      So much cheaper and easier than constantly buying new ink cartridges.

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    • While I agree with you, it took me ages to find a second hand laser multifunction for a decent price.

  • Got the last one at my local a few days ago. Works great once set up but took a while to get the wireless working well.

    Also comes in black

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      You will love it even more when you go to refill your ink cartridges and see they cost more than the printer itself.

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        Why would I love it more when that happens?

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          Cause then you get to throw the printer against the wall

          • @Budju: Sorry I dont understand.

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              @J6: You get to beat the printer mercilessly with a baseball bat, like this

              • @Budju: I prefer running it over with a steam roller but hey.

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              @J6: Sarcasm. They're being sarcastic.

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    This aint a good printer even at this price. Not easy to setup or to use.

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      very easy to setup, are you using a Commodore?

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        What's his car choice got to do with a printer?

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          I think they're referring to the 1980s computer.

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        now im having flashback of John Laws as a kid and him giving away Amiga's


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    Make sure to keep the ink full if you want to use it as a scanner

    • Saw that. LoL.

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    Good price for a scanner

  • Inkjet nah, I pass

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    These companies that keep making such landfills, should be charged disposal fees to stop these unsustainable marketing strategies.

    • It's still useful for a scanner, might be good for old ladies who print 3 page a week

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        I'm very much not an old lady, but, yeah, 3 pages a week is about me

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        The problem is, the cartridge will dry in few months, regardless not much pages you had print.

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        Flat bed scanners are pointless these days too. Your phone camera does just as good of a job.

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          I used to think this. Quality wise a phone is acceptable and fine for the odd 'scan' here and there.

          If you are doing a lot of pages however it is a massive PITA to hold your phone there to scan a lot of pages at once.

          Bought myself a scanner and haven't looked looked back.

          • @workhappens:

            Bought myself a scanner and haven't looked looked back.

            I went the other way. I started with a scanner and found it too slow, and sometimes the page would scan crooked.

            For university assignments, where you might need 20 copied bits from multiple books, I found it easier to mount my SLR camera on a tripod, and lay the tripod across the dining table, with the camera hanging over the edge of the table and pointed at the floor. Put the book on the floor, with a couple of desk lamps either side to give even illumination, and take the photo. Turn page, click. Turn page, click. Much faster, and you know immediately if something went wrong with the scan. Also easy to zoom in and only "scan" part of a page.

            While I used an SLR, surely there would be a similar way to mount a mobile phone, perhaps using rulers and rubber bands? You may also need to mount the mobile lower, perhaps on a chair instead of a table, as mobiles tend to have wider-angle lenses than a zoom SLR.

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              @Russ: That initial set up sounds like a major pain, but worthwhile for big jobs like a book. For infrequent scans, I still think a flatbed is useful because I've found phone scanning seems to always throw shadows from the phone itself across the document. I know you can blu tack the document to a wall, but then you need a wall that is well lit too. Of course, scanners take up more space - not so much the footprint but vertical space, which may not work for some.

              • @y2k:

                That initial set up sounds like a major pain

                The very first time I did the setup, it took maybe 30 minutes to work out the best position of everything. But on later iterations, maybe five minutes to set up.

                Fortunately I had a couple of fluorescent desk lamps at the time, which really make it easy to get an even illumination. But I would easily save more than 5 minutes of scanning time, by using the camera.

                Nowadays a good webcam seems to do a satisfactory job, if you can get one of 2 megapixels or more.

            • @Russ: Oh yeah I would hate to do books on a flatbed.

              • @workhappens: I forgot to mention, thick reference books were one of the reasons I stopped using a scanner. Often the text close to the spine of the book comes out poorly with scanners, because the book won't lie fully flat on the scanner.

                With my camera setup, you can hold the book so it's only 90 degrees open, which makes the page much flatter.

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    Any tips on a cheap, very basic laser printer? Just b/w, preferably with wireless?

    • same

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      Brother seems to be a popular one on ozbargain:

    • I've had my B&W HP laserjet 402n for a while, works a treat, still using the original toner shipped with the printer!
      I think the 402 is discontinued though, the new one (404 I think) has a wireless option, maybe called 404w or 404nw (n is for network).

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    I print only a handful of times per year, buying a cheap printer like this has been well worth it.

    Before buying a printer, I went to Officeworks to print this one time and was about to throw punches at their machines for how buggy and hard to use their system is for printing. Stood for an hour there to print 7 pages.

    Bought a printer that day and never looked back.

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    hate to be that guy, but no ozbargainer should ever buy ink, in my ozbargain time have been through 9 inkjet printers.

    Only 2 laser, one black got on sale for like $50 thanks to ozb and it was such a game changer we saved up and got a colour one that we've only replaced toner twice in 3 years and can get the replacements of amazon for $38 for an entire set and we're already 500 pages into it.

    Just do the right thing and get yourself a laser printer, or become a cocaine barron so you can wage war with them as their ink costs more than your coke.

    • Any suggestion to replace my inkjet photo printer? Dont really mind laser if it can produce similar result.

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        we bought the bottom of the line brother laser printer on special 3 years ago and its never skipped a beat.

        First time we had a toner warning took out the toner carts and took them to the local store that sold tech who told us bash them a few times stick them back in, and wouldn't you knwo it another 150 pages.

        Told us it would be $40 each a toner cart, found carts on amazon for $40 for all 4 of them…

        • Ah right ok i'll stick to my inkjet photo printer then, need more quality than quantity

          • @oranglama: quality is way better than injet

            • @typhoonadventure: Not for photos

              • @oranglama: legit? i've been printing high quality video game covers for games I get that don't have them, reigns fire all over an inkjet.

                Also use high quality paper with it too.

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                  @typhoonadventure: Well hence my question above, tell me the model and i might convert. I can then find reviews online and compare them myself. I'm not sure your bottom of the line mono laser printer can beat my inkjet photo printer.

  • I checked 3 stores in VIC and all out of stock

    • Ballarat store had about 50…. go figure

      • I wonder why Ballarat had 50 and Frankston had 0… hmmm

  • my god this thing is a piece of shit. Stay away!

  • 20 prints and you're out of ink, junkkk

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    From someone who has sold & used these sorts of printers:

    The printhead is on the cartridge, which means you never get a clogged "sponge" as you will on a "slightly better" printhead in the machine printer, if you only print infrequently. If you do only print once or twice a month, you buy a laser (uses powder, not liquid).

    When you buy these, you MUST print a colour test page, per month at least. Bi-monthly is better, so the ink doesn't dry & clog cartridge. When you replace the cartridge, you get a new printhead.

    When you print documents, as long as they're not important legal docs, go into the printer properties after you choose to print, and set "quality" to fast or draft. It will use 50% or less ink.

    I'm still using an Epson from 2010/wifi & it's been in constant use w/me & 2 2nd/uni students & still going strong.


  • I purchased one as a click and collect, since a couple of local stores said they had it in stock. No joy - they just cancelled my order. Guess they were more popular than I thought! Based on some of these reviews, looks like I might have dodged a bullet anyway…

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