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[Pre Order] LG Neochef 23L Smart Inverter 1000W Microwave MS2336DB $178 + Delivery ($0 to Metro Areas) @ Appliance Giant


If anyone is in the market for a small 23L microwave with inverter tech - the lowest price I could find for the MS2336DB with free delivery is $178 at ApplianceGiant. Average price online is around >$189 plus delivery costs. Myer was selling it for $169, but I haven't seen them restock since December.

476mm x 272mm x 370mm

Overall Volume 23L
Microwave Power 1000W
Colour / Finish Black
Weight 9kg
Number of Power Levels (Microwave) 5 (1000W, 800W, 600W, 400W, 200W)
Smart Inverter Yes
Warranty 2 Years
Interior Type Easy Clean Coating
Turntable Type Glass

Reheat- 8 (Beverage, Casserole, Dinner Plate, Muffin, Pie, Pizza, Rice, Soup)
Soften- 3 Menus (Butter, Cream Cheese, Ice Cream)
Melt- 3 Menus (Butter, Cheese, Chocolate)
Proof- 1 Menu (Yogurt)
Popular Menu- 8 (Bacon, Casserole, Fresh Vegetables, Frozen Meat Pie, Frozen Vegetables, Jacket Potatoes, Rice/Pasta, Risotto)
Keep Warm- 1
Inverter Defrost- 4 Menus (Meat, Poultry, Fish, Bread)

Manual - PDF LINK

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    Life's Good at Lucky Goldstar! Looks like a good deal at that price. I thought our family's first N.E.C. microwave was about $700 in the 1980's

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    Decent price, bought mine for 140 like nearly four years back but it hasn't skipped a beat.

    Looks good, works good. Reliable as anything.

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    We have one of these (a microwave)

    It works by vibrating water molecules back and forth at high frequency

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    Does anyone know the ETA?

    • Mine was dispatched.

  • Great product - love this microwave (Popcorn in 2-min)

  • I bought the black westinghouse 40L mee-crow-wah-vay. It's excellent. I highly recommend it.

  • I've always been a fan of Panasonic, but I gave up after the last failure. Got a $99 microwave from K-Mart, larger size, better machine, 12 months warranty.
    When investigating fixing the Panasonic, parts alone were close to the $99. Everything is made in China, I've always said if one can make a toaster, so too can another and the same holds true for microwaves. Seen Panasonic microwaves that say "made in Japan", only to find out the most significant component is made in China, the megatron — the part that fails the most with microwaves. If or when the K-Mart microwave fails, I expect to buy another from K-Mart …. other brands are just more expensive than they should be for this type of product these days.

    • Decepticons made in China uses cheaper components which is probably why they are weaker

  • Much less attractive than the previous version that I own https://www.harveynorman.com.au/lg-neochef-25l-microwave-ove…
    The biggest drawback is the turntable. The inside is tiny and made even smaller by the fact that the container must have room to turn.

    • I was hoping to get a non-turntable microwave, but I read so many mixed reviews and decided it was over-hyped; hence the end purchase of the K-Mart option. and I really wanted the "Panasonic Inverter without a turntable" to work…

  • isn't 23L too small?

    • I think it is, the K-Mart one I got is 32L

      • Actually, it is 34L, not 32.

    • Very small. Suitable for small workspace or minimalist apartments short on space.

  • TIL what an inverter microwave is.

    Is the difference noticeable? Worth it for regular users (reheating last night's dinner) or are these aimed and people who take cooking more seriously than I do?

    • Doesn't overcook/undercook. Perfect for reheating.

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