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Commbank Rewards: Spend $60, Get $15 Cashback @ Nespresso


Good timing for me as I need to buy more. Could be targeted though.

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            @fredblogs: I use a coffee machine/grinder, and can have a coffee made and cleaned up within about 3m-5m (incl. steaming milk). With an aeropress, around the same (30s grind, 30s loading aeropress, 60-90s pouring/brewing, 30s pressing, 60-90s steaming milk, 30-60s cleanup). Fresh roasted beans are in their prime around 1-2 weeks after roasting, and slowly deteriorate. I use about 1kg a month, and they are quite fresh for the whole month - I don't notice much degradation over this period. I wonder how old the coffee in the nespresso pods is though???

            I enjoy making coffee though, and enjoy the little tweaks you can make to get a really custom tasting coffee. I've never found a pod I really like, but maybe that's just me. My whole coffee setup only cost around $400 for machine (half price on sale) and grinder (2nd hand), and I think I can make coffee better than local cafes.

            • @atlas85: Aeropress with even half decent beans is light years better than Nespresso pods, let alone freshly ground specialty coffee beans.. I would highly recommend an aeropress and a decent entry level hand grinder I.e Timemore C2 for anyone looking to make a great cup at home.

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