This was posted 5 months 16 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[VIC] Gerni 3000 1670PSI 1400W High Pressure Washer $80 @ Bunnings West Footscray


Saw this pressure washer going on clearance for $80. Not sure whether this clearance deal can be obtained from other Bunnings stores, but still plenty of stock when this was posted.

Looks like a good pressure washer with a respectable brand, long warranty (5 years with online extension), metal pump rather than the plastic ones of cheaper models.

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    Dunno why the image failed to upload to the deal, but here's a mirror to it.

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    Normally $129 by looks of it

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      $200 when I looked at it a week ago - was comparing it to the Ryobi that was on sale at $95. Reviews for the Gerni weren’t very positive anywhere I looked though. Not sure if brand attached unreasonable expectations- but every review I found seemed disappointed. Bought the cheapest Ryobi because it seemed worth the bargain price.

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        been reading about 'old' vs 'new' gerni quality. No idea which/when is what.
        new being plastic & easy to fail

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    Good deal mate looks that’s store specific just came back my locale store in QLD was still full price

  • Yeah seems to be a local deal comes up as $129 in my closest Sydney stores

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    For a second there, I thought I posted the deal lol

  • Doesn't look like it's even sold in SA :(

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    Still heaps left, just grabbed one. thanks!

  • This or ?

    Any expert opinion?

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      100% this. Aluminium pump has opposed to a plastics one on the Ryobi.

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    I bought the Ryobi at $95 because this one was $200+ when I looked at a different bunnings. At this price I’d probably get the Gerni - but reviews weren’t very positive when it was twice the price.

    • Was this one ever $200+?

      The 3600 was $209 today.

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    Just grabbed the last one. thanks OP

  • Any possibility to upload a receipt or photo..??

  • Can someone upload a receipt ?

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    Out of stock at West Footscray.

  • Bought one from Bunnings 2 years ago. Used twice, wand started leaking. Got a new wand, pump went. Pretty sure it was only a 2 year warranty at the time.

  • Any other store in VIC price matched at $80. It's even gone from the website now, which might mean it's a discontinued line

  • Caroline Springs denied matching at $80 even after showing photo and calling and confirming with West Footscray

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      Lol. Why did they call if they were going to deny it anyway 😂

      • To check on promo or clearance price ?

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    Just some feedback on my experience with gerni .
    I have a 3yr old mid range unit (rrp 499, paid 350) that I bought at SCA. It has a 5yr warranty. I’ve been pretty happy with it.
    The trigger is known to have issues and mine failed too the other week.
    I contact gerni who tell me, yes it has 5 yr warranty but I need to get a full refund at SCA. They no longer stock gerni (who now owned by ozito) and so I can’t just replace the part.

    Gerni can’t just supply me the trigger under warranty - I have to buy it myself.

    So I can consign the entire unit to the scrap heap when all ozito have to do is give me a a rrrp 40 trigger
    Seems kind of stupid. But I’m guessing ozito didn’t buy gerni’s retrospective warranty issues. I haven’t had time to push back a bit harder to gerni but will probably just buy the trigger.
    Given this experience, I’d be reluctant to buy another gerni.

    • Gerni exclusively sold at bunnings now. If a $5 part fails within 5 years, they'll replace the whole thing or give you a refund and the rest will go into landfill most likely. I've had to do it twice (so far) in 2 years. Not sure if it's my luck or these things aren't as good as they used to be but mine broke twice where the pump takes a good 30-60secs to activate after I press the trigger. Good thing is that I come home with a new one everytime and hope it lasts this time. I never abuse it and always prime the pump before starting. Maybe I'm too good with it lol.

  • Can anyone please share their receipt so I can try my luck at my local Bunnings?

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