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Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin 700ml $54.36 ($53 w/eBay Plus) | 1L $84.79 ($82.67 w/eBay Plus) Delivered @ BoozeBud eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Pretty good price for Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin. 700mL slightly cheaper than I posted last time

Excludes: Northern Territory, QLD Far North, QLD Regional, SA Regional, Tasmania, VIC Regional, WA Regional, WA Remote

Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin 1L Bottle $82.67 with eBay Plus

Region: Victoria, Australia
Style: London Dry Gins, Gins
Size: 700ml or 1000ml
Alcohol: 41.8%

Four Pillars Distillery is at the forefront of the booming Australian craft spirits movement, known fr its innovation and commitment to using fresh, 100% Australian ingredients to create memorable gins. It focuses on crafting small-batch recipes of different styles of gin, using a small Yarra Valley still. The Rare Dry Gin is made in the London Dry style, featuring juniper berries, but also including the robust Australian botanicals and flavours that Four Pillars specialises in. Juniper is the foundation, as a tart-sweet botanical, but there are other spicy aromatics including star anise and cinnamon from southeast Asia. Australian lemon myrtle blends perfectly with Tasmanian pepper leaf for the perfect finish. This is an easy-drinking gin, despite the whirlwind of flavours, and is perfect served with organic Aussie tonic and wedges of lime and lemon.

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  • +17

    The 700ml is the cheaper out of the 2 options when you account cost per ml.

    • +6

      Less than half the alcohol for more than double the price though

  • Could a gin expert weigh in on how this compares to Tanq / Bombay / Forty Spotted / Roku?

    • +6

      Everyone has their own thoughts, but most would recognise this as a step up from those other brands.

      • Definitely better than forty spotted.
        Roku is probably the better of that bunch.

        • +2

          Wow I'll give it a shot. As a novice gin drinker, I'd go as far as saying the forty spotted was one of the most enjoyable bottles in general (not just gins) that I've had. I enjoyed the Roku too but the forty was definitely a notch above for me. Looking forward to trying the 4 pillars and seeing how it compares

          • @ng69: Forty spotted is good, it’s just… it doesn’t shine being very neutral IMHO

        • It’s an excellent gin. Best I’ve had is Wild Diamond from Wanaka, NZ but I’d almost impossible to get without going there. This is almost as good. Try it with strawberries and ground black pepper.

    • +1

      This is definitely a “go to”. Excellent G&T (go with orange instead of lemon or lime), good straight.

      Haven’t tried forty spotted but better than the others.

      At this price it’s a big yes.

    • As a citrus-forward gin, it is good. At this price - very good.

      We use 3 out of 4 of the others where reasonable quality is desired but not critical. Can't say that I rate Forty - unless as an absolute bargain buy.

    • +1

      Way better (obviously alcohol preferences being subjective), my favourite thing about it is they use oranges to make the gin, so when you hit your G&T with an orange slice it really brings out the flavour. For me, the only gin better for a G&T is the four pillars spiced negroni gin.

      I actually think Roku is overrated, this gin is far more flavourful and distinctive. But then again, Roku is much cheaper when full price.

    • Definitely better than the mid-range Bombay/Tanq/Gordon’s

      • +2

        Is Gordon's mid-range? I always thought of it as the gin equivalent of Jonnie Red.

        • Correct its the usual house gin

  • Not checking out on ebay, keep getting message "A seller made some changes to an item listing"

    • working now

    • Mine did that too.. Just had to hit buy again and it worked

    • Yup just hit the pay button again

  • +2

    How rare is it

  • +1

    Can anyone else still get the code to work? I am seeing "This code can't be applied to your order."

    • Just ordered for $53

      • Had weird issues, only way I could get it to go through was incognito+guest checkout

  • +2

    This is a world class gin. It has won world's best gin several times and runs for around $35-$40 for a glass at many high-end bars in Seoul Korea (where I live).

    • Geez that’s expensive for a glass.

  • Grabbed one for the mister. He likes gin and he's never tried this one before. Hopefully it'll be as good as how everyone is saying it is

    • +1

      You won't regret it - it's the sh$t. I grabbed another bottle as well.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, we like gin and haven't tried this one before. We generally get 78, Malfy Roku etc. Got three of these at $53, lets see.

  • This is a great drop probably my favourite alongside Hendrix. Roku, tanquaray 10 & star of Bombay are great. Still got a bottle and half of that spotty gin - seems pretty smooth agree maybe a bit neutral with soda water.

  • Had this too: "A seller made some changes to an item listing"

  • +1

    Thanks OP. . just picked up a bottle.
    Imo, it is a great gin already at $67 . .but with the discount. . it's just brilliant.
    Highly recommended and supporting a fantastic local distillery.

    If you're trying it for the first time. . the fever tree mediterranean tonic water goes great with it. Slice of orange as mentioned previously by "callumds" .. and to round the flavour … add some whole peppercorns… and no . .you don't taste the pepper.. :)

  • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/BoozeBud-Forty-Spotted-Four-Pill...

    Seems like a pretty good deal here.

    700ml Forty Spotted and 700ml Four Pillars

    Works out to around $95 for both.

    Heaps of better deals on two bottle combos!

    • +4

      The forty spotted will always be an $18 gin in many peoples eyes now. I definitely wouldn't pay $45 for it.

      • Yeah I got two bottles last time for $26 each ($65 -$40 discount)

  • Thanks! Ordered a couple of bottles this morning and they arrived this arvo.

  • +1

    If you have Catch, keep an eye out for discount emails. I just used a $30 off $60 spend voucher and got a bottle of Four Pillars for $38 delivered.

    • +1 that is epic - pm me if u hear of anymore

  • +1

    Deal looks to be dead - now at $77.99 or $60.83 w/ 20% off coupon.

    • +1

      Shame I got my order and came back to buy a few more bottles.. guess I'll save a bit more money for now lol

  • Got refund notifications today. Bottle was damaged in transit….

    • So you got to keep it? How was it damaged did the Booze all leak out

      • They were informed by Auspost, I didn't receive the package.

        • Ah that's a pain mate.. bit unusual too i guess

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