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Xiaomi Aqara Zigbee Motion Sensor 2 Pack US$26.99 (~A$37.52) + Free Priority Shipping @ GeekBuying


After several requests in the last couple of Xiaomi Aqara smart home deals I've managed to organise a deal on these Aqara motion sensors in a pack of 2.

These sensors provide 170⁰ degree motion detection, have an adjustable stand and can be configured to do a variety of actions when motion is detected. This includes triggering an alarm to your Xiaomi gateway, sending a notification to your phone, turning on your smart lights and more

It requires the use of a Zigbee hub and it's compatible with many brands including Aqara, Xiaomi, Conbee and more. It supports Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Home Assistant.

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AU$ based on current Mastercard rate, free priority shipping and stackable with cashback.

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  • +1

    Works well with Conbee.. Nice and small (it’s deceptively small than you think based on the picture)

  • Will you be getting the N200 smartlock?

  • Came to AU$39.06 when I tried it. Wasn't quite cheap enough for me to pull the trigger. I loaded up on these back when GearBest and co were doing them for around $13, but I'd happily have some more.

    • Thats probably because of paypal conversion rate, you gotta pay in usd and let your card company convert. mine came out to exactly $37.52

    • Ah, those were the days

  • +1

    came to $39.06 indeed. i guess I could always use another 2 somewhere in the house, but the inflation is real, this exact same deal went up $5 usd in the span of a year.

  • Does anybody have any links as to how to set something like this up? I'd be interested in receiving alerts on my phone when movement was detected.

    • Use them with home assistant to do multiple things

      • Is the reason to use these over a camera that the zigbee motion sensor uses less power?

        • +1

          Don't be fooled by the picture - these are not the size of a typical PIR security system sensor. Without the stand, it is smaller than a pair of Lego minifigures standing back-to-back, and runs off a single button battery that lasts seemingly forever. You can site 'em just about anywhere.

        • I use mine in areas where I want lights to automatically turn on, like a walk-in robe for example.

    • +1

      You also need a hub of some sort. A Xiaomi or aqara hub is cheapest and easiest. Jumping into home Assistant or something similar is the most flexible, but has a short learning curve.

  • Ordered, thanks for the deal.

  • Can people suggest how to reapply the adhesive when you need to move it to a different place? Thanks

    • +2

      Double sided tape. I've found the adhesive on the supplied stickers can damage surfaces though. I now use the small Command strips instead, even though it leaves a small tab sticking out

      • I suspect you used the 3M velcro type one? like this one?

        • +1

          Link sounds right to me but has nothing to do with Velcro (aka hook and loop).

  • any deals on the water sensors?

    • Yeah working on a price for that one. Should be the next deal this week

      • can you do a deal on the 5 packs instead of just 2 packs

        • Would have been a 1 pack likely as they're harder to get cheaper like some other sensors. Can always do multiple orders.

        • Dropping a deal in 5 minutes :)

  • OOS now!

  • Damn missed it…any chance of a restock?

    • Should be good now.

  • works with phillips hue hub?

    • +2

      Sadly not. Philips designed their hub to work with only Philips devices and a very small selection of others. Aqara/Xiaomi is not one of them.

      • not even with touchlink? I got the ikea smart bulb work with hue bridge using touchlink so was wondering if the same trick will work for this motion sensor

        • Possibly. Usually you Google it touchlink aqara or philips hue aqara and you get discussions from people who have got things working or not.

  • Anyone had any luck getting these to work with Xiaomi hubs? No luck on this end, I get a message, this device is not compatible.

    • Region set to China?

      • Thanks for the reply, region is set to Au - should I try China?

        • +1

          Yep definitely. Most Xiaomi products won't work if the region isn't China.

  • I managed to keep them on the Au server.
    Incase it helps anyone else - to set them up I selected the Mi Motion Sensor instead of the Aqara one.

  • It says the coupon has expired. Is this deal still available?

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