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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 256GB $2099/512GB $2249, S21 FE 128GB $899/256GB $999, Apple Watch S6 Cell 40mm $509/44mm $559 @ Telstra


You know what time it is. Telstra Day is back and it's packing flagship handset deals.

We've got the brand new ZFold 3 and S21 FE on discount, as well as a range of fitness trackers to help get your New Year's Resolutions off to a strong start.

Deals start at 1am Thursday 20/1. Preview the sale on Telstra Exchange.

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  • Are these locked to Telstra? Any deals on Pixel 6 /Pro?

    • Outright phones aren't network locked (only "Pre-Paid"- ones are in most instances)

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      Telstra's Big JOKE DAY?

      • +2

        has not been a single one that has had me champing at the bit for the day

      • Another crap deal from Telstra. I'm still waiting for my Samsung s21 since 2nd September 2021

        • I still haven't sold my two on eBay lolz

          • @Italkdigital: How much are you trying to sell what, exactly, for?

            I'm surprised their aren't more "specials" on them right now, like 60% off instead of 50% off then; stock levels must be quite low with the new models coming very soon.

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    After getting my 512GB Fold 3 for @$1300 from Samsung from previous deals, this Telstra deal is a joke.

    • same, legit

    • Did you have to stack different offers (trade in a device, trade in bonus, EPP portal) to get it?

      • All you had to do was do device trade-in but not send the device in.. no additional codes were needed https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/669087

        • -2

          OK, so it's definitely not comparable to this deal then, since you have to trade in an existing device or scam them by not sending the device in.

          Also the $1299 512GB price involved stacking on the newsletter voucher lottery and asking for an additional $100 code through live chat.

          $2099 isn't a great price for OzBs but probably great for normies who also buy USB cables from JB. ;)

          • +4

            @eug: Actually it's not "Scamming" them by not sending it in. Basically you get billed for the amount that they were gonna give you for your phone (eg. $60 for a Note 8 Plus). I didn't have much use for mine so I sent it in. Otherwise you just get billed the difference with that specific cashback amount. - Which is still tons better than this deal.

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              Actually it's not "Scamming" them by not sending it in.

              OK perhaps "scamming" is too strong a word, "exploiting the system" might be more accurate.

              Samsung was offering a trade-in bonus for customers who trade in their old phones. But if people end up not sending the phone in, they still keep the bonus which they wouldn't have received if they didn't falsely tell Samsung that they were going to do a trade in.

              Imagine if the tables were turned and Samsung did a similar exploit with a buyer. The buyer would be screaming "bloody scammers stole from me, ACCC etc etc".

              • -1

                @eug: Regardless. You can argue to pick up an old barely functional S8 that can still power on (arguably the minimum requirement) for <$100 from Ebay or Gumtree will still be within the full T&Cs of the offer. That will STILL be better than this offer. lol.

                Jokes aside.. and before you further accuse me of rorting the system, I did send my Note 8 back to get $60 off (making it around $1300 after everything). No Better way to recycle e-waste than for someone to be paying you for it.

                • @bchliu:

                  and before you further accuse me of rorting the system

                  Hm? I never said you rorted the system. I specifically said "…you have to trade in an existing device OR scam them by not sending the device in". You're clearly in the former category. Not everyone exploited the system.

                  Let's call a spade a spade. We all know starting the trade in process with the intention of not actually going through with it just to get the bonus was an exploit, and if Samsung did something like that to us, we would absolutely call it a scam rather than an exploit.

                  • -5

                    @eug: If we did want to call a Spade a Spade.. then get this:

                    Samsung can call the T&Cs out and argue with every case that people have not submitted their phones in. Send warning emails out to people that they could be penalised for the full amount of the phone and that they weren't entitled to the cashbacks.

                    They could even debit the $ difference in the cashback ($700) immediately because you had to submit your credit card details as part of the offer when you do the trade up / purchase. They have every right to under the T&Cs to further deduct this.

                    But yet they didn't. No one here has been charged for the Cashback bonus that I am aware of. They have been charged for the cashback amount of the old phone itself.. but not the bonus $700, nor the extra discount of $500 to make the full price of the phone.

                    Is it an exploit when Samsung themselves aren't willing to reap the extra $700 from everyone who didn't hand back a phone when they have every right to do so as part of the T&Cs of the discount offer?

                    • @bchliu:

                      Is it an exploit when Samsung themselves aren't willing to reap the extra $700 from everyone who didn't hand back a phone when they have every right to do so as part of the T&Cs of the discount offer?

                      Yes. The customer agreed to specific terms with the full knowledge that they would not fulfill their obligations. They did so because they read online that in the past, Samsung did not follow up. So they are exploiting their goodwill.

                      There are valid reasons for not sending the phone in, e.g. after the order, the phone could have been stolen or dropped and broken. It would not be a good customer experience if you penalised a customer for a genuine event.

                      Put yourself in their shoes. If you were a small business owner and you ran a similar promotion and half your customers did that to you, would you feel exploited?

                      Fortunately Samsung are big enough to write off the reduced profit, but it doesn't change the fact that it's an exploit.

                      • @eug: If you were a small business user and ran a promotion.. but had every opportunity to recover the costs, then why wouldn't you?

                        Unless their "Goodwill" was actually more a marketing promotion to sell their phones at a much lower price. Think about it like this: What use would they have of a Galaxy S8 that's very worn and belongs literally in e-Waste? Are they going to spend hours of labour to fix or refurbish it? considering most of the recovered phones are not appropriate for sale in any way? (except maybe from the S20's and up).

                        Samsung ain't a stupid company. They won't do things for a loss considering this deal literally ran for 6 months+ across multiple models of phones. If they felt too exploited, then they would have closed it down ages ago. But why would they do this? It's because literally a discount for long term users of the brand and yeah, they RRP'ed the price too high for any decent amount of sales.

                        • @bchliu:

                          If you were a small business user and ran a promotion.. but had every opportunity to recover the costs, then why wouldn't you?

                          But why would you? Is it because you would have felt exploited?

                          Samsung is not a small business so they can absorb the reduced profit. As you know, the trade ins are not handled by them but by Asurion. They probably calculated that it is not worth the cost of paying for extra staff time to chase up the trade-ins, or implementing and testing a data exchange system with Asurion to cater for the small subset of users who decide to exploit the system - much like how retailers have to take shrinkage into account.

                          Don't forget that the vast majority of customers are not on online forums so they would not be aware of the exploit.

                          They won't do things for a loss considering this deal literally ran for 6 months+ across multiple models of phones

                          The $700 deal did not literally run for 6 months+. The other trade-in deals were for lower amounts. They were exploits as well.

                          • @eug: Actually you are arguing for the sake of arguing now. So this will be my last response considering you are using arguments of "Poor Samsung, that they are losing money (assumption)".

                            All the points you have come out with are assumptions.

                            However, the cashback deal has been going on for MORE than 6 months on various models - yeah not all of them are $700 but they range from $300 up to $700. But it's still adjusted pricing and cost as a long term customer discount. If they are losing money, they will have picked this up and stopped the offers a long time ago. They have sales and profit reports like every other organisations so this will show up if that is the case.

                            Basically you are arguing that "Samsung is stoopid for leaving these exploits out for so long and don't care that they are losing money".

                            Anyway.. I'm done with this ridiculous arguments. If that is the way Samsung does business, then they would have been under a very very long time ago.

                            /no more from me.

                            • @bchliu:

                              Actually you are arguing for the sake of arguing now.

                              You do realise you're the one who keeps insisting it's not an exploit? But if the tables were turned, it'll absolutely be labelled a scam by everyone.

                              Samsung: Trade in your old phone and we'll give you a $700 bonus.
                              Customer: OK deal - I'll send it next week.
                              Samsung: Here is your $700 bonus.
                              Customer: Ha, I was never going to send you my old phone because someone said you won't do anything. Thanks for the $700 bonus.

                      • +1

                        @eug: It was a third party and not samsung so no profit to write off. all the not so premium s21s they have since sold and can claim a bigger share of the market. Win-win for all. Much better than this Telstra deal. I think the last good deal was 4-5months ago when the s21 was around $700ish or maybe a bit cheaper. And don't forget you need a Telstra account so not available to everyone.

                        • @tman2020:

                          It was a third party and not samsung so no profit to write off.

                          There would of course be some arrangement between Samsung and Asurion. Samsung wouldn't just give its customers a discount and get them to send their phones to Asurion for free.

                          If Samsung weren't getting anything from Asurion, they might as well partner with an organisation like MobileMuster to help the deafblind community or something similar and score some PR points at the same time.

                    • @bchliu: Except it's not in the T&C's:


                      It says nothing about the additional bonus credit, it only says that they will charge you what they were going to give for the phone plus possibly an admin fee of $60.

                      They make a reference to possibly charging you for your bonus credit on the website under FAQs, but nothing in the official terms and conditions.

    • +4

      Yep. Even Samsung is offering an extra $500 off with trade in, and you don't even have to send in the trade in phone…
      Nowhere near the killer deal mentioned above (that I was lucky enough to get in on), but there are better deals out there than this Telstra thing.

  • +1

    Hmm Telstra selling discontinued Apple Watches (Series 6)

  • any deals on the Galaxy flip 3?

  • +27

    Hey Telstra, this one needs to go back in the oven as it's half baked.

  • +18

    The Apple watch peaked my interest, but Telstra is using a RRP for Series 6 that is the same as Series 7 is currently. So the savings aren't realistic. I'll pass.

    • +1

      Same, it needs to be series 7 or cheaper. Maybe $450.

    • I think the savings are quite strong (also, the RRP for the S7 Cell is higher than the S6 Cell) - however, it looks like it's only the red version which is way too shouty for me.

      • RRP for S7 cell 41mm/45mm is $749/$799, same as what is being listed here.

        I got all excited thinking I could get $240 off a non-cellular 44mm, but having to get cellular and in red only has put me right off.

        • +1

          Oh you’re right re RRP, I think I saw one for $800+ on the Apple site but that one had a woven band.

  • Can't they do deals on 5g plans $65 is too much for me

    • +1

      We also have an offer on our M+ mobile plan. New connections to an M+ mobile plan on Telstra Day will get $10 off their monthly plan costs each month. That’s a $65/month plan for $55/month for the first 12 months.

      And you get 12mths Disney+ free.

      • Hmm better than nothing I guess

  • +15

    You know what time it is.

    Time for you to post another Telstra day deal that deep down you know will be torn to shreds because it's lacklustre?

  • +3

    Yawn… Zzzz….😴

  • +1

    All the TV adverts for this? Come on.
    The deals from you were unbeatable back in 2020!

  • +11

    I note that the OP's enthusiasm has faded since the original Telstra Day posts

  • Any Samsung Note with dual Sim?

    • +1

      I don't believe any carrier in Aust sell dual sim phones. IIRC all dual-sim Samsung's are imports.

      • ☹️

      • Not sure if that is the case with new devices, but my note 10+ was dual sim, from samsung aus

        • Is that two physical sims, or one eSIM and one physical sim?

          • @eug: Good question, I can't remember sorry, have to did it out and have a look.

          • @eug: My note 10 has 2 Sims , purchased from JB hi-fi .

            • @d2567: Two physical sims? That's good, I still prefer physical SIMs to eSIMs, although eSIMs are very convenient in some situations.

      • My S21u from TGG on a telstra deal is a dual SIM and currently runs dual SIM too

  • Charge 4 is the same price at JB ($129).


    Though it has gone for $85 back in July


  • +4


    cheaper from spacetalk direct

    what a joke of a sale

  • +2

    C'mon Telstra…Officeworks currently has this: Apple Watch Series 6 GPS + Cell 40mm Red with Red Sport Band, for 577!
    So glad I purchased way back on their first offers. Prices have been unrealistic since.

    • This deal is $509, though?

      • yeah, but what I was saying is the price Telstra is posting as RRP is a joke….I know that they are selling it cheaper 2moro, but it's nowhere near the saving they are quoting if you catch my drift.

        • Oh, and it was around $500 in one of their deals last year as well (Nov or Dec iirc).

  • +3

    For those of you interested in the A52, the A52S 5g is $520 on the samsung education store, and you can drop it to $470 with the $50 newsletter coupon. I contacted samsung via email and got the coupon within 24 hours.

  • +7

    I could imagine the management meeting behind this one.

    "Sales are flagging, there's too much competition - C'mon team, we need something big"

    12 days of brainstorming later

    "Right, so it's going to be called Telstra Day, where we offload stock for less than our inflated retail price, but more than most of our competitors. Then we'll post it on Ozbargain - what could possibly go wrong?"

    • +1

      They forgot they are dealing with professionals

    • +1

      Then we'll post it on Ozbargain - what could possibly go wrong?"

      OP's name is self-explanatory.

  • +5

    oh dear, not again, no deal really

  • +7

    Telstra day…bound to become a new aussie holiday. It's where we celebrate the use of outdated copper across the nation.

    • FttN for all! And everyone's speeds drop to 12/1Mbps for the day

  • No iPhones Minis? :(

    I am a sad panda.

  • +7

    I reckon Telstra should stop this "Telstra Day" marketing if they can't provide true deals anyway. It's wasted manpower.

    • +2

      Nah, I think they should absolutely keep going on with it, but not bother posting about it here. They're great deals to people who aren't aware of OzBargain which will keep up prices on the second hand market for when we OzBargainers want to sell our gear. :)

  • +1

    These past telstra days have been nowhere near the earlier months when telstra day started. It seems telstra went hard then went home.

    • +1

      Yeah, got rid of surplus stock and went back to overcharging everyone. Good ol’ Fellstra

    • Yes last September Telstra sold me an s21 that they did not have in stock. It took almost two months to get it. I think they got burnt on that one and so are treading more carefully now.

      • I think they had a fair amount of stock just the price they sold for was insane. Mine was delivered by 10am on the 3rd of sept.

  • For the M+ plan deal is it brand new services/port in only? Or can move from another upfront plan to this and get the discount?

  • +1

    Is Telstra-day a public holiday in all states?

    • +4

      Telstra day is the day when retailers charge more than the previous day. They compete to have higher price then their competitors.

      • +1

        I guess it's like a day where we get to give back to the retailers for all they give to us.

  • +7

    really just monthly spam

  • -1

    There was $15 off all mobile plans just before Christmas. Would hardly call $10 off the M plan a deal even if it now includes Disney plus.

  • +2

    Can OP please confirm that there is actually stock for the Apple Watch 6 in Red as advertised?

    I ordered an Apple Watch 6 (Navy) during the last Telstra day deal back in early October and it has been on back-order to this day (haven't bothered chasing it up because I ended up getting the Watch 7 with discounted Apple Gift cards so I was curious on how long Telstra could actually make me wait).
    Anyways, I spoke to Telstra rep today (spent a good 2-3 hours for the convo) but was was told that Telstra still does not have any Watch 6's in stock. I doubled checked by requesting for an alternative color to Navy (this Telstra Day offers Red color only) and was told that they checked inventory and have no available stocks for the Apple Watch 6.

  • +3

    A.K.A Telstra "I'll take your money and you can send me 100 emails over the course of the next month before I return the money to you due to inability to fulfill your order" Day.

  • +1

    I got the z fold 3 cheaper than this on launch.
    I'm honestly perplexed at how your marketing team think these are good deals. Even right now samsung education store has z fold 3 for $1999.20
    Galaxy tab s 7+ 5g for $1374.20
    S21 FE for $799.20

    Seriously none of these are worth purchasing here.
    On top of that you have to pair it with a sim plan. So makes the jb deals better.

    • +2

      The vote system is not for the messenger but solely for the merit of the deals. Negs tell other shoppers to look elsewhere.

      The mediocrity of this "deal" is not about OP.

  • +1

    This deal sucks. Telstra Day is becoming synonymous with poor deals. That's it, I'm spending my money somewhere else.

  • We need an iPhone 12 or 13 mini deal!!

  • You would think with the Samsung s22 being launched in a few weeks that Samsung would be giving super big discounts to move their back log of s21 stock. I mean once the s22 is out the s21 becomes a previous model.

  • +1

    Very crappy deals, no thanks.

  • +2

    Could not find the $10 off upfront $65 plan. Putting in cart didn't do anything

    • Perhaps it is only the "Business" plans…. they show the "Medium" description in the plan name.

      Not enough without a JB $500 GC though, I expect at least a $500 GC, $10 off per month on $65 SIM only plan, nothing less.

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