This was posted 8 months 14 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G 256GB $1299 / 512GB $1449 after $500 off and $700 Trade-in Bonus @ Samsung Store


Killer deal on the Fold 3.
Further discounts:

  • Take another $50 off with the newsletter voucher.
  • Claim another $100 voucher through chat (Just say that you are trying to buy a new device but your current device is ineligible for Trade-in).

Brings it down to $1149 for 256GB, $1299 for 512GB.

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  • Wow

  • +17

    Obviously, the current price with trade-in and every other discount is great, but selling a phone with an RRP of around $3000 without a charger is an insult.

    • +3

      Unfortunately that's basically every major brand now, chargers have gone the way of the headphone jack

    • +11

      Upvoting because I used to think the same about chargers…. but realised if these guys jacked up their price by a further $29 and included a charger, we wouldn't care.. but the fact that it doesn't come with a charger bothers us so much!

      I have changed so many phones in the past 4-5 years that I actually have that many charger heads at home. Understand that this may not be the case for everyone but their logic of reducing waste actually worked in my case. Just sharing a genuine case.

      Disclaimer: no, I don't work for any of these phone companies.

      • +15

        They're not lowering the prices when they remove the charger though. They're just doing it because Apple is getting away with it so why not. Fake excuses about caring for the environment when they're designing their products to be hard to repair and planned obsolescence. At least Apple provide many years of software updates and support for their phones.

        Also unless you keep all of your phones when "upgrading" why don't those chargers go to the new owner when you sell?

        • My thoughts exactly!

        • +1

          Some i've kept as back up phones, some i've lost, and a couple were given as work phones - all came with chargers.
          I get your point though.

      • +2

        This comes with a usb-c to usb-c cable. You can't use your old chargers with the genuine cable.

      • -1

        It might not work for everyone. I was using old iphone which has different charger. I need to spend extra money to buy charger. Will it better if they include an option whether you need a charger?

    • +1

      Having a $3000 phone become inoperable within 24 hours because you didn't get a $20 add on is absurd. Some countries are starting to sue over this, so hopefully companies will be forced to backflip. At worst, it should be some kind of cashback via redemption system. Submit a receipt that shows you bought the phone and charger in one transaction, and get the charger refunded. That way they can still have their courageous/environmentally friendly marketing hype and saved shipping costs without entirely screwing over their customers.

      • I've not heard of this, can you link a reference?

        • +1

          Also, lazy wording on my part. Countries aren't suing them (not even sure if that's possible): Brazil fined them and forced them to supply chargers, and a group of people in China are suing.

          • +2

            @PurchaseAnxiety: Serve them right! They marketed it as a way to save the environment. However, you tend to always want new chargers because your old chargers might not have a super-fast charge or whatever new tech they come out with.

            This impacts the environment even more because now you have a bunch of packaging wastes just for a new charger. If you buy online, that's another separate waste to get that charger delivered to your place.

      • +1

        @PurchaseAnxiety inoperable is a bit of a stretch. I don't agree with the charging brick being removed at alll but in fairness most people already have one. They won't get sued as they provide a USB C cable.

  • +12

    As someone who already owns one of these, this is an absolutely outstanding deal. I would personally buy again in a heartbeat. Haven't had any issues and for my use case, the Fold is a very good device

    • How do you find the cameras? Read some reviews that say they aren't that great

      • +4

        I can't say I've reallt tested them to the fullest. They're not quite at flagship level, but in good lighting conditions they take good photos. I never use the under-display camera unless I absolutely have to.

      • Depends on what you wanna use them for.

        • +4

          Taking photos and videos usually

          • -3

            @bloopzorm9: So a foldable phone is not your priority then.
            Don't buy S21 ultra australian model. Buy S21 US model if you can or an iPhone otherwise for good photos and videos.

            • +2

              @Crustydumpling: That’s ridiculous outdated advice. You’re advocating people buy a U.S model presumably because of the Snapdragon chip yet many tests show the Exynos 2200 is well on par even beating the SD888 in some scenarios.

              Local warranty is king especially with an electronic device so no, buy from a local retailer if you’re spending that much!

      • If you are upgrading to this from an older device then the camera's are fine.

        I moved to this from a note 20 and tbh I'm a little disappointed with the Zoom camera, the others are fine.

        Overall it hasn't impacted my enjoyment of the phone, it's been fantastic.

      • None of the smartphone (small lens) cameras are great, no matter what Apple marketing want to convince you. They are acceptable or they mock up the incomplete photo with the best guess.
        Nothing compares to large photo lens.
        I immediately bought camera with proper lens after trying to get decent Canon compact camera (with still better than mobile lens).
        The same happens when trying to take moon photo (extreme low light) with any mobile lens.

        Don't believe in marketing hype.

        • You can thank DxO mark and their fake reviews and scores for distorting the market. Completely paid off and conflict of interest sale of equipment and consultation services.

    • Thanks for sharing. Whats your particular use case?

      • I consume a lot of media (particularly YouTube etc), so the increase in screen size has just made that kinda thing an overall more positive experience. I have a work phone (iPhone 12) that kinda offsets any issues that I have with the Fold, but really nothing major. If anything, the longer I've had it, the more I've preferred using it to the iPhone 12

        • Awesome thanks for sharing.

    • +2

      The demo ones in JB seem to have quite noticeable fold/crease lines on the screen, does that get annoying or non issue for personal one?

      • +1

        It's not that bad really, you do get used to it, it's been 12 months for me and I don't notice it anymore

    • How is the battery life?

      • +1

        Depends on how I'm using it to be honest. Obviously if I'm at home on the couch I chew through battery with the big screen, but when I'm out and about I'm typically using the front screen and that doesn't really use much battery. I have never been shocked by how low the battery was

      • I’ve found it pretty subpar with heavy use.

  • Lol wallet killer indeed

  • Should I bring something really new and expensive to get 700 trade in bonus? Like Iphone 13 or Pixel 6 Pro?

    • +3

      The 700 is a "bonus". Whatever you trade in will get a trade in value, then you get $700 off on top

    • +3

      You get the cheapest phone that will qualify for a $10 trade in. Don't send the phone back and pay $10 but keep the $700 bonus

      • So the cheaper the phone, the better then by logic.

        • +1

          Doesnt really matter, the net sum should be zero. Just get whatever phone you have that can trigger the $700 bonus

  • +3

    Just bought one with the education store discount, and now it is $400 cheaper than that!

    • Bought it through education less than a week ago

    • Yeh, same so looks like it needs to go via refund/repurchase
      note point 7.

    • How did you get this discount? I've logged into the education store and the price is showing as $1999, with no $700 discount?

      • +1

        I think he means it was discounted on the education store but with this trade in offer, this offer is now cheaper by $400.

        • Oh I see, that makes more sense

          • +1

            @cozmicf: I got mine from Westpac portal for $1431 without any $50 discount.

    • +1

      Did the $700 bonus discount show up in you cart during checkout? Seems to only show up on the regular store.

      • Did you figure this out?

        • It isn't available on the education store just the regular one, some people have already mentioned it, but the original commenter just meant they purchased it from the educational store with the regular 20% educational discount, but this one is cheaper.

          • @le457: I agree. Education was actually more expensive.

    • i did the same. looking to return the one i bought and re-order at lower price. the refund won't be provided until 30 days though

  • Sucks having no eligible phone for trade-in. Would've grabbed this deal in a heartbeat.

    Is there any way to get the trade-in code if you don't have an eligible device? I know that you can just not send the device, but it's getting the trade-in code that is the problem.

    • By a cheap secondhand eligiable Galaxy device? You can sned it in if you don't want to sell it again, or you can just relist it and sell it yourself after getting the code.

      • Second hand phones might have had their code used

    • Just buy cheap old eligible phone off gumtree or FB marketplace to get the code.

    • +5

      just do trade in with whatever eligible from iPhone to iPad etc, you don't have to return the device and just have to pay the trade in value latter :)

      • I've read in previous forums that if the first charge attempt from Asurion doesn't go through, they don't exactly chase hard for it. Might depend on the device too

      • I cannot initiate the trade-in procedure because I don't have any device to get the code. I'm thinking of borrowing someone else's iPhone to get the code. Would that work?

    • +3

      Please be aware, if the eBay phone has already been used for the trade-in bonus, it could not be eligible for a second bonus!

    • +3

      Google an imei cough

    • +1


      Just look for an IMEI on old s9 on gumtree.

      Don't send it

      Get discount


      • How do I use the IMEI for the trade-in? I can't just put the number as the trade-in ID can I?

  • +5

    I have a $50 newsletter code.
    Please reply once used.

    • I thought that's tied to your email address?

    • legend thanks

    • Legend, was in hurry and forgot to use it. thanks for sharing.

    • Hey mate did U try for the eds eos cds codes too?

      Same deal as the crazy one last time with the S21 ultra?

    • not valid anymore must be used?

    • This is used… Anyone else that has a code and willing to share?

      • Is it that hard to apply for one?

        • +1

          Nah, but the waiting period could be 4ever

        • Naah, fairly easy and straight forward, but only if I receive the code. Have try with different emails, but never received the code.

    • says invalid, so it seems to be already used by someone.

  • +1

    How do you figure out what devices trade in? Put a Samsung model on and it said $45

  • Thanks OP ! Pulled the trigger Traded in my note 10+ with cracked screen for 20$

  • Omg I just bought this yesterday and the delivery screwed up

  • +1

    So are people trading in and in the end getting better prices compared to gumbay?

    • Seems like it.

      Got mine for 1450 but this is much better.

      Lesson learnt. But I won't be buying any new phone for a while

  • +1

    So can I trade in my broken S7 worth $0 trade-in for the $700 trade-in bonus? AND also use the same S7 to get the $100 voucher?

    • +1

      Worth a try. Phone model needs to be in allowed list for Asurion. The $100 voucher is from Samsung chat, so doubt they linked data.

    • +1

      According to their T&C at the bottom of the page:

      Bonus credit is in addition to any trade-up credit. Your existing device must be listed here [] and have a value of more than $0 after assessment.

    • +1

      I was thinking the same. It seems, older models (like S7) not up for trade-in bonus. So you're only eligible for $100 voucher via chat if lucky. That's a show stopper if you have older phone and not listed on

    • RIP, thanks for the info guys.

  • S21 Ultra trade in gets you $695. With the extra $700 trade in bonus and if you can score an additional $100 off from customer care, fold will come down to $500! . Brand new phone with fresh new warranty. Very tempted but the cameras are a downgrade when compared to S21U.

    • +1

      Yeah nah, I'd stick with the S21 Ultra

      • -4

        S21 Ultra has inferior camera quality as the processor in Australia is Exynos instead of Snapdragon, and Exynos's picture quality is far inferior than SD

        • Yeah quick let’s miss out on local warranty because someone has told us that camera quality is a potato vs a hasselblad.

          SD vs Exynos is a non event people. Buy locally to ensure you get full warranty instead of listening to poor advice such as this.

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