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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G 256GB $1299 / 512GB $1449 after $500 off and $700 Trade-in Bonus @ Samsung Store


Killer deal on the Fold 3.
Further discounts:

  • Take another $50 off with the newsletter voucher.
  • Claim another $100 voucher through chat (Just say that you are trying to buy a new device but your current device is ineligible for Trade-in).

Brings it down to $1149 for 256GB, $1299 for 512GB.

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    • +1

      How did you get email voucher?

  • Anyone knows does it come with screen protector installed for both screens? Thanks

    • Yes on both.

      • Cheers, then only need to get a case now

  • Anyone got an trade id they don't need or won't use? Happy to offer a $100 chat voucher for it

  • If anybody has a "tradeup" code they are willing to share, please PM me.
    I'll happily take the $60 admin + $TradeValue hit, to get the sweet $700 off.

    • No 60 admin fee so dw bout that

      • Not sure about admin fees, even myself havent been charged but someone got charged because the trade in value was too low (like $20, $50). So they will kick in the admin fees to make it up…..

        • From the actual page itself :

          If you do not to return your device in 7 days , you will be automatically charged the value of the trade-in credit plus a $60 (AUD) administration fee.
          Samsung may also charge you for any additional bonus credit which was applied to your order.

          Not 100% on how "may" they might be.

          • @techhead: But if they give you the $100 via chat due to loyalty surely they wouldn't charge that back :/

          • @techhead: Do you have the link?

            • @gungirlyuna: https://images.samsung.com/is/content/samsung/assets/au/terms/trade-up/samsung-online-trade-up-terms.pdf?$ORIGIN_PDF$

              Just find that, wish it would help

  • anyone confirm if newsletter stacks with loyalty code?

    • +2

      Confirmed, my order is processing

  • What’s the cheapest eligible phone I can buy off eBay/gumtree and trade in here, in order to secure the $700 trade in bonus?

    • +1

      S8 would be perfect

    • If I send an eligible phone, but it’s wrecked, will they send it back but honour the $700 bonus?

      • Just don't send it. Same outcome. Not sure if they'll send you back the broken phone either.

        • I had an S21 Ultra last year and they sent it back, but I never checked if they honoured the trade in bonus.

          It’s worth a shot

    • Just make sure it's not rooted as the trade up app doesn't work on rooted phones

      • Ah, you actually need the phone? Damn, I’ll have to borrow one

        • Or use my S21 Ultra……but I’m sure someone said they won’t take it

  • I can't get the trade in bonus to apply on the education store. Am I missing something in the T&Cs?

    • The offer is only on the public store

  • -2

    i am getting 55$ for trade in my iphone 7 plus lol
    my wife has iphone12 which trade in for 500$ but I will need to give it away to samsung?.correct?

    • no, you can just keep the phone and let them charge the trade in amount, in this case you will be charged 500 if not returning iphone 12

        • +1

          been doing this 2 times now, no $60 or so charged, only the trade in value been charged. when you finalise trade in, it will says on the screen if it is ineligible device or not sending it back, the trade in value will be charged, no admin fee, or bonus value been mentioned in the final step.

          • @mapletian: https://images.samsung.com/is/content/samsung/assets/au/terms/trade-up/samsung-online-trade-up-terms.pdf?$ORIGIN_PDF$

            just find that documentation but hopefully they wont charge me the admin fee, finger cross

  • 256gb Phantom Black is out of stock now. Just when I was able to sit down and get the trade in code generated.

  • Got mine $1054 after note 10+ trade in 245 and 700 bonus

  • +1

    Hey all. Anyone have the $50 code? Samsung won’t send it to me as they love seeing my FOMO face

  • Anyone got trouble

    " Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment"

  • Well this is bloody annoying. I got the $100 code during the day and just tried ordering the phone and now it's saying the code is invalid. I did test it after I got it and it did work before so they must have invalidated the code at some point. Why the hell do they do this?!

    • Try again. I had to try twice to get it

      • Try what again sorry? You mean get a new code?

  • i could not get through chat all day, how is everyone getting through chat

    • I chatted with 3 different people. They all took a little time to connect with but no issues.

      • Couldn't even get through to one. Keep waiting on the bot then conversation closed

        • I'm trying to get a new code through chat as well and conversation keeps closing. Didn't have any issues connecting during the day.

          • @keejoonc: What happened to the old code U got during the day?

            • @pitpicker: It worked during the day but I didn't have time to order the phone so left till just before and code is not working anymore. They must have disabled the code.

  • +3

    Party's over people. Bonus lowered to $450 now :-(
    Congrats to those who got one

  • So annoyed! i was just going through the trade up process to order it :( not worth it with just the $450 for me. was going from the fold 2 to 3.

    • +1

      Try to checkout. Mine was in cart since evening and I just placed the order and got $700 off. Good luck

    • From my exp, i will put the order in cart 1st, add the trade in code to secure the bonus offer, then chit chat with rep to have the code later. If the deal is over, then i just process my cart. If there is a better deal, i will clear the cart and re-order….. hope this help

  • Something has changed recently

    Get up to a bonus $500 off2 the Galaxy S21 series 5G when you trade-in, even with minor damage with trade-in.
    Learn More

    I saw $500 bonus across all S21 range this arvo (with S21+ already reduced).
    Now seem to have been modified.

    Get a bonus $500 off Galaxy S21 and S21 Ultra2 , and a bonus $300 off S21+2 when you trade-in, even with minor damage with trade-in.Learn More

    S21+ was coming up to $1049 - $500 bonus -$100 loyalty - $50 sign up -$trade in.
    now it is changed to
    $1049 - $300 bonus -$100 loyalty - $50 sign up -$trade in.

  • I was still able to buy one now though it was left in my shopping cart since this afternoon.

  • +1

    What case you guys recommend for this phone?

  • No longer 700 off ?

    • +2

      Try to order now. I just placed the order and in cart it was $700 off even though banner is changed to $450 off now

      • Same here, ordered past midnight and still was able to avail of the $700 off…. although it has been in my cart since afternoon.

      • +3

        Still 700 off .. I got fomo and just bought it :(


        Gave up on the email…

  • Oh banner changed to $450 :(

    • Still $700 at checkout

      • Yes true, but no one on the chat for the code

  • Anyone got a spare $100 voucher I could please have? Ordering one for my mum

  • Has anyone tried to stack another $100 and $200 voucher code with this deal and see whether they work or not?

    • It worked, at least for me

  • Argh in getting this message

    • Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment

      • You need to put in your credit card on the app

        • I don't have that option ….everytime I click trade up it takes me to the website and when I Scroll down it just shows my licence ….

          • +1

            @xr8td: You run the app on the phone you want to trade in… answer the questions… it will then want to take photo of your license and wants a credit card.. you then select continue online and then the code works…

          • @xr8td: I am getting to the card verification page but it keeps saying cannot authorise despite both cards i tried having plenty of $$ on them. Its pathetic really. Advertise a deal then magically part of the system that allow the deal go down

            • @Goonerash: How frustrating.

              It's annoying because yesterday it said the promotion was valid till 20 Dec and then over night it changed from 700 to 450

            • @Goonerash: You need to restart the process

              If you type one number wrong or anything then fix it the second time it won't work

              Super annoying but that's how their system works. Once it rejects the first time everything gets rejected from then on until you clear the data in the Samsung tradeup app and start again

              • @AussieMark: Thanks, to late now the $700 has gone :-( Would have got the fold 3 for $500

            • @Goonerash: Follow my instructions below

  • Not sure if I'm going to upgrade from my s21 ultra 5g.

    So I might have a spare $100 loyalty voucher.

    I can get the zfold for 505
    Z flip for 405

    • sent you a pm

  • My order still shows waiting for approval? What the hell is waiting for approval?

    • Lav, If you buy a $2499 phone for $499, of course it needs to go to Korea for approval :lmao:

      • Wow

        You're smarter than me… I actually thought Samsung was Japanese


    • Bought mine this morning just before it expired. Waiting for approval also now.

    • Its ok. Mostly samsung will honour the order have been placed, happened to me b4 then they still process it….

  • I just sold my Z Fold 3 512gb and have to say the cameras and battery life were too subpar coming from a S21U. It feels like a base S21 yet folds. The folding aspect is very nice and screen real estate awesome however I grew tired of the battery dying super fast during use and also heavy motion blur when taking pics of my kids.

    • Hmm..But how much did you use the phone during the day though? My s10e has amazing battery life during the day if I hardly use it and the phone would be considered "old" now…However if I use it alot during the day with intensive stuff the phone drains as expected.

    • really, that bad ? other users can comment on this ?

      • -1

        true, has fold 3 since launch, sold it 3 weeks ago for 1850, great phone, battery is around 4-5 hours SOT compare S21 Ultra 6 hours or pixel 6 7 hours,

        biggest draw back is the camera and hinge, zoom is no where good and hinge developed a poping noise after 4 weeks, though doest not affect the use.

        no way to play games such as pubg on it as screen is still too baby. lol

        • Why did you sell it and where did you sell it may I ask

          FB or gumtree

          • @AussieMark: facebook.
            coz i relise i need a better zoom phone and better battery life.

            it is hard to go back to candy bar phone once u use fold, took me 2 days to get over it. lol

  • Anyone still have a spare $50 sign up code? Been trying with multiple emails but nothing. Grr.

  • Getting "Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment", maybe it's over

    • +2

      Hi mate had the same issue, hippyhippy confirmed you need to enter your credit card details. He also wrote instructions early this morning on the thread

  • +1

    Its expired now

  • +1

    Folks what's the best case for Fold 3? Thank you

    • +1

      If you like slim then the Samsung aramid case is amazing

      • Thanks 🙏🏼

    • +1

      I got this case


      it's great because it covers everything including the hinge, which most cases don't. also has tempered glass over the front screen. it's pretty slim and felt amazing at first, like a smooth hard velvet but it's starting to wear off now. it does make a snap when you open it sometimes but I've narrowed that down to the placement of the floating hinge protector so it's fine.

      be careful of the cases which are just a frame for the front. I had one that flexed and started to take off the front screen screen protector.

  • +1

    Placed an order last night and received the Z Fold3 already early hours of the morning today! Whoa!

    Also, haven't received the trade-in instructions email yet. Has anybody got it yet?

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