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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G 256GB $1299 / 512GB $1449 after $500 off and $700 Trade-in Bonus @ Samsung Store


Killer deal on the Fold 3.
Further discounts:

  • Take another $50 off with the newsletter voucher.
  • Claim another $100 voucher through chat (Just say that you are trying to buy a new device but your current device is ineligible for Trade-in).

Brings it down to $1149 for 256GB, $1299 for 512GB.

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    • I get the $695 trade credit with my S21U but not the bonus $700, is there a code?

      • Bonus will be applied during checkout

        • See below,
          We have a promotion on the Samsung Trade-Up program that you can get an additional $500 when you purchase the Galaxy S21 and S21 Ultra and and an additional bonus $300 off for the Galaxy S21+ (on top of your trade-in value).

    • Very tempted as well but the camera downgrade is kinda a deal breaker.

      • Yeah camera and practicality. I think best to stick with S21U

    • I'm getting 655 for some reason.

      • Mine is the 256gb variant

  • Good deal. I would have pulled the trigger if I hadn't already bought Pixel 6 Pro a few weeks ago.

    • buy this and sell pixel :)

  • crazy drop!!

  • anyone buying samsung care?

    its 199 + 249 swap fee, not sure if its worth

  • My S20 Ultra Not eligible for TRADE :(

    • Is it an Aussie variant?

      • +1

        yes it for sure bought from HNs

  • Probably not selling well

    • It is an expensive phone and for a lot of people, it's too big to carry around.

      • My phones 7inches and I have tiny hands don't see the problem

        • Just because you don't have a problem with it, doesn't mean the general population don't find it big.

          I have a pixel 6 pro, which I'm fine with and I have tiny hands too, but a lot of others do find it too big as well.

  • Can someone help me I can't trade in, it says Trade up service not available.

  • +1

    Alright, time to return the Fold 3's I got during Black Friday lol

    • Can you return after box is opened?

      • +1

        I didnt open the Samsung Fold box yet. Same with my Note 10 Plus on OzB, got it for $1200 then price dropped a few days later to 1080ish, returned and purchased again. Better to wait with Samsung lol.

  • damn, got it last month for 1600ish, this price is ridiculous

  • +1

    Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment

    • Save your screenshots, it may help. I believed the price is an error because it's the same as Edu Store.

      • Same error message there. Quite annoying

      • They just want to sell them quick so they can bring the new S22's in January.

  • So tempting even though I don't need a new phone at all.

  • have people been waiting long for chat and loyalty code? I had one previously (black friday) but I didn't realise it was only valid for 48hours.. Trying to request another now but chat is non-existent haha.

  • I remember trying to get a loyalty code for s21 ultra but it took a few days and deal ended before I got my code.

  • people who want this deal better act fast, 700 bonus trade in supposed to be for rrp, not 500 off and I think Samsung team will fix this very soon, that’s why we will see more and more errors when proceed to check out. my $50 voucher was not accepted, had to do live chat for another one

    • It’s not a mistake. Samsung always have these kinds of deals. The fold will be half price next year.

      • +1

        True, but that's probably 6 months away.

  • Another $10 OFF if you pay thru Afterpay.

  • Dumb question as newbie to this trade-in jargon.

    To get the idead for trade-in, I put Samsing Note 10 256GB which gave $225 value. Does that mean you don't get $700 trade-in credit but $225 only?

    OP said he got another $100 becasue his device wasn't elgible for trade-in. Does that mean your any old phone will get you $700 trade-in credit? Pls go easy. :)

    • +2

      you will get $225 + $700 trade-in bonus.
      For the $100 vouhcer, you need to contact Samsung support team via chat.
      Hope this helps.

      • +1

        Thanks for confirming. So for any phone, you get $700 confirmed trade-in bonus + $100 (via chat) if phone not eligible for trade-in.

      • my note 10 plus got valued at $20 (lol cause i mentioned there is a small dent) and i didnt get any $700 on top of that

        • +1

          $700 bonus will show up at check up page.

  • +1

    Not able to get to chat for $100 voucher!

  • +100000 on the "Killer Deal".. OMG.. I couldn't resist on it. :(
    Grabbed the cheap case and Stylus from Amazon deal too.

  • any luck with the $100 coupon? I am not able to get to an agent :(

  • Dang that's a good deal, if only i wasnt so invested into apple smh

  • trade in error, anyone experience something similar?

    • YES SAME

    • ive got this error too. no idea what to do now

  • Man I got ripped… I paid $1500 for my fold 3. Gutted.

    • Hey look at it this way, we still got a good price for a really nice device

  • +1

    Getting the extra $100 of chat didn't work for me, I explained that my device was not eligible and if anything can be done. Response was no.

    They then said I could get $50 sign up bonus and I explained I already done that. I asked again if anything else can be done and again saying that nothing can be done cause my device is ineligible.

    So chat ended like that. Should I have just asked that my friend got a voucher of $100?

    • Same happened for me

    • Same with me

  • Could not resist my self from ordering one for this price, I have a Pixel 6 Pro. Probably will sell it as I don't use the camera that much. Will it be wise decision?

  • Just got my loyalty code. Nice.

    So question.. what happens if you dont send in your phone for the trade in ?

    • You get charged trade in value on your card.

      • +1

        Just the trade-in value of the phone only?

        For example, they value my Note10+ at $245. If I kept it and got charged an extra $245 after the order, could I then turn around and sell the Note10+ on secondhand markets (I could do a lot better than $245)?

        • Also curious about that. My trade in value is also $245, and i know i can get more selling used. So if they only charge you the $245 back thats great.

          • @AusGamer: And a $60 admin fee I believe

            • @Sindex: Thanks, that would cut into the GP.. Prob not worth the hassle..

    • What did u ask for in the chat for loyalty voucher ?

      • Does it affect your credit score?

        • +1

          No it won't you buying upfront. So no credit check required.

          • @viki8702: But why does it ask for driving licence?
            So if you don't send your phone they can take action?

    • Share what you said friend so we can get on the boat too please ☺️

      • +2

        Ok so was super nice. Used the reps name and complemented it.

        Mentioned friend got it

        Mentioned have s20 and s9 and not eligible for trade etc

        Got the EDS code

        Good luck 🤞

        • LMAO! i thought i was a kissass but you are on a whole nother level 🤣 salute!

  • -3

    I will use my note 20+ for another year, still cant use a phone without SD card!

  • -1

    Would love one, looks so good in store.
    But the small battery and average camera really disappoint

  • trade-in working for anyone?

  • My order is " Waiting for Approval", is this normal?

    • +1

      Yeah bought a fold3 and flip3 they have to manually approve.

      • I was told, it should be approved within 24hrs, if not then contact the support team and they will approve it.

  • Stacked $50 newsletter voucher and $100 Samsung Note 9 ODS voucher, total $1149.

  • Trade in value for my s10e increased from $75 to $85 to $155 in last 2 months. 🙄

    My answers are always same every time i enrol for code.

  • +1

    Does this thing really want us to upload our Drivers License as proof of ID for the trade in code or did I click on something wrong??? Are people actually doing that?

    • u have to upload front of back photos of ID to proceed ahead

    • +1

      It's standard practice. What's wrong with that? It's not like you are dealing with some dodgy corner store.

      • It's not standard, this is the first time they asked for it.

        • +1

          As long as I can remember, it was required. Anything that requires trade in typically requires identification. Same with JB trade in through SquareTrade.

          • @keejoonc: They didn't ask for it last time

            • @Homr: Not sure when your last time was but it certainly did for me.

    • +1

      It's a new practice that they started doing because people were putting in dodgy prepaid credit cards in and Samsung couldn't charge the trade-in value afterwards.

    • i put mine in but just realising now there was no verification - what stops putting black camera images on there for front and back lol

    • i bought it for 68 with my prime $15 off, if the price drops i’ll claim price protection

  • Contacted the chat and they wouldn't give me the $100 voucher code

    • why not?

      • They just told me to sign up for the newsletter $50 and that's it

      • because the discount not supposed for this fold series, mainly for s21 series, they fixed the loophole already. also, better be hurry if you want one of this phone at this price as they are going to fix the rrp soon as the $500 discount was for Black Friday sales which expired now

    • i literally just got on the live chat 2 minutes ago. i said ive got a phone that is ineligible for trade in and i want to get a new samsung s21. they asked if i owned a samsung and i said i owned a samsung s3 and they gave me a code.

      • can the code be used for fold3?

        • +2

          We appreciate your interest in getting a new Galaxy phone. Good news! You can use this $100 off (loyalty) code to any S21 or Z series valid 7 days starting today: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Is PayPal working for anyone? Not working for me… doesn't take me to the PayPal login page, just throws up an error saying "Transaction could not be completed….blahblah"

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