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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G 256GB $1299 / 512GB $1449 after $500 off and $700 Trade-in Bonus @ Samsung Store


Killer deal on the Fold 3.
Further discounts:

  • Take another $50 off with the newsletter voucher.
  • Claim another $100 voucher through chat (Just say that you are trying to buy a new device but your current device is ineligible for Trade-in).

Brings it down to $1149 for 256GB, $1299 for 512GB.

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    • Same with me. wonder why. just out of curiosity have you purchased any other phone previously using the trade-in?

  • +1

    anyone have spare $50 newsletter sign up code? Please

  • The Newsletter code is also not being sent to me now

    • They do said 24 to 48 hrs, Im waiting too.

      • It never comes.

        It's broken. Last time I waited for it and then missed out on the fold 2 deal.

        This time I just pulled the trigger instead

  • -2

    Can anyone give me 50$ signup code please?

    • hopefully I can stack it

  • -2

    Can anyone also give me 50$ signup code please?

  • +2

    and chat agents are busy….

    • +1

      Have you gotten anyone? Mine keep disconnecting after 10mins.

  • -1

    Can anyone share a $50 signup code?

  • There is a separate thread where people donates codes like 50$ signup. does anyone have that link handy? Not sure how much longer can I hold items in my cart

  • +1

    website not working…. trade in id not working

  • I am trying to understand .. apologies

    $2499 for the 512GB model - there's a $500 discount upfront which makes it $1999
    The $700 discount - is it only with the eligible models of phone trade in? If the model is not on the list, wouldn't qualify for the $700 discount?

    • Yeah you need eligible device. But as many have pointed out earlier, generate trade-in id on any eligible phone (yours or anyone else's) and use it. You don't have to send that device.

      • Don’t they then charge you back for the credit given they didn’t receive the device ?

    • The 512GB model is $2149 after the $500 discount?

  • thanks. got one. Now need to check what to do with flip3 :p

    • +1

      You flip it!

  • Everything all good just waiting on this $50 code

    What you guys reckon phantom black or green goblin green?

    • +1

      I like black. goes with everything.

    • I got the green the other week. It's very black.

      • yeah i saw it in flossy’s accessories review looks pretty good too

  • My samsung isn't eligible..So that means the $700 off won't happen?

    • Yeah you need eligible device. But as many have pointed out earlier, generate trade-in id on any eligible phone (yours or anyone else's) and use it. You don't have to send that device.

      • +1

        @niraj if you don't send the phone back, are you only charged the trade-in value? or does Samsung chargeback the $700 bonus too?

        • +1

          Only trade-in value.

      • +1

        I don't understand why someone has given negative vote to my message

        • Gave you a plus to balance out, so I got 225 out of my mom iphone, If I dont send this one, I will get charge this amount later on, but not the $700 bonus right?

          Also, waiting for chat is a pain, and they are monitoring this as well, should I bother wait for that $100 code?

          • @linhlink: Thanks.
            Yeah 225 would be charged later on. You should get 100$ code in chat, I got mine. As mentioned in this post, you can say you have not any eligible device to trade and they should give it.

        • Didn't neg btw..thanks for the help.

      • But that means you would be charged the $700 if you don't send that phone in tho?

        • +1

          Only the trade-in value of your eligible phone would be charged if you don't send it back

  • +1

    Got the $100 code over chat. Then the chat agent insisted on placing the order over chat. When I said I will do it myself and applied the code along with trade-in it worked fine until I went to the payment screen. It got removed there and now it says the code is invalid. Seems like the agent was monitoring the code use and cancelled it.

    • -2

      They do get manually approved so if they see the code not being used on the S21 device. Cancelled.

      • I asked code for Z fold3 only. I didn't even place the order, it was removed on the payment screen itself.

      • Not true. Even if it says waiting for approval. They do approve it at the end. Have done few times already.

    • Best to say I will do it later as I need to finalise payments or sth. That agent is shady.

      • I did say that and waited for 10 minutes before starting order but looks like the agent was monitoring the code. Tried to contact chat again for replacement code but the same agent connected. He definitely wants to see it through to the end haha.

    • They said same to me, i said i am sorting out trade in code and will do it later today and they were fine. The first code i was given was saying invalid, so i approached chat and got a new one which worked.

  • is anyone getting this error at trade-in? : Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment

    • Yes, it only happens when code is not generated correctly. delete the app, restart phone and do it again.

    • I had this because i chose in store instead of online.. changed it and it worked

  • $544 after my trade in (S21 Ultra 128gb) and $100 voucher. I wonder if it would be worth it. I don't need a new phone.

    • Yeah all this is worthless if u r spending on something u don't really need it :)

      • Yeah. And the camera downgrade is a deal killer.

        I'm giving away the code. PM me if anyone wants it.

        • DM you

        • you have newsletter code as well ?

      • I agree completely. Totally pointless if you are only consuming media at home.

    • +1

      of course dont send the phone, you get more from ebay for s21u, am i correct?

  • +1

    Galaxy Z Fold3 5G
    Phantom Black, 512 GB

    $1,104.00 (and later pay back $245 trade in value) ie $1349….

    Save $500.00 (Was $2,649.00)
    - $1,045.00 Additional discounts applied

    where is the newsletter seriously slow…
    buy or not buy that is the question

    • Newsletter never arrived for me at all. I signed up for it 6 months ago. Apparently you can only get it by asking through chat. I gave up as its not worth the hassle for me

  • just ordered without the $50 newsletter code it is what it is

  • im begging for another discount code by they wont budge… i'll wait for the sign up code..

  • +2

    I have been on chat for over 40 min to try $100 voucher. Still no agent.

  • +3

    I managed to get through to an agent - they are clearly getting hit up too much for both the $50 and $100. The agent was obviously on multiple chat sessions at once telling them all the same… They resubmit your newsletter subscription again and tell you to wait another 24hrs. I just ordered without the $50 in the end.

    • Did you still get the $100 from them?

      • I didn't get any codes from Chat. I did have an old Samsung S6 which gave me $5 trade and that was all I needed to get the extra $700 bonus.

        • You mean tab s6, because my galaxy s7 is not eligible to trade in. Thanks btw.

    • exact same here bud it is what it is our time is worth more than $50

  • I think the main reason why they keep on selling them for cheap could be either they want more pele to use foldables and kind of then probably transition customers to another foldables(trifold) in near future or probably to boost up the sales to justify the audience that their foldables are really selling well.
    Personally, I have used fold 2, fold 3 and flip3 and my opinion is based on that.

  • Ok i traded a note 8. The trade in price was $60 trade plus $700 bonus.
    If i dont return the note8 will they charge me the $60 only or the whole $760.

    • They will charge you the only trade-in value $60.

      • wow thats awesome. Ill still be up $700. i might aswell keep it and give it to my son.

    • -1

      Nah, will be charged Trade-in value $60 + Administration fee $60 = $120

      • huh ? really? flat 60$ for admin?

      • same question…. just trade in my screen crack note10 plus but actually it still works perfectly… only worth$20 , was plan to keep it

      • +6

        Not this crap again. Happy to be proven wrong, but to date, they have never actually charged people for $60 admin fee although it is mentioned in the T&Cs.

        • +1

          Truths - Never charged admin fee

        • That's interesting! Do you actually contact them to say you're not returning it, or you just do nothing?

      • +1

        Never charged admin fee.

    • +1

      My note 9 was $90. Then was charged $90, can confirm that no admin fees, but i heard that they will if the trade in cost under $60 or too cheap.

  • seriously how they can offer that low for their own products? i imagine they actually should offer more than market price as it will encourage ppl to upgrade. its kind of looking after your own people - but probably big corporations donot have that kind of loyalty to us the customers

  • And I thought I got a good deal on the $1199 S21U.

  • Can you use both the $50 newsletter voucher plus $100 loyalty voucher from chat?

    • +2

      yes but good luck getting the $50 if you didn’t sign up days ago, and good luck getting the $100 according to some accounts here

    • +2

      just chat with the staff they said u cant use the $100 voucher with sign in voucher at the same time….. even though I haven't verified yet

  • Looks like Trade in App is not working now? Surely my s20 FE is eligible for trade in….

    • It flicked between working and not working briefly for me.
      S20 FE 5G = $185.
      Considering taking the CC hit and trying to re-sell on ebay.

      • My is just say device is not eligible…..

        Not sure if it is a app problem, anyone has the same problem? Coz I need a trade in ID for it, even I sell it on eBay later

      • of course every sane people will happy to pay you $250 instead

  • Trade in app seems to be getting hammered? I got my trade code but where do I put it?

    • "Yes, please" on the order page, however I keep getting "Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment"

  • iphone 6 plus not eligible for trade in :(

  • Is it worth waiting for the newsletter code?

    • +2

      Honestly, how are people supposed to help you with that question?

    • +1

      No because it won't come

  • For anyone having the "Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment" issue. Does anybody know how to fix this?

    • Keep trying

    • I removed item from cart, refreshed page then started over. Worked 2nd time

      • The agent told me I may choose the wrong option between "online" and "store" but I dont remember this option, and I dont see any option to put my credit card in the trade-in app. How about you guys?

  • Just ordered one and wondering if the FOMO on this deal made me buy in too much of a rush! LOL

    Anyone who's got one able to provide any feedback on how they've found it so far?

    • tradein code worked? was getting error from 30 mins.
      "Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment"

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