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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G 256GB $1299 / 512GB $1449 after $500 off and $700 Trade-in Bonus @ Samsung Store


Killer deal on the Fold 3.
Further discounts:

  • Take another $50 off with the newsletter voucher.
  • Claim another $100 voucher through chat (Just say that you are trying to buy a new device but your current device is ineligible for Trade-in).

Brings it down to $1149 for 256GB, $1299 for 512GB.

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      • I copy as above:

        The agent told me I may choose the wrong option between "online" and "store" but I dont remember this option, and I dont see any option to put my credit card in the trade-in app. Did you see the "online" and "store" option?

        • I selected online. But this is inside the app. The error i was getting was on checkout page

          • @hopper: Because if you choose the "store" option, the code may not work. Im in the same position as yours. Everything ready but trade-in code.

      • +1

        Yeah it worked. I removed item from cart, refreshed page then started over. Worked 2nd time

        • Will keep trying

  • trade in code error :(

  • $475 (s21 5g)
    $700 (bonus)
    $50 (newsletter i received before)
    $100 (tried something replied as used but it wasn't!!!! - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/613256)

    paid $679.
    Can't be happier than this.

  • Guessing if you don't use "Trade Up" nothing gets charged to your CC later on since you've not purchased the phone?

  • To get the Loyalty Code - had agent asking for email of photo and IMEI of the ineligible phone. So just be aware.

  • Sorry, due to an error, trade in service not available…

    • Same 😢

  • +2

    Me: Hi Justin, I'm trying to buy a Fold3, but I cannot trade in my old S6 phones
    a friend said if I get in touch, I can possibly get a $100 code instead?

    Rep: We appreciate your interest in getting a new Galaxy phone. Good news! You can use this $100 off (loyalty) code to any S21 or Z series valid 7 days starting today: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Must be my particular agent then….X_x

      • First one I tried (Joven) I mentioned a phone with damage resulting in no trade in value. He wanted pictures etc.

        Also, I gave up on the $50 code as I doubt it's coming through today.

        • Yea, I'll be giving up on the $50 code as well - I signed up months ago on the previous s21 range deals on 3 different emails - none came through….

        • ok the $50 came through 5 mins after I ordered -.-

    • +1

      Spoken to Justin, He's such a great mate!!

  • I already have a Fold 3 and I'll never go back to a normal phone.

    I bought another one because this deal is too good and I wanted Samsung care+. All up new phone with Samsung care+ and still cheaper than my pre-order price!

    Thanks OP

    • and you will carry 2 of these phones from now ?

      • Nah I'll sell the "old" one on marketplace or something. It's basically new, just didn't get samsung care+ when I was eligible

  • I don't know about you guys, I settled for S21+5G 128GB for $589
    traded in iPhone 7 lying around for $10
    trade in bonus $300
    loyalty discount $100 (took a few chats to get to an agent)
    signup discount $50

    all came down to $589

    happy as. for whatever reason, S21+ is cheaper than S21

    • your iphone 7 could be $150 on ebay then less fees etc $100 not $10

      • +5

        who says I will send it? I will keep it. they will charge me $10 and that's it.

    • ya the S21+ is cheaper than S21 in website…. I didnt notice that and regret to order the fold3“` should order S21+256g version, less than$600 what else u want

      • I definitely didn't want the fold, or flip, it just looks and feels weird, and costs too much for what it is. nah, classic form factor for me. but thanks to OP anyway since his post gave me the idea. and there are trade in bonuses on S21, and S21+ is the cheapest, so that's what I got.

    • Don't you get $500 off the standard S21?

      • yes, but it was $200 or more expensive? and I wanted the plus anyway

        • Ahh thanks sorry didn't realise it was different on the standard store! Education portal is letting me down here!

    • I have an s21, and contemplating if I should get the s21+, especially the red version (I really miss big screens).
      I also have a 100$ code from the chats.
      My s21 256 gbs is in excellent conditions, trade in is offering 510$ for that, which is not too far behind what I can sell on marketplace

      • then you should pay next to nothing if you trade in s21 and get s21+5g!

        • It's basically 189$ assuming I send the phone in and dont sell it on marketplace.

          • @TheLeboFromTheHood: yeah I think that's fair. it's easier to deal with trade in rather than fumble with marketplace and scammers

            • @shabaka: I can also sell it on ebay (Using the gumtree thing, they wont charge me for selling fee)

  • anyone has newsletter code? pls share

    • send the email to [email protected], I just send around 130 and got it at 345

      • send from the email address that you have used for subscribing, right?

      • +1

        Ta, have done that still waiting. hopefully it come soon

        • +1

          finger cross

      • I think they closed for the day now nonresponse

  • +1

    Just placed the fold3 256 g phantom green, chat with online service and get $100 voucher,but he said I cant use the sign in voucher at the same time, trade in my screen crack note10 only worth$20, probably just keep its still works good. final price should be $1179+20 (the $20 will be deducted automatically if u dont trade in ur old device within 7 days after u received)

    • +1

      can't see the order from the website now….. anyone suffer the same situation?

      • +1

        I just placed my order and can see it under 'Orders'. The status is 'Processing'.

    • Did you try the sign up voucher?

  • I have a broken screen s10 plus, how can I apply for 700 off? Can anyone suggest please? Thanks

    • download the samsung trade up app through googleplay and go through the process then u will get a trade-in code

  • Damn, just bought the Flip 3 from the last deal.

  • My order is showing as waiting for approval even though the money has come out of my account. Anyone knows why this could be?

    • Took about half an hour then I received an invoice via email. Samsung site still says 'Processing'.

  • Anyone been able to get the $100 loyalty voucher without sending in IMEI and photo of current phone or one that needs to be used for trade in?

    In the past I had to email photo of IMEI and phone and wait for them to come back with loyalty voucher but seems like some people are getting it instantly? Just say you have a phone that isn't eligible for trade in?

    • Yes

      Me: Hi Justin, I'm trying to buy a Fold3, but I cannot trade in my old S6 phones
      a friend said if I get in touch, I can possibly get a $100 code instead?

      Rep: We appreciate your interest in getting a new Galaxy phone. Good news! You can use this $100 off (loyalty) code to any S21 or Z series valid 7 days starting today: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      • Wow that went smoothly. In the past when I tried to ask I had to send the stuff in and wait a few days. Never could get a chat code in the chat.

    • same situation, first time I chat with them said my device is not compatible then they asked me to send all the photoes, but the second time I chat just directly said Im ordering now and waiting for the $100 voucher to put the order…. and they are happy to provide u the code

      BE STRAIGHT lol

      • +1

        i think you're talking about 2 different codes here, one is the $100 Chat code ie the code starting with EDS-XXX, the other is a Loyalty code for old samsung users that starts with CDS or ODS depending on value.
        The loyalty code would require a IMEI whereas the Chat code doesnt

        • Do you know how long the chat code lasts?

        • yes probably, but you cant apply both at a time

          • @Grinderman: both chat code and $50 sign up code?

            I'm literally waiting for the sign up code now

            • @gungirlyuna: no actually, according to the staff he said you cant add both chat code with 50 sign in code, but I havent try, anyone have used both code can leave a comment

        • So basically try to ask for chat code instead of loyalty code.

    • Yes, no one asked for any IMEI or photo anymore.

  • The chat just closes now

  • +2

    Decided not to wait for chat or newsletter code .. sort of hurts but still a mad deal

  • Cannot decide which one should I go for, fold 3 or s21 plus, decision, decision….

  • -2

    why does it show me the price being 1499 ? What am i missing here?


    Whoa…from my desktop price is 1499 whereas on phone it shows 1299…weird.

  • +1

    I got $100 loyalty code via chat.

    I said I had a s21 ultra but smashed it, and using a one plus.

    And they gave me the code.

  • Tried the "Asurion APAC Mobile" Samsung trade-up app on a stock Samsung S20FE SD (Friends who is unhappy with the device)
    "Sorry ineligible" straight out the gate. Asurion stuffed me about with that Telstra "Stayconnected" scam insurance they used to operate so no surprises It was a fizzer.

    • Samsung chat "The conversation has been closed" after 30 mins of waiting, utter rubbish.

  • +1

    I am trying to get the trade ID but after I download the app , opened the app , I get this message
    " We're sorry but your device is ineligible for the Samsung Trade up program"

    The phone is listed as one of the devices. Help!

  • Phone got dispatched already. That was quick!

    • ya just called them to cancel my order and they said the order was already been dispatched through Startrack….. only used the chat voucher and not stack with the signin one … missed $50

      • Do you guys know how much time do they take.

        Star Track normally deliver next day for metro deliveries

        • no idea.. on the website my status still shows preparing dispatch

        • Next day delivery for metro areas according to the Samsung store FAQ.

          Orders placed before 2pm are next business day. Orders placed after will be following day.

          Fingers crossed mine arrives tomorrow

          • @edrift: Looked like next day but I think someone scanned it wrong with destination in VIC when it was suppose to be WA.

            Now, it will definitely be delivered Monday.


      • If you have a spare $50 code would you mind if I have it?

        • Sorry mate just send it to another guy .. he PM me earlier time

  • Anyone have a spare code$ 50 they can send me if they aren't using

    • +1

      msg me.

      • Messaged - thanks so much

  • +3

    This newsletter code doesn't exist 😑

  • Decided to go for the s21 plus 5G as a backup phone when s22 ultra out. 62% off the 1549 is crazy value.

    Fold 3 value is good too, but figured will get fold 4 when it comes out with improved screen, and it is bit pricy as back up phone when I purchase s22 ultra.

    Had fold 3 512g since launch, great phone. Sold it for 1850 2 weeks ago due to the hinge developed a cranky noise. But a great phone I have to admit.

  • re. the chat, I just told them what I was going to buy, and my friend told me that I could get $100 loyalty discount via chat

    that I am a loyal customer with years of experience, had s2, s3, s7, several a5 etc.

    they gave me the code no questions asked

    • I wonder if this will still work if you've already chatted with them today 🤔

      • +1

        yes, did it today. they ask u what samsung phone u have, u tell them any phone and they give u code

        • Nice! Currently on "hold" via chat..So will give it a shot.

  • +1

    Got a 512GB model in green, thanks OP! I managed to get the $50 email signup voucher but had zero luck with the $100 loyalty voucher. Kept getting told to talk to the trade in provider. So I pulled the trigger as I'm not sure how long this deal will last.
    I have a Samsung S20 FE 5G in perfect condition which they quoted at $180🤣 so I'll sell it privately and take the hit.

    • The green is good? Most people choose black

      • Green looks pretty decent too , but black goes with everything e.g. Samsung watch etc….

      • Looks good on screen, I guess we'll see what it's like in person. Not a fan of plain black and the silver looks a bit cheap to me.

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