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[VIC] HOUGH COVID-19 RAT Kit 2pk (Nasal) for $30 (Limit 1 Per Customer) @ Coles (Casey Central, Cranbourne North)


Coles Casey Central in Cranbourne North has decent stock of RAT kits this morning. Selling 1 pack (2 test kits) for $30 and 1 pack limit per customer.

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    this should be an ANTI-deal…

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    This should be $20 a pack. I couldn't believe that Coles do price gouging.

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    Been this price for ages, no deal here? Also available at woolworths

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    $15 per test, coles should be ashamed. I bought a pack from Amazon, delivered for $12 per test.

    • You say that like bug supermarkets care.
      They price gouge as part of their business model

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    (in fact it's a price gouge and they should be reported to the ACCC as it's above 20% markup)

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      20% mark-up ….. depends how much they bought it for not what they are selling it for …. they might have bought from subsiduary who has marked up their 20%, retail they add their 20% ….. means 40% above whole sale and nobody has broken rules ……. it's not 20% above wholesale, it's 20% markup … Scomo and his ACCC threats, and them actually going to court are different matters …..

      companies do it all the time .,… buy from subsiduaries …. BHPB buy from their singapore subsiduaries for lower taxes and higher mark-ups …..

      • Firstly, you don't need all the dots, makes it hard to read and your point gets diluted.

        Secondly, this is Coles, who are likely to have proper supply chains in place (albeit under pressure) and are unlikely to be having to go buy them off some guy selling them out of his car boot. Hough tests, even last week in the area I live in, were available for $10 a test.

        And let's be honest, right now, there's so much gouging going on, it would not surprise me at all a rogue Coles or two tries it on as well.

    • (in fact it's a price gouge and they should be reported to the ACCC as it's above 20% markup)

      No, that price gouging restriction doesn't apply to retailers that order tests wholesale and sell them to the public. It only applies to a person who buys them in a retail transaction and tries to resell them.

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    It a bit better price than some Tobacconist shops and petrol stations who are this price for 1 .

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    The 2 packs have been $30 ever since we first got them. The 5 pack is $50

  • I bought 2 single tests North of Cairns last week, $16.50 each. Very very few available anywhere since because I've been looking but apparently the going rate here is now $20 each at the chemist and once a week you might get like 20 available for the whole Cairns. You guys are lucky down there, this seems cheap to me. PCR tests are taking 5 days to come back.

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    So each test $15? Atrocious should be reported to ACCC, sorry nothing against OP, unless associated with Coles

  • the real intention of this post is to help people who are in desperate need of these. Out of stock pretty much everywhere and selling fast.

    • I asked at chemistwarehouse how quick they sell …. they said within an hour ….. go good luck from reading a post to going to the chemist or supermarket … mail order you might have a chance …..

    • you could go to a testing site and get them, too. Friend went yesterday and got 2 per member on their Medicare card

  • Nope, no deal here.

  • Can someone remove this,
    This is Morw of an availability post and not a bargain post.

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    These will be free in a couple of weeks

  • You think this is bad, what about St Ali's in Melbourne? Trying to take advantage by giving 2PK Free RAT tests if you spend $160, One Per Person, online only.


  • $15 per test, good margins for retailers on these high demand low actual cost products. This not a "deal" thats for sure.

  • Good on you Ozzdeals. Very helpful.

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