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Bowden's Own Happy Ending Sealant 1L $26.25 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Repco


I saw this deal posted https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/677776, so I went to get one today and found it was even cheaper.

Great deal for the awesome product.

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    Cheapest happy ending I’ve ever got

    • certainly the cheapest you will find this side of thailand

      • Now that’s how you comment without being overt.. stay classy

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    Wow looks perhaps like a pricing error - it's discounting off the previous special price

    • +11

      I got a Happy Ending last weekend at the previous price. Did I come too soon?

      • +5

        nah mate. it’s okay to come earlier

        • -1

          yeah, as long as she's happy about it~~ XD

      • might need to talk to your doc

      • reminds me of a couple of the boys in the all-male office - late afternoons they would start up from opposite sides of the open-plan upstairs desks

        'Jack - come here !'

        'I can't - I just came here !'

        repeated ad nauseum

  • Do these keep well? Might stock up

    • +1

      Yeah, might notice some lumpy bits in there but it doesn't effect it at all, just shake it up

  • I have 2 bottles of collinite 845, otherwise I will buy happy ending. I am lazy to apply a sealant. It cost me at least half an hour.

  • Its nearly $10 cheaper than the previous deal. Wish I waited a couple days. Does Repco have a price beat guarantee like Supercheap Auto?

  • would anyone recommend this over the meguiars hybrid ceramic wax?

    • +1

      I have both, I find myself using happy ending more since it's less work (apply with a foam gun then pressure wash off)

      I would imagine hybrid ceramic wax would last longer though, especially if hand applied to the panel like a traditional liquid wax

      Both products give improved hydrophobicity/water beading, you won't be disappointed

    • This is vastly superior in performance and longevity. It's important to note you need a foam cannon to apply it however.

  • +1

    Is it a white pearlescent colour?

  • +1

    Why are their product names so comical??

  • I purchased a bottle at the previous deal price (of $35) for Click & Collect tomorrow. Reckon they will refund the difference in price when I go to pick it up tomorrow?

    • +1

      Can't hurt to ask. Or cancel it and reorder

  • I grabbed one. $27 for me. Thanks OP

  • No consequences?

  • +1

    Normally when purchasing happy ending, I don't ask for a receipt? Repco lady not to sure of procedure.

  • +1

    Surely it's a pricing error?

  • +8

    The secret to cracking Ozbargian is to have anything even vaguely sexual in the title or product name.

  • -2

    Albo at the True Thai Massage lol

  • +1

    A happy ending to seal the deal

  • Bowden's Own Happy Ending

    He must have been with Pam tonight.

  • The price of the bottle is good, but getting the foam cannon is quite a bit.

    • Similar one on AliExpress for 25$

      • Link?

        • I bought the mjjc one couple years ago, seems to have gone up on in price, ~45$ now

          Though a quick search of "foam Cannon" should give you an idea.

          Bear force looks good enough

          • @BoomTetrisForJeff: I find mjjc pro v2 produces thicker foam and stay on longer than bowdens. But it’s around $80!

    • Do you need to buy a foam cannon to apply this product?

      • Yes

  • +1

    Ordered another 3….

    I clearly have a detailing fetish

  • Once applied and you rinsed with pressure, do you dry the car?

    • +3

      you should always dry the car after washing.

    • +1
    • Yes, dry with big green sucker towel, or blow dry (less chance of scratching paint)

  • +4

    At that price people will come All over the place

    • Can I come

    • My god why do you drive around with him in the car for over me. It’s not his and tired of his drama you can’t choose loyal and good looking better sensible friend team player over fakes.hmmmm do u blame me or blame him.

      • +3

        R U Ok?

        • I am not OK

          • @Yaren24: Well then let’s be ok together then so that this time we learn to not allow ppl in between relationships happy.

  • +1

    Got enticed to buy just the happy ending but ended up buying more stuff through continuous looking for deals. Did I really end up saving money? 😂

    • +1

      After watching the YouTube video I linked to above, I added the Boss Gloss to my cart 😂

      • That's what I did. 😂 And then the green big sucker to wipe the boss gloss with. This sale is doing more harm than good! Kidding of course. 😅

  • -2

    Must be a lot of gamers on here with all the lame jokes.

  • $62.99 at SuperCheapAuto, this seems like a bargain!

  • Awesome price. My closest Repco didn't have stock but SCA price matched.

  • -3

    Should be $2.

    Suki Suki.

  • Got it price matched at $26 from SCA

    Staff was super reluctant but did it eventually.

    Their price is super jacked up.

  • Can you apply by hand? no joke intended

    • +2

      No, their Wet Dreams product is the one you can apply by hand but IMO if you're going to that trouble step up to their Bead Machine which is superior to either Wet Dreams or Happy Ending.

  • -2

    Does it show up on the credit card statement that I paid for a happy ending? That could cause me some issues

  • Any newbie advice for what Bowden's Own products would be the best combination for a standard family car? I look at all these threads and have watched a few YouTube videos but still not 100% clear on what would be a good solution to keep family car looking good. No major requirements and normally just run through a touchless car wash semi - regularly to keep it looking clean and new but figure if there is a mix of these products I can use at home quickly and without much effort I would be interested but just not sure where to start or what products give the simplest solutions.

    • Any recommendation would need to be based on how much time you're willing to spend and how often and if you have a foam cannon.

      • Yeah time poor like everyone. Would be happy to buy the cannon as it looks like it would help the process. Realistically would be lucky to do a fortnight clean. Flowcharts on Bowdens site are handy thanks

        • +1

          A foam cannon saves a lot of time in the long run so recommend it if you can. FYI my daily only gets done every 4 - 6 weeks. I use a snow foam pre wash then hand wash using their Wax Wash, follow up with Happy Ending and then dry using After Glow. It's a quick process and provides protection that easily lasts between washes. I could double my time between washes and still have good protection on the paint.

          Orange Agent is good to have as a general cleaner. You can use it in place of Wheely Clean though it's not quite as good but is also good for cleaning tyres if you're into that and around the engine bay (works great on the BBQ as well). You can also add some of it to snow foam for your initial wash to strip anything you may currently have on the car. Add a glass cleaner (I'm yet to try Naked Glass as I still have plenty of Invisible Glass) and you've got everything for the exterior unless you want a tyre shine. Interior I don't use any products other than Leather Love and Leather Guard every 6 months if you have that type of seating.

          • @apsilon: Thanks for all of the detail. That gives me something to work with. Cheers

          • @apsilon: Mate, best thing I've learnt today. I had no idea that you could use OA to clean the tyres. I use WC for the actual rims themselves, but for the rubber, I was wondering what I could use to get the brown grime off, before applying a proper tyre dressing (which I don't own yet).

            Also, good to know that I can use OA in my SnowFoam for my very first wash. I have a 'new' 2nd hand car, that needs a full detail, from scratch. I may just use it instead of flash prep, after I Autoglym Polar Blast Snow Foam>Nanolicious Wash>Clay>Snow Foam>Nu Polish>OA SnowFoam/Flash Prep/IsoProp Alchohol/Soapy Water>Lazy Wax>Fully Slick>Happy Ending.

            I also was gifted a Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Pro Flex Wax and still have some leftover Meguiar's Hybrid Ceramic Spray Wax. I could use either one of these instead of Lazy Wax. Any recommendations?

    • https://www.bowdensown.com.au/guides/how-to-use-our-car-care...

      Go with the flow, you dont need to do all the steps though. At least not every time.

    • -1

      Ok, so not everyone is going to like this… If you are the kind of person that thinks a Weber q is the only way to cook a bbq or you have to have a horse on your polo shirt, this just won't be intelligible to you…

      Overpriced, car care products that use sexual slogans aside (I find them somewhat witty but it's not a reason to overpay for a car product)…

      Nu finish (once a year car polish): e.g. https://www.repco.com.au/en/car-care-panel/car-care/polish-r...


      I did a test on my bonnet, 1/3 autoglym resin, 1/3 Meguiar's nxt, and the remainder nu finish.

      12 months later, without application of other polishes, just sparing washes, the nu finish still beads up. The other two have given up.

      If it isn't a Porsche, or maybe even if it is, save your money and just use a silicon based polish like nu finish!

      • +2

        Well, you have not included the product from the topic (cheaper per L compared to Nu finish btw), so hard to claim it's better or worse. But nice to know Nu finish worked well, thanks for the test.

        I have seen a test the Bowdens Own Bead machine worked much better and longer compared to their Happy Ending and a number of competitor products, but Nu finish was not included in the test.

        • To be fair Nu Finish is cheaper if you look at regular retail prices. On the other hand, the only way Nu Finish could last 12 months is if the car was kept covered/indoors for most of the time. On a car that's always outside it lasts around 6 weeks at best.

          • @apsilon: My test says that you are wrong! :-)

            Still beads well after 12 months whereas other two sheet and stay wet. Now, if you mean that it beads less well than it did until around 6 weeks, could be - didn't check. Probably about time that I gave it some love so I could compare it to newly applied.

            I get that people (not necessarily you) are biased/reluctant to believe that something cheap could do as good or better job as an expensive product, especially after you've bought it but… marketing/shiny labels are effective! I think Bowden's/Maguire's are over priced and people don't want to do tests/ don't have access to unbiased test results so they just assume that the premium price gives a large advantage.

            Just sharing what I've found. Do your own test, ignore, adopt, whatever you like.

            • @reu: Btw it's one of the channels I have seen comparing similar products, with the Bead Machine consistently outperforming other competitors and other Bowden's Own sealants:


              • @DmytroP: I've actually been watching his graphene products test as I hadn't used any of these products myself and was curious if it was marketing hype as I suspected and certainly seems to be turning out that way. All 3 products are underwhelming and in fact showing worse performance than the same brands older products.

            • +1

              @reu: I have to question why your test produces results different to every other test I've seen as well as my own experience (yes I've used it, there's not a lot on the market, especially old products, that I don't have first hand experience with). Of the 3 products you tested, they should've all lasted around the same, none of them are particularly good products IMO. Nu Finish is cheap and OK bang for the buck, I'll give it that, but there are countless products available with vastly superior performance.

              • @apsilon: Just sharing my results. Doing a test your self should ideally remove biases that other tests may have (i.e. favouring a product). I have a photo of the three products sitting above the thirds of the bonnet on which they were applied so I know which was which. I don't know why it differs to your results. I live in Adelaide where the summer is pretty harsh. The car is in the open at work and under a carport at home.

                Nu finish is silicon based and apparently that is long lasting (hence the nu finish slogan: the once a year car polish). I didn't even do the recommended reapplication after 30 days.

                I'd be happy to do another test if you can recommend another product with similar bang for buck.

                I can share a before and after photo from the current test if it is a matter of uploading it/DM and is of interest to you, but I might not have the effort to create an Imgur account or the like if that is required.

        • Agree, I only have information available from the test that I did and that didn't include the Bowden's product. I thought my information was relevant because the other two products in my test were expensive and highly recommended to me by the salesperson but don't seem to stack up in my test. Would have been better if the Bowden's product was in my test.

          • +1

            @reu: FWIW, IMO Autoglym is a highly over rated brand but tends to have loyal customers for some reason. I haven't used every product in their range but of the ones I have used they've all been unimpressive and even borderline acceptable.

  • Is this as good as the Turtle ceramic wax?

    • Easily better. This will last at least twice as long.

  • I often use some quick wax after wash. Is this item better? Do I need some foam gun to apply or I can use standard method such as using microfiber cloth. Thanks

    • +1

      This is a sealant and is several steps up from quick wax but you do need a foam cannon to apply. Wet Dreams or Bead Machine can be applied by hand and IMO both are better than quick wax..

      • Oh I see. I only wash my car then apply quick wax after that.

  • How does this compare with Bowden's Own Bead Machine? I bought that recently

    • +1

      Bead Machine is better but this is easier/quicker to apply.

      • Ah that one is better, I just bought a few to try, lol.

        Do you recommend using both at the same time or that wouldn't do anything?

        • +1

          A lot of people use Happy Ending in between applications of Bead Machine. I just use Happy Ending for it's convenience and apply it about twice as often as required. The main difference between the two, other than application method, is Bead Machine lasts longer.

          • @apsilon: I understand, thanks for your help! So they are basically quite similar in results but bead machine lasts longer and different application method.

            The convenience of just spraying it and rinsing it off does seem better than applying by band.

            Do I need to dry car after wash before using this or just apply after car is rinsed?

            • +1

              @JL1: Bead Machine does have marginally better performance as well but there's not much in it.

              I rinse the car after washing then apply Happy Ending and rinse thoroughly again then dry. If I strip the car and do a full detail I'll apply Happy Ending twice rinsing in between.

  • How much do you use on single application approx?

    • +2

      100ml will easily do a large car once or a small car twice.

      EDIT: I should say I'm rather generous with application.

      • Thx. That's nice then.

    • +1

      I did an Amarok today and used 50ml. Usually mix up 100ml in the cannon and get 3 sedan/hatchback sized cars done out of that.
      Two coats can be beneficial on cars that have no protection at all but one coat is generally fine.

      • So how do you do 2 coat? Do one.. rinse and then 2nd and rinse. Or you just do rinse once after 2 coat?

  • Thanks OP, bought 2

  • i've got ceramic paint protection, is it worthwhile using this?

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