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Apple iPhone 12 Mini 64GB $799, 128GB $879 (Save $200) + Shipping ($0 C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


Jbhifi - Apple iPhone 12 Mini 128GB for $879 - Original $1079 ($200 OFF)
Hope will pricebeat at Officeworks

Massive features. Mini iPhone.

  • 5.4-inch Super Retina XDR display

  • Ceramic Shield, tougher than any smartphone glass

  • 5G for superfast downloads and high-quality streaming*

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    Where? Delivery? In the title plz….

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      Why is this getting downvoted? The original post, both title and description, didn't include anything but the product and price. Details have since been edited in.

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        Thank you for your support :)

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    Literally bought one of these full price last night but luckily haven’t opened it yet so will return and repurchase tomorrow , thanks OP.

    • 👍

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      If you're gonna purchase an iPhone Mini full price, why didn't you make it the iPhone 13 Mini? This one's approaching 1.5 years old and the battery life on it wasn't that great to begin with.

      • +3

        I did think about getting the 13 mini but felt it wasn’t worth the extra $120 (and now an extra $320!) and this may sound odd but I really dislike all the 13 mini colours and I run caseless so that was a big reason I didn’t get the 13 mini.

        • +23

          all the review articles said 13 mini has a great improvement on battery, camera and chips over 12 mini. Personally strongly recommend u buying 13 mini instead. hahah

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            @duodeta: Yeah, the 13 mini is easily the better choice over a 12 mini at RRP.

        • +9

          Surely the extra $120 is a no brainer?

          • +2

            @Savas: *was

          • @Savas: Is the offer on iphone min 13 still avail?
            For extra $120

            • +1

              @denny_mrl: Nah he was talking about the iphone 12 mini at full price being $120 cheaper than the iphone 13 mini at full price.

        • +13

          Wow choosing an older phone just for the colours. Interesting.

        • ends up putting case on phone anyways

        • +1

          Nothing wrong with choosing an older iPhone based on colour. The 12 is now the second most powerful iPhone. Whoopy do. It would still be in the top five of phone power, if not arguably number two.

          As for battery life, the 13 mini has a better battery. If you can afford get the 13 mini.
          That said12 mini I have has a pretty good battery and I get all day out of it. It’s battery life is better than most older model phones (eg iPhone 8 etc), just not as good as the bigger iPhones.
          That said, after 14 months the battery (admittedly quite heavily used) is down to 84% capacity. In a few months I will get the battery replaced by Apple. I doubt I will have to pay anything.

          • +3

            @entropysbane: @entropysbane - apple replacement batteries at apple are free if in warranty or with AppleCare, or $109 if out of warranty.

          • @entropysbane: Yep my battery is only 82% capacity at 14mths and just waiting for it to dip below 80% so Apple can replace it (the battery that is) under 24mth consumer protection.

        • not a true ozbargainer

        • The iPhone mini might be discontinued due to poor sales, so if you're planning on using it for a long time, it's best to get the 13 mini

  • +1

    I bet by the time the stores are open, Officeworks will have the price matched with JB or a $1 less than the JB deal

    • I doubt it if you went at 8am Saturday.

      • The 128GB is out of stock at most stores in Melbourne. Will try my luck at the local store and ask for them to check stock.
        Spewing I didn't buy the Telstra day deal.

        • I just purchased online, the different is 5.99 for delivery and 5 day waiting time.

    • +3

      You will save more if you buy 10% off TCN Teen or Her giftcard from Woolworths.

  • +2
  • +3

    If you have been saving up the TCN/ TUGC GC, this comes down another 10% ~ 15%…

  • just got s21 fe for 809 $ f..k me shouldve got this one

    • +3

      Why ? the FE has better battery and screen is 120hz

      • If you want a smaller phone that still has high performance?

        • i have small hands so i was eyeing for iphone mini but it didnt go on sale and i needed a phone urgent and s21 fe was 809 $ went with it but fe is better on the paper i think so im not that upset

      • Fe is not good deal at $800 plus , there was many deal for s21 U at same price before.

    • Its free if you get the $79 24mths plan 200gb, offer rhis weekend .

  • Is battery life on these as bad as the Internet says?

    • +6

      I’d say so, used one for about 6 months and it would never last me a day. I would have to charge it at least twice, maybe I’m a power user, everyone’s mileage varies.

      By the looks of it the 13 minis battery is significantly better even outlasting last years 12, oh well I upgraded to the 13 pro max and carrying a charger/ worrying about battery is a thing of the past.

    • Yes, based on my experience too, would not last a day. Luckily bought it from Costco, they have 90 days change of mind policy, so returned it less than a week after using it.

      • how much is it at costco?

    • +3

      no way! Mine is awesome. I play on it all day, with plenty left at the end.
      I have had it 6 months and health is 97%
      However oddly I've seen others only 12 months old with battery health down to almost only 80% - not sure what that means, if there are some dodgy ones

      • Mine is 82% at 14mths and doesn't last a day

    • +3

      My wife and I both have one. It goes through the whole day for both of us no worries. Beats our old 8s and my old X.
      Occasionally my wife will have to charge hers if she has been on it all day. By all day, I mean literally all day. Sibling has a 13 pro and has had to occasionally charge it during the day if power using too.

      But I’m maybe on my phone, I dunno, a couple of hours a day and by the end of the day it’s about 60%.

    • My wife and I also have 12 minis
      Battery usually lasts a whole day for us with moderate use. But heavy users might struggle.
      But apart from that it’s a great phone and love the small size.

    • Yes they are. Had a 12 pro max and the battery was shocking compared to the 11 pro max and 13 pro max

    • Mine battery health at 95%. Battery works well for my usage. No gaming though.

    • +2

      No. I get all day out of mine, it is actually better than most phones of a couple of years ago, or even some mainstream phones of today. Just not as long as many bigger phones and their bigger batteries. You canna change the laws of physics, as Scottie once said.

  • Is this a 1 day only thing?
    I'm considering running up to woolies, grabbing 8 x TCN HER gift cards at 10% off but not sure I can use these online and my local JB has no stock of the phone.

    Nuts I wanted the green one too

    • you can exchange them online via TCN website and use them on JB online order.
      I just used my 7x$50 and 5x$100 gift cards to buy one.

      • Thanks! Confirming this worked fine for me. Exchanged 8x $100 tcn her for jB and then could use all 8 to get the iphone

      • Thanks for this. Got 8x $100 gc 15 mins before woolies closed last night. Made the jbhifi order just in time.

  • +4

    Re battery life, the 13 Pro max gives up to 28 hours video playback vs 13 mini’s 17 hours vs 12 mini’s 15 hours. Just a 2 hour difference between the 12 and 13 mini.

    • Yeah if you were only watching video the whole time. The difference is much more in the real world if you use your phone for other things..

  • -1

    Good price but I'm a heavy user. Phone battery doesn't cut it for me.

    • +12

      Good to know

      • Good to let you know

    • +4

      If your a heavy user, why would u even think about a mini? U like squinting?

      • The form factor and size is actually perfect but the catch is the battery size is too small.
        I thought I would struggle with the screen size but it's actually very decent.

        While I absolutely loved my iPhone 12 mini when it was new and probably for the first 10mths, it has been very disappointing with battery degradation after that.

    • +12

      How much do you weigh?

      • About 91 kgs

  • Submitted another price protection claim! Paid $1,267 December 2020 initally for my business. Nice little perks. I'm about to cap my $2,400 price protection limits..

    • +3

      Which card?

  • +2

    I wish they drop the SE and make the 11 the defacto entry model or bring them both down by $100 dollars.

  • +1

    For anyone serious about photography, note that you can’t disable HDR on the iPhone 13 range; you can on the 12.

    • For anyone serious about photography, get a camera.

      And apart from that, that's shit if you can't disable HDR.

      But then, it's a phone camera that produces composite pictures out of multiple lenses and exposures… you just take it as it is, maybe use 3rd party apps to get something less automated, more contained.

    • U can disable hdr in video recording tho

      • Correct. That’s why I specified “photography”.

  • 5.4-inch

    Geez that's so small you could almost hold it in one hand.

    • +2

      I hold my 6.8 inch in one hand lol

      • But when you need to type in one hand that’s another story lol

        • I swipe with my right thumb

    • Thats what she said

  • +2

    Got one at OW on price match les 5%, they don’t have much stock need to call around

  • Great Deal! Bought one last year at full price, Going to use the Latitude 28 degrees insurance to get the 200 back :D.

  • +1

    I bought mine from the Telstra Day deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/642368 earlier at $699

    • That one required to have a plan, right?

      • Didn’t need a plan. It said you did but could checkout with just the phone.

    • isn't there another Telstra Day coming up?

      Damn it was on Thursday!

  • Just bought one for for my father, thanks Op.

  • "I don't want a mini and I want an XL" she said…

  • +2

    battery life = bad. i owned this for a year, switched to 13 pro max just.

    • +1

      12 mini to 13 pro max is essentially polar opposites in terms of battery (amongst other things)

    • I'm struggling at the moment and thinking of going to the 13 Pro or maybe waiting for the 14?

  • I just sold my 12 mini as I am upgrading to 13 mini.

    battery is average i would say.

  • I’ve been using mini for a while and battery life isn’t that bad. Occasionally I’d be at 20% but that’s when I’m already home for dinner.

  • A sign IPhone SE3 with better specs and price is coming out soon?

    • April release for SE3 according to the rumours, but it’s basically confirmed it will be using the iPhone 8 chassis once again.

      SE4 will be based on the Mini.

      • Would be awesome if they went with the 8 plus footprint for the SE range. I'd jump on that.

        • That's been rumoured as well but not happening apparently, sucks I know.

      • I was waiting the se 3 before. But se 3 still have older design and 5 month waiting time. Just get 13 mini now

        • Depends on your budget and whether you want Touch ID or Face ID. 13 mini is a full $520 more expensive.

  • Why buy this when you can buy the new one?

    • +5

      Because my budget is $900

  • -3

    This is not worth it. Pay extra and get the 13 mini.

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