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[Refurb] Dell Optiplex Bundle - Dell Optiplex 3040, i5-6500, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD + 22" Monitor $329 + Delivery @ FuseTech AU


Starting to bring in new Optiplex's, thought I might try some new cheap bundle. Everything you need pretty much to get started, for home or office!

Storage(SSD/HDD) and RAM upgrades are available.

Intel® Core™ i5-6500 Processor (6M Cache, up to 3.60 GHz, 4 Cores)
8GB DDR3 Memory
Front I/O – 2x USB3, 2x Audio Jacks
Rear I/O – 2x USB2, 2x USB3 1x RJ45 Networking, 1x DisplayPort, 1x HDMI
Includes Power Adapter
Windows 10 Professional
1 year warranty

Monitor - Dell P2214H 22-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor (Refurbished) :

  • Refresh rate 60
  • Brand DELL
  • Screen size 22 Inches
  • Series P2214H
  • Hardware interface VGA, USB, DisplayPort, USB 2.0

Will come with cords and cables as well (kettle cord + Display port cables )

Dell mouse and keyboard

For those who want just the Optiplex standalone


Extra accessories if needed


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  • +9

    Not a bad price for a complete setup. These are really solid Windows 10 machines too. 128GB SSD might get a bit tight for some though.

    • +2

      Second drive = 1TB HDD for $60 or so?
      Easy install.

      • +1

        Or just pay $50 for the 350GB extra upgrade. Simpler.

        • Yep. But install extra HDD is good for learnin'

          • +4

            @wetwork: True, but learning wouldn't be the main reason why I'd add a HDD to this PC. I have so many HDDs sitting around, it would absolutely be beneficial to chuck one in for storage, while keeping that 120GB SSD for the C drive

            • @Zackeroo: Even betterer.
              Just what I did.

              • +1

                @wetwork: Haha, I think we all have a few OzBargain HDDs sitting around from previous deals…

                My favourite recent HDD deal would have to be the $9 for a 1TB HDD (I think it was a portable HDD tho)

    • True, but they let you configure it and slap in a larger one. Also you can increase the RAM too.

    • Agree with everyone that upgrading is simple. Just noting the standard config is probably too light on storage for some. A $349 config with the 240GB SSD would be ideal.

    • +1

      These can usually run Windows 11 too if people are interested. A lot of these enterprise desktops have TPM 2.0 on them. Have a look at the spec sheet if people want proof https://i.dell.com/sites/doccontent/shared-content/data-shee...

      • No, you need at least 8th Gen Intel Core CPU to run Win11.

        • EDIT: Sort of true… From 8th gen, TPM is built into the CPU but for W11 you need secure boot and TPM 2.0 which is included on the motherboard for some enterprise workstations. I've done it on a 6th gen without hacks or workarounds, and it runs fine.

  • +14

    Perfect for grandma and pa to do their email and documents etc.. Good deal good price.

  • +13

    I think this is actually a good deal.

  • +4

    3040? This must be the new RTX entry level GPU!

  • -3

    Will this run Windows 9?

    • +1

      95? 95a? 95b? 95c? 98? 98SE? Please be specific

  • Any chance of Afterpay?

    • +8

      Have you tried not being broke?


    • +2

      PayPal pay in 4 is an option though

      • Double payment issue with Up bank so I stopped using it until they can fix it

    • Afterpay this..

      Decent value @$520 del

      • HP 😖

  • This PC also has an excellent upgrade path with a 550w bronze power supply to add a even more powerful GPU in the future!


  • +4

    Great value blue iris system! 6500 supports h265 encoding

    • An important distinction to make is that it supports H.265 8-bit. If you try to use H.265 10-bit, then it uses CPU resources.

      Not that it matters for Blue Iris though since the video stream from surveillance cameras would be 8-bit, but worth mentioning anyway in case someone is looking at this as a Plex server too.

      • On side note would an i5 6700k support h.265 10bit. I use jellyfish… Plan to get plex on next 25% off…

        • No, you need the next generation 7xxx for 10bit

  • +2

    Perfect PC for replacing my Core2 Duo PC which is on its last legs. I'd be using the PC for my 4 player arcade cab. Current one is just really old and still running XP. Time for an update.
    Can you do a deal without the Montior etc? Just after the PC itself?

    • +3

      Never mind. I found the same OptiPlex 3040 on eBay except with a 256GB SSD. Was an auction which ended in 10 minutes when I found it so I placed a bid (since there were none) and won lol. $160 + 33.70 shipping, so total was $193.70 delivered.

      • Seller put this auction up again. Same 160

        • Yeah - they had 2 on eBay. The remaining one ends in a day and a half.

  • SEXY

  • Computer says no

  • @FuseTechAu Do you have any deals without the monitor, keyboard and mouse? I just need the PC and also shipping to Sydney would be easier with just the PC.

    • +1

      We sell the optis just by themselves! Type in Optiplex and a few options will come through

  • +1

    can you get it cheaper without the monitor?

    • +1

      yep! link is now on OP

  • Is this the SFF or the MT? Small Form Factor or Mini Tower?

    • SFF.
      The middle size, there's USFF and MT for OptiPlex.

  • Damn, that site is very annoying with those huge images that have that animation effect.

  • +1

    Will this cpu support watching 4k 60 YouTube video?

    • +3

      Why neg? My laptop is like 8 years old. It can not play 4k 60 YouTube video. I just want to know if this can handle, It's Oz unfriendly now?

      • -3

        Didn't neg you, but why can't people like you spend 5 minutes googling specs for yourselves?

        Instead you sit there and ask others to do your homework then spoonfeed you. You might have to wait an hour or a day or never get an answer. Or you might get a wrong answer from a troll or someone who has no idea.

        All the while you could have lifted a finger and gotten reliable information for yourself immediately.

        • +4

          How do you know I didn't google before ask? can not find a sure answer. I answer many questions here. No matter how " easy" it is, I never say " go, google it." Not everyone is good at googling and google is not 100% correct either, you do understand that?

          If you are not willing to help, you can ignore.
          Stop leaving these helpless comment here. I think most ozbargainers are willing to help each other.

          • -5

            @ce5himm: You asked why neg. I helped to answer your question. So ungrateful and unfriendly.

        • +3

          why can't people like you spend 5 minutes googling specs for yourselves?

          The same could be said of most questions on Ozbargain. No need to be a bastard about it.

          • -1

            @4 June 1989: Too many people being smart arses these days. LMGTFY bullshit everyday, can 't live without google is it?

            Apparently can't do their jobs without google maybe their body won't function if google is offline!?

            So many keyboard warriors too.

        • +3

          "People here don't have time to help you, just time to throw tantrums about not having time to help you"

      • Just gave you a plus. Chill out mate

    • If you mean will Intel Quick Sync will kick in to decode H.265 4K/60p SDR content, then yes. However not so much for 4K HDR. You would need 7th gen CPU (Kaby Lake) for full H.265 hardware support. Depending on the video bitrate, it may or may not play. Probably will max out several CPU cores if it’s very high bitrate.

  • +1

    You can get cheaper options from eBay.

    Dell Optiplex 3020 SFF Intel Core i5 4590 3.30Ghz 8Gb Ram 256Gb SDD - $189 + Free Delviery ($179.55 eBay Plus)
    Dell Professional P2210t P2210f 22" LCD Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor VGA or DVI - $75 + Free Delivery ($58.50 eBay Plus)

    $264 ($238.05 eBay Plus). eBay Plus pricing is for PLUSJAN5 may have to order at once depending on code limits.

    Wired Keyboard & Mouse Set $15.50 + Free Delivery ($14.72 eBay Plus)

    • The Optiplex 3020 is an i5 4th gen though.
      This is a 6th Gen.

      • +2

        4th gen to 6th gen is not much difference, the 4590 is almost identical performance, I have both CPU's.


        These two CPU's are only 14 months apart, at a time before AMD was competitive and Intel generational improvements where minimal.

        • CPU wise, there is an improvement.
          The biggest upgrade is the DDR4 versus the DDR3 RAM. I also think this supports slightly faster storage too in the motherboard, as well as some upto date features.

          • @Kangal: The above deal is with DDR3 memory.

            • +1

              @Jimbuscus: Damn it, I was like why does this comment not edit. Was trying to update it :(

              • @Kangal: Sorry, I hate when that happens to me, replied too quick

    • +2

      even cheaper: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/234376422547

      only gripe is the fan noise, I'm used to complete silence.

      also disable spectre meltdown for a significant perm boost

      • Yeah - my G1 is as noisey as.
        Spectre Meltdown - what is that?

        • +1


          there are some vulnerabilities on the older intel cpus which they patched with software, you get a dramatic boost if you disable it feels like 30%+ to me

          vulnerabilities doesn't really affect the average user

  • +1

    The last deal for $150 was much better

  • +2

    I thought 6th Gen Intel CPUs take DDR4 RAM?
    However OP has DDR3.

    Can someone please confirm?

    • +1

      Like with 12th gen it supports both as a transitional.

    • +1

      Dell proprietary motherboard supports 1600 MHz DDR3L (1.35v).

      Good luck with any upgrades🤣

    • +1

      Yep can confirm it is ddr3

  • I don't want the monitor. Any possibility?

  • +1

    I've had one of these, and a couple of 7040's. Watch out for the entire machine shutting down due to displayport/cable issues - you'll find this referenced in some forums, and one of the 7040 machines ended up getting a new motherboard under warranty. Between that issue and only using DDR3(L) memory, I was happy to move on… I picked up a 7060, which finally got a USB Type C port.

  • +1

    Just an update, for those who want just an Optiplex 3040 alone, below is the link!


  • Does anyone know what wattage power supply are in these units?

  • Includes dvd-rw ? shown in photo.

  • Can you fit a normal size aftermarket GPU in this?

    • Lol no. Would have to be a low profile one. Also can only be powered by PCI. People usually get that 1050 LP

  • Do these have inbuilt wifi cards?

    • we'll be adding 300mbps WIFI Usbs to every optiplex, just plug in and your good to go!

  • silly question but could this run robolox for the kids? or would i need to get a gpu to help

    • Hi! yeah I mean on some lower settings 720p/1080p you can, games like League, Roblox. But definitely always recommended purchasing a GPU as well.

    • GT1030 Is the go-to for these prebuild graphics upgrades.

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