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1 Month Free Mobile (Then $35 Per Month): Unlimited Talk, Text and Data (20Mbps Cap) for New Customers @ Felix Mobile


I'v just got an email from felix team.

Unlimited talk, text and data for use in Aus.

New customers only. Ends 31/01/22. T+C apply.

Speeds of up to 20Mbps

$35/month afterthat

No lock-in contract, no exit fees

I'm currently using it as my personnal hotspot with a 4G modem

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1 Month Free or $35 Free Credit each for referrer and referee.

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  • I think the same if one refers a family or friend,. if one wants to give the bonus to a family, friend or stranger 😜😝🤣🤪

    Edit: OP how you going with using Felix for home internet so wondering what highest data amounts have you downloaded over a month? And thanks for post 👍

    • I've used up to 850GB.

      • What device do you use it in?

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          They sent me email and also suspended my plan. So later I changed to use an iPhone which tethers via USB to a windows PC then the iPhone network can be shared to Ethernet, then use an AP or router to broadcast that’s all.

    • I've used nearly 800GB.

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    until 31 jan, this offer is slightly cheaper if you're planning on staying with them for three months https://felixmobile.com.au/purpose/finder-exclusive-offer

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    Who's happy with 20mbps?

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      For 2 people it's great. More then sufficient to stream full HD and can almost stream 4k flawlessly

      • MBps that would be true, but it’s Mbps. It’s good for 2x 720p streams or a really low bitrate 1080p.

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          20Mbps is more than enough for high bitrate 1080p. The highest streams are only 3000-6000 Kbps.
          It is even enough for Netflix 4K, as that is max 15250 Kbps. Though you may have some buffering with other providers as they can reach up to 25000 Kbps.

        • Guess no one in your world can stream 2 720 streams if it requires anywhere near that amount.

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      When I tried them out last year I was able to seamlessly stream 1440p YouTube while on the bus 4K was a bit of a struggle if I remember correctly.

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    E-sim available.

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      i hope more providers hop onto esim

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    FYI Felix uses the Vodafone network which can be a little lackluster in some areas however after being with them for a couple months now and I can't complain. It's also a good idea to use PdaNet+ while tethering.. I also have a referral code if anyone is keen.

    • I've been bouncing through providers for the last few months and whilst Telstra has the hands down best coverage and speed, Lebara (Vodafone network) has proven to be the second best for me over Optus.

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      what are the benefits of using pdanet for tethering because i thought they allow tethering without restrictions and limitations? (within fair use ofcoarse )

      • I had to look it up again and I was pleasantly surprised to see tethering is allowed (conditionally)

        PdaNet+ would still be useful for those that are using the phone as a hotspot for more then themselves.


        The felix plan is intended to be used with your personal mobile phone. You are permitted to tether other personal devices, such as your laptop or tablet, to your mobile phone by creating a mobile hotspot from your phone via Wi-Fi.

        However the felix plan must not be used to provide tethering to other people's devices (for example the devices of members of your household, colleagues or friends), nor used as a substitute for a home internet service or in a modem."

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    I'm currently using it as my personnal hotspot with a 4G modem

    Felix cracks down on this type of use. You'll get caught one day.

    • I don't tether personally unless home internet is down so I'm not too worried, but yes it does go against the T&C's.

    • Wow, they won't even let you use it on an iPad?
      I still stream on my phone (and iPad), what's the difference..

      EDIT: Also RIP all the new Poco phone users

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      There you go, no need to worry about damaged battery or fire risk from battery. I connect this with Xiaomi router running Rooter firmware in USB tethering mode.


      For promo sim I just use usb stick but for those provider that are shitty with their T&C about non mobile use I just connect the phone in USB tethering mode.

      Many modems can run this firmware and Xiaomi should be the cheapest.

      For any old phone with dead battery just keep the top part (BMS) and solder the wire from usb cable to the battery terminal on the BMS.

  • Has anyone tried to do gaming on this? Previous attempts with gaming on cellular connection didn't go very well. Streaming is no problem but real-time gaming is potentially challenging even for simple multiplayer roblox minecraft.

    • I game on 4g very often but never tried a capped service.

  • Can you cancel before the start of next month? So you pay $0? Just to see if Vodafone does deliver on 20MBPS. It will be faster than my current NBN .. haha

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      They have a 7 days satisfaction thing. 0 cost if cancelled within 7 days of activation.

      • Can you sign up without a bank card in the first place?

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    I'm currently using it as my personnal hotspot with a 4G modem

    You must not have seen this

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    I recently ported to Felix from Circles but the internet was patchy in some areas; full bar/4G and working calls but the internet was not usable at all. Have asked support to "reset" my account on the back end a couple of times and it has improved a bit but still seeing the issues happening at random times. I guess it's just voda's coverage problem and I'm going to port out again next month.

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      Try another phone and see if you have the same issues. not all phones have the correct network requirements. iPhones and Samsung are great generally.

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        A new Pixel 6 pro isn't good enough?

  • For most people Felix is a great deal especially if you are a large data user. Its good for one or two people but the connection will max out easily if both are downloading at same time. I constantly use over 300GB and as long as the tower you are using is not saturated then you should get consistent speeds all day/night. I notice a little slowdown around 5.30pm but not enough to have an issue streaming shows in 1080P.

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    Tried this service in the 5608 region of Adelaide 2 mbs was the best I could manage out of the service over a week of trying..
    Didn't even bother staying with the remainder 3 weeks of service removed he Sim and threw it in the bin where Vodafone belongs.

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      I'd assume "2 mbs" was the download speed you could achieve, which was the max speed they advertised for. I really don't see the point you complained to.

      • Would be 2Mbps so only 10% of advertised speed, which is around what I was getting too.

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          Maybe he's confusing MB/s and Mb/s. In any event 2Mb/s is useless, but then again it is Vodafone .

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        They advertise 20 not 2..
        Was unable to load Web browser pages it was that slow..

  • I used felix with 4g modem and the speed was good most of the time( usually 17-20 mbps). But sometimes the lag was too unbearable. For some reason the speed was always poor with my handset(pixel 3 xl).

    If u don't need internet for WFH purpose , this is a very inexpensive solution to your hone internet.

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    I used Felix for nearly a year until I discover 5G Home Wireless. Less portable, more expensive, normally $70-80 pcm (I got it for $45 pcm during black friday) but over 200+ Mbps. Never looked back since

  • There's still this https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/665774 which save more over a 3 month period.

  • Can you switch from Kogan to this directly or you need to port it to another provider before porting to Felix. Thanks

    • Can do directly

  • Anyone know of a similar deal but on Optus 4G network? Vodafone just doesn't have coverage where I need this.

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      Nope, felix is unique.

      Optus has $45/$55/$65 for 20GB/80GB/500GB (promo) with endless 1.5Mbps after that limit is reached. Telsstra's got something similar.

  • I would use a referral code to get the 1 month free, which also benefit 1 mth free for another ozbargainer.

    Felix has a strict device whitelist https://felixmobile.com.au/terms-policies/device-list
    If you put your SIM card into a 4G modem, your account will get locked very soon. (Mine got locked and I contacted the support team. After I promise I would use it in an iPhone, my account got resumed)

    • use any old phone with a Xiaomi router that support Wireless repeater mode or run Rooter firmware with the phone in USB tethering mode. Even hardwire the power if your old phone battery is no longer working.

  • My wife and I use this as a substitute for Wifi in our apartment. Works a treat and speed has never been an issue, though I'm also not a gamer so I can't speak to that part of things

  • You're getting yourselves booted for using too much data. I'd say the limit is probably around 500gb before they get miffed. If you're a massive data user, this cheap monthly deal as home internet replacement isn't for you.

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      No. Unlimited means unlimited. The ACCC will fine them for misleading advertising otherwise. The way they know what device you're using is based on the IMEI and device ID. If it's a known non phone device, then they can restrict your account. Of course there are various ways around that.

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        Been using Felix for a couple of years now (since 2020), through a modem, never had a problem. My household never uses more than 500gb a month, even with plenty of streaming service use.

        It's my belief that they find some customers to be unprofitable over time, and thats when they give some excuse and pull the plug.

        • Sure, they're likely to look harder at higher usage users than lower. That alone isn't grounds for termination. They have a device whitelist, but they don't enforce it. They know there are too many devices to track them all. If someone was found to be unprofitable, or in their terms, "adversely affected the network" then they'd be more likely to terminate their service.

          • @Skylex: Agreed.

            It wouldn't hurt them to just set a firm limit on quota and then shape the down/up to something small (say, good enough for a single 1080p stream), to allow for the 'Unlimited' advertising.

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        at least they allow tethering, back then Optus Daily 3G plan doesn't even allow tethering and non mobile usage.

  • Is it the 1st month that's free? I mean can we port-out after 1st month making it a free deal?

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      Yes. You can also pause or cancel the service from within the app if you want to get a new number and then abandon it.

      • Thats great. thank you

  • Just signed up. Can confirm while using the promo code we get the 1st month free. If using the referral code instead, first month will be charged and then $35 added to the wallet that can be used for successive months.

  • How long do I have to activate the SIM before the credit expires?

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      2 or 3 years from the date of order. Look up their website. I'm still going through SIMs from almost a year ago.

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      2 years

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    The code still works.

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