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Felix 20Mb/s Unlimited Data Mobile Plan $17.50/Month First 3 Months ($35 after) for New Customers @ Felix Mobile


Using FINDER50 you can get 50% off your plan, they offer one 35$ unlimited plan capped at 20MB/s on the Vodafone network. I asked through the chat about eSIM, and they said they are starting a trial soon and those who participate will get 3 months free at then end of the trial. I don't know how long the trial goes for, but 3 months of $17.50 isn't bad for restricted but unlimited data, and a chance at another 3 months free is cool. I haven't got my sim yet so can't speak to reliability, I will probably update after my first month if its any good.

I hope this helped someone, first post, if there are any formatting mistakes / too long title or rambly plz delete.

As per a recent one I tried to combine codes, but was told by the support I could only use one. Description below copied.

Mod note: Insufficient detail about invitation-only eSIM trial. Offer removed from title.

From the rep
Actually we're currently inviting special customers to register their interest in a closed-door trial of eSIM in late November, is this something that interests you? If selected to be part of the trial, you will receive 3 months of credit in your felix wallet (value of $105) at the end of the trial. This offer is now only open if you're wanting to switch your number to felix as opposed to taking on a new felix number

TPG (Vodafone) network. Unlimited talk, text and data at speeds of up to 20Mbps.
New Customers Only.

Use as much data as you need in Aus. 20Mbps is great for streaming HD video and music, scrolling and sharing to your socials, and using cloud storage. Very large files may be slow to load. Fair Use Policy applies. See what you can do at 20Mbps
Unlimited calls and text
Standard calls, SMS and MMS to mobiles and landlines plus calls to 13 & 18 numbers, and voicemail. For use in Aus. Fair Use Policy applies.

One tree planted every month
We'll plant a tree for you for every active month you're with us.

Tethering (hotspot)
For your personal devices only, not as a substitute for a home internet service or in a modem. Fair Use Policy applies.

No lock-in contract, no exit fees
You can also pause your plan whenever you want.

$35/month, renews automatically
Your plan lasts the full month. No sneaky 28 day expiry.

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  • Is this a do-over on the $17.50pm deal? I thought that had expired

  • Damn just activated a service yesterday.

    • Message them they might help you out to keep you around

  • +1

    Signed up to this last time, have been very pleased with the service so far.

    • ill post here after I activate next week, but thats reassuring, I only use my phone for emails and some youtube and not really for hotspoting so I recon the 20mb/s should be fine.

    • +1

      I signed up last time this deal was on too. I'm loving it too

  • -1

    Is 20mbps guaranteed?

    • says 20mbps as much as possible with the line about may vary at peak times.
      No clue how much priority you get at peak times, guess ill see when i get the sim next week.

      • If you spend too much data, they will cap your download to around 10Mbps and upload to around 5Mbps.

        • +1

          Really? How much is too much?

        • How much is too much?

          I'd like to know this too…

      • as an update, i havet found speeds any slower than they should be, obv in areas with poor coverage it is less than 20mb/s, but in places i know i should be getting something close to that I am, and obv on George street etc. im always getting the full speed.
        haven't notices any throttling yet, only time i dont hit 20mb/s is due to signal, tho with covid and the like is just my experience.

    • It’ll vary depending on reception. No mobile provider will guarantee peak speeds at all times.

  • If You purchase before 14th of December when do you need to activate by?

    • +2

      No limit of activation as per their TnC

      • No limit of activation

        Does this realistically mean we can activate in six months and get half price rate for three months?

        • activate in six months and get half price rate for three months?

          Just confirmed with chat that this is possible.

  • Thanks OP. Managed to make it into the eSim trial. There's some legends at Felix! They went out of their way to get me included. Sim transfer was sorted out today within a few hours to eSim. All works perfectly.

    • Ive had no issues with my esim, I just prefer it personally from back pre covid when one had to travel and swap to local data sims.

  • back on!

  • Hi Rep, is the eSim close door trial still available?

    • not rep, but I got the esim on the trial and it works great for me.
      if you got a good deal on felix and the esim was your only holdup you could always ask their customer service chat on their website, all the people i talked too seemed very nice, maybe they could set you up before its a default option when signing up (just checked website, its not atm)

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