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NetGear Orbi RBK50 AC3000 Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi System 2 Pack $349 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Best discount in a least a little while on this well rated Wi-Fi 5 mesh system.

Nothing near as good as it has been with $244 at The Good Guysmid last year, but still not a terrible price in the overall scheme of things.

Same price available from Officeworks

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    When i was in Costco the other day they had them for $249, so worth checking there if you're a member.

    Also note you cannot buy extra satellites for these.

    • The satellites are hard to find, they used to sell them separately. However, you can put firmware on the router to turn it into a Satellite and it works great.
      I’ve got the same setup with two kits I purchased.

      Edit: I didn’t do the custom firmware, I used Linux commands to change the device type as detailed here:

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        Just to be clear, you can only convert router to satellite if the Orbi is version 1 model. Running this on version 2 model can soft brick your device.

        You can tell which version you have, version 1 has a USB port on back of router, version 2 does not. Proceed with caution.

        • Good share.
          I’ve just checked mine and my router is V2, however the router I converted to Satellite using the Telnet commands is definitely a V1.
          I wonder if the Telnet command method bricks a V2 or whether it’s the firmware method.
          Im off to Google research …

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    This week marks the one-year anniversary of wifi 6. These older routers are going to get cheaper and cheaper as they get more obsolete.

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    Nope, it's not cheap for Wifi5/AC devices. Adds a few more bucks to go for Wifi6/AX devices and you won't regret it.

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      This is an AC3000 router and probably faster than most AX1800 mesh routers. If you want to get a good WiFi6 mesh router (i.e. AX4200 or faster), you need pay much more than "adds a few more bucks".

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        Not true. Just check recent deals. Asus AX88U which is an AX6000 one was just around $300 a couple of weeks ago.

    • netgear wifi 6 is a lot more expensive than a few more bucks

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      Sounds like you haven't set it up properly, many people (including me) have had absolutely no issues with them. They're getting a little older now but were constantly reviewed as one of the best mesh kits you could get in their day, and even now they are certainly quick enough for most applications.

  • Do these support multiple SSIDs?

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      No, nor can one individually control 2.4G and 5G. That part is a pain when trying to pair 2.4G only devices with a mobile phone which Auto-connects using 5G. Other than that great devices.

      • I make use of the Guest WIfi network which provide 2.4GHz only, to connect those 2.4GHz devices…

        • Not sure how that would help as the Guest Network is a different SSID so not useful if one wants to connect the new device to main WiFi SSID?

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