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SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Gaming Headset $299 Delivered ($0 C&C) @ BPC Tech


Cheapest I’ve ever seen this. Jumped on it myself. Black and white available. Heaps of other good deals as well for Australia Day.

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BPC Technology (Formerly BudgetPC)
BPC Technology (Formerly BudgetPC)

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    FYI for anyone with a larger noggin' - beware of the ski strap, because it has barely any adjustability, and I had to take it off completely for the headset to fit me. That meant the only thing holding it in place was the earcups clamping onto my head, and it gave me headache, so I had to return it. Also looks really cheap with just the bare metal headband.

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      Yeah I agree, I don't even have an exceptionally large head and I have to use the strap on the largest settings

    • You shouldn’t have to do this of course, but it should be easy to make a new strap. Just need sew some fabric and velcro. EBay also has a bunch for $5-6 shipped although I haven’t compared the lengths of them.

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      I have this head size but do not have this problem. Might also depend on the shape.

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        I also have a reasoanbly large head and do not have this issue.

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          Welp, I guess that means I have an unreasonably large head then, thanks mum!

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    Great headset for this price. Dual interchangeable batteries that slot into the DAC to be charged are really the standout feature alongside the amazing 2.4ghz range

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    Surely price error? Or could be listing mistake for the wired?

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    Loved the battery swap on this and the sound was good, but found the fit uncomfortable and the microphone quality way worse than the wired arctis 7.

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    Crazy price, if I didn't buy Audeze Penrose I wouldve jumped on this in an instant.

    • Was looking at a new gaming headset for PC and next gen consoles. Currently undecided between this, Penrose and Orbit S

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        Yeah, I can never decide. Brand new for $300 is difficult to beat tho.

  • Yep awesome price been waiting for a deal like this. Thanks!

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    • OOS :(

  • Bought. We'll see if it arrives

  • Got one too. Thanks for posting.

  • Also bought one. My Arctis 7 Wireless are starting to crack after years of abuse, so it's a good time to get an upgrade.

    • How old did it take to crack it?
      Not sure if spare parts are available but all plastic hinges doesn't look strong to me.

      • +2

        I had to look up the order. I got them in June 2018. They're still okay to use, but after dropping them a few times over the years there have been a couple of plastic pieces inside the left ear cup that have snapped off; I'm not sure exactly where from, I've just had to open them up and empty out the rattling plastic piece. More annoying is the mute button on the left side has started playing up; it works, but when muted a slight nudge of the button causes the unmute/mute sound to play (fortunately not from head movement though).

        In summary: plastic isn't ideal, but it's not the biggest issue, and not enough that I'm put off buying another Arctis.

  • Grabbed one too to replace my Arctis 7! Great price.

  • I'm so tempted, but last night some kid was telling me how clear my Mic was! I'm just worried I'll upgrade, and won't notice a difference lol

  • Pulled the trigger.

  • "Edit" I ordered a black pair, sound should be better on my ps5

    Now I just need back paddles for my controller lol

  • Also have an older Arctic 7 wireless and picked up a pair. Have been eyeing these off for a while as the battery on my headset isn't holding it's charge like it used to, but couldn't justify spending $500 when they work fine. Great price!

  • All colours OOS

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    What are returns like through bpc? If it doesn't fit my head! Haha

    Amazon has good returns, but I worry about other companies.

    • I'm sure it's nowhere near as good as Amazon.

  • I have some and too small for my head. Any good quality alternatives?

  • I'm so psyched that I grabbed these, I desperately needed an upgrade to my current headset and the new Arctis 7+ are always out of stock. I really hope they honour the price!

  • Order cancelled… anyone else?

    • Dang, here it comes I suppose. Which colour did you order?

      • I ordered the white one. Too good to be true, I guess.

        • Ah dang, me too. The black is still OOS so I had some hope, but the white is back in stock at a much higher price.

    • +1

      How’d you get the cancellation? Via email? I only have an order confirmation so far.

      • +1

        My bad. Had 2 orders: one correct and one where I had entered the wrong CC details which bounced. The correct order hasn't been cancelled. Cancellation was via email

    • Mine went through.
      Now have a shipped notification.

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    Back in stock but price is $499

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    how does this compare to something like Bose QC35?

    • +2

      Trust me, don't try to use the QC35 as a gaming headset on PC. It's awesome for audio quality, but soon as you flick it into headset mode, bluetooth A2DP limitations drop the audio quality right down and you either get mono channel or only one way comms. Barked up that tree for a while and there's no good solution I could find.

      • I see, so the use-case is not good if you have to use mic. Understandable….fyi, you can also plug in the 3.5mm cable directly to PC but of course its no longer wireless then.

  • Dam, Devo I missed out

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    Just got the email from BPC about them now - "Save Up To $250 with BPC Tech Australia Day Sale!", a little late as back to $499 now hah.

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      They better honour it!

  • As an alternative the Gsp 670s are $249 and work flawlessly since their latest firmware update in Nov 2021. Highly recommended for the price has all the perks of the sennies just no hot swap battery. Sound is better imo too, I had the steelseries with Dac previously.


  • Brilliant! I’ve been waiting to snag these and this is a brilliant saving! I tried on different Arctis headphones at JB and they fit a treat, so I’m keen for these to arrive. Good find!

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    nuts price already have the black if i saw earlier i wouldve bought another

  • Just got an invoice email. I guess order approved?

  • i didn;t mine, (non pro version) used for a week, can buy mine for 100$ if u want.

    pm me

    • Which non-pro version? There are about a dozen different Arctis models.

      • sold it to a mate for $50 Artcis 7 pro 2021 model. wireless. only one modeal, not many,.

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    I received an invoice as well

  • I have a pair of these and must be the only person that doesn't like them. The batteries barely last a few sessions and swapping out the battery is cumbersome.

    Most annoyingly is the fact you have to hold down the power button for 5 seconds to turn it on. Why isn't this just instant?

    • +1

      Most wireless devices have a button that needs to be held to turn them on to prevent accidental bumps wasting battery power. Personally I find it pretty easy to hold the button for the 5 seconds it takes to put the headphones on.

  • Damn really wanted a pair of these… Currently have the g733 and quite happy but

  • I had a set, it died and I couldn't find my receipt so I couldn't cover repairs… I tried a few other headsets instead, but none could match… So I bought this again. Just from a functionality perspective hot swappable batteries shouldn't be undertsated and the wireless reception is way better than any other wireless headset I've used on 2.4ghz band. Bluetooth doesn't come close from a latency perspective either.

  • Order processing*

    • +3

      Did you ask them?

      • Yep I asked them. Guessing the guy didn't know what he was talking about.

    • +3

      It says mine is ready for pick up if I choose C&C, otherwise they'll send me shipping information.

      Doesn't look like it's being cancelled to me.
      They've sold for $330 before, I don't think it's a price error.

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      I called them up and they said its processing in the warehouse, and said i could come pick it up if i could.

    • +1

      My order status is shipped.

      • Me too! Stoked!

        • +1

          Mine also arrived! What a bargain

  • Mine shipped.

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    Order has been shipped but with Aramex (previously Fastaway), had a very bad experience with them once before where they basically refused to transport the computer monitor I ordered because it (34 inch ultrawide) was too big… genuinely the worst courier company to exist (seriously check their reviews on Google) wonder if I'll actually ever receive my order. No idea why companies keep using them, they must be very cheap compared to other delivery companies.

    • mine is with aupost

      • I believe mine is AusPost too

        • Mines with SF Express.

          • @JoBevo: mine too! really weird tracking, appears to be coming from China unless i'm reading it all wrong??

            • +1

              @voodoomutt: Tracking map appears to be coming from China but notes tracking says from Australia to Australia.

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    Got mine today!! Previously had Arctis 7 and the addition of Bluetooth alone is awesome! So happy I got on this deal!

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    Mine should arrive Wednesday

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    They've arrived, I'm reading about all the issues with sound quality for PS5?

    I'm a bit worried, I'll give them a shot but I wonder what the return policy is like? :|

    I can't even update the software, it won't load! I'm using Windows 7, but it seems so many people have issues. I dont get how companies can sell $300-500 products and have so many issues.

    I installed an version version of the Steel Series to update, and theres no update? Is this normal? My box already had the PS5 option, so does it mean it's already updated? So confusing. WTF do people do who dont own a PC or MAC? This is so outdated.

    • +1

      Already updated. Build date on mine was September I think so they are pretty new!

      • Thanks
        These are a very tight fit, I don't even think i have a big head!

        Sound quality sounds like my MH752 did on PS4, it doesn't sound amazing. Mind you Warzone sound is horrible, I will try some other games.

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